Successful Test Run of 1,263MW Thermal Power Plant Completed in Jhang

The China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) has successfully completed a seven-day reliability test run of the 1,263 MW Thermal Power Plant Unit-1 in district Jhang, Punjab.

A spokesperson for the corporation said that Gas Turbine 1’s (GT-1) commercial operations will begin on 6 July after the stopped machines are tested for their heating and cooling.

The plant completed its initial test by generating 403 MW instead of its guaranteed 400 MW.

The unit has already been linked with the national grid, the spokesperson said, and added that the Gas Turbine 2 (GT-2) is undergoing different tests and is expected to get a Commercial Operations Date (COD) within a month.

The CMEC is an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor of the combined-cycle power plant that is owned by Punjab Thermal Power Limited (PTPL). It was learned that PTPL has signed a 12-year contract with China’s Harbin Electric International for the operations and maintenance of the facility.

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