Grade 1-16 Employees Still Awaiting Special Allowance Notification Despite PM Approval

The federal government is currently facing a significant shortage of funds, causing difficulties in issuing a notification for the upgradation of government employees.

Earlier this month, PM Shehbaz had approved a special dispensation allowance for grade 1 to 16 employees. Despite approval from the premier, the employees are still waiting for the government to issue the notification.

Once officially notified, the proposed upgradation grant grade 1 to 16 employees the same privileges as provincial government employees. They will also get an additional increment and the continuation of other facilities and benefits.

The new pay scales were originally planned to be implemented from 1 January 2023, with the national exchequer to incur an estimated additional expenditure of Rs. 500 million this year.

Federal government employees through their numerous unions and representatives had long been agitating for improvement in the service structure of their cadres.

Most of the demands presented by these employees/organizations included seeking parity with the benefits that have been granted by the provincial governments.

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