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WHO Provides New Ambulance to Kalash Valley’s Only Hospital

Kalash Valley is a popular tourist destination but lacks proper measures or equipment for emergency response with just one Basic Health Unit (BHU). To address that issue, the World Health Organization (WHO) has given the BHU a modern ambulance.

A media report states that the BHU received its last ambulance two decades ago from a minority member of the National Assembly. However, due to neglect, it became inoperable. Now, the WHO has given the hospital a new ambulance.

During a ceremony, Deputy Chairman Lok Rehmat Kalash also highlighted derelict roads, neglected wheat warehouses, and intermittent internet outages, along with some other pertinent issues, demanding that they be addressed immediately.

While Kalash Valley is a coveted tourist destination among travel enthusiasts, the rough terrain and lack of proper infrastructure also make it one of the most dangerous in case of an emergency.

People on various social media forums have requested authorities consider this issue seriously and address it.