Security Cams in Islamabad’s Commercial Areas to be Connected with Safe City Project

Islamabad’s Chief Commissioner, Captain (retd.) Muhammad Usman, announced yesterday that the security cameras in the commercial areas of the city will be linked with the Safe City project to improve security and supervision.

He made this announcement during his first visit to the Safe City project.

He added that the cameras will improve to prevent crimes in the federal capital and that cameras will soon be installed and activated on the Blue, Green, and Orange line buses as well.

The Chief Commissioner was briefed by the Inspector General of Islamabad Police (IGP), Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan, and senior police officers during the visit. The IGP revealed that 2,530 new cameras will be installed in phase two of the Safe City project, after which the camera surveillance system will cover 100 percent of the key locations.

Captain Usman inspected the working of the cameras and praised the efforts made by the Islamabad Police to reduce the crime rate in the federal capital.

In related news, the Islamabad Police had announced earlier this month that they would use ‘non-lethal’ drones to scatter riots and protesters. The brand-new technology will help establish peace more effectively.

They mentioned said in a statement that they have “made significant progress to maintain peace, and Islamabad police has [sic] thought of benefitting from advancing technology capabilities to control rioters from creating havoc in the federal capital”.