UAE Recognizes Gilgit-Baltistan and Kashmir as Part of India in a G20 Summit Video

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), one of the closest allies of Pakistan, has recently recognized Gilgit-Baltistan and Kashmir as part of India in a G20 Summit video.

The video, displayed at the G20 Summit held in New Delhi, was also shared by the UAE’s Deputy Prime Minister, Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, on X, formerly Twitter.

The video recognized Gilgit-Baltistan and Kashmir, which are under Pakistan’s administrative control, as a central part of the Indian map.

The video was supposed to display regional plans to connect India with the Middle East and Europe through economic corridor projects. However, it also exposed UAE’s diplomatic intentions on Pakistan’s stance regarding the Kashmir issue.

By showing these regions within India’s borders, UAE essentially gave a nod of approval to India’s claim over the region.

While the video’s release hints at a strengthening relationship between India and UAE, it also shows the increasing distance between Pakistan and the Middle East, including UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia’s Prime Minister and Crown Prince, Mohammad Bin Salman, canceled his official visit to Pakistan before attending the G20 summit in India, which sent a strong message to Pakistan’s power circles.

On the other hand, India, the Middle East, and Europe have come together to sign an agreement led by the US, which sets the foundation for their new economic pathway. The route is expected to boost business and connectivity across Asia, the Arabian Gulf, and Europe.

It is noteworthy that Pakistan also expects a $50 billion investment from Saudi Arabia and the UAE in the next five years, with each country injecting $25 billion. It remains to be seen how Pakistan will react to this development in the near future keeping in view the statement it has released about the issue without naming UAE.

Pakistan Foreign Office’s Response

On 14 September, during a weekly press briefing, Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, issued a statement on the UAE’s move to include the entire Kashmir region in India.

Without naming UAE, the statement read, “Pakistan sees the United Nations as the most representative and inclusive forum of nation-states,” adding, “Any map, showing the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir as part of India, is legally tenable and factually incorrect.”

Although the spokesperson objected to the incorrect map presented by the UAE, she acknowledged that the connectivity projects are essential for regional peace and prosperity.

The Kashmir Issue

According to the Pakistan Mission to the United Nations website, the Kashmir dispute is a long-standing conflict between India and Pakistan over the status of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Below is Pakistan’s official political map, showing all regions that are part of the country.

India occupied the state based on a controversial instrument of accession signed by the Maharaja of Kashmir in 1947, but Pakistan and the people of Kashmir rejected this claim. The United Nations (UN) recognizes Kashmir as a disputed territory, and all countries except India do the same.

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  • Pakistanis are in long denial. They believe that all Islamic countries are united and Pakistan is leading them. Even if you meet some PTI folks then they have declared Imran Khan as the Leader of the Islamic World.
    Reality is far from different. Reality is that Arab countries like UAE are colluding with India and bypassing Pakistan by all means. Also Arabs give a damn about Pakistan now. But we are still sleeping and will remain like that.

    • @Denial You are wrong. Imran Khan is the leader of the Islamic world. He is known around the world. Arabs and Turks respect him a lot and they listen to his speeches to get inspiration. So you are wrong when you say that Imran Khan is not a leader of the Islamic world. He is the great Leader of the 21st century.

      • Imran is not leader of islam he is just Run Mureed only.. his wife Expert in black magic.. imran is best actor also

  • This is game of survival for India and other Arab countries. When Pakistan joined CPEC with China it sent a strong message to the UAE for its Jabel Ali port which is hub for transactions within the region but ideally isn’t located in a better place than Gwader. In this case UAE for its own benefit has to side on the other side. But, unrest in Balochistan and its support by anyone shouldn’t be tolerated by Pakistan. This is to delay CPEC, which in coming years will be completed and will be much more strategically beneficial to Pakistan and China than any other project to any other country in the region.

    • @Noor Ul Huda CPEC Is a complete failure. China dont transport any goods from Pakistan. Also CPEC is a high interest loan that Pakistan has to pay back. CPEC is not an investment. It is a loan. Please learn the difference.

      • I wish you could have mentioned your name. CPEC isn’t a loan but those projects Pakistan wanted China to finance under CPEC like electricity, rail, industrial zones are. Please learn the difference.

      • Also, CPEC isn’t yet complete. Wait for its completion in 2027 and come back here to comment. It won’t be difficult to find a Pakistani forum.

  • Bhai, aisay he ho ga. Other countries will toe the line of countries where they can do business and get benefit.

    What benefit Pakistani can provide to UAE that any other country cannot?

    The true 75-year-old rulers of Pakistan need to stop with their failed ways to rule us.

    They need to stop thinking they know what to do.

    They need to free us.

    Competent, God fearing people need to manage Pakistan. Consistent rule from such people over a long period will generate enough wealth and value in Pakistan that people all over the world will no longer ignore us. We will be able to tell them our point of view and expect them to respect it.

    Laikin yahan ty bus respect artificially taur per daikhaiee jati hai. Speeches mai, mili tarano mai, daramo mai aur news mai.

    Reality yeahi hai kah UAE Modi ko award daitay hain.

    But all of this is just a dream. If 75 years of rule did not change the one true ruler of this country, what will we and any other humans can do. May Allah give them hidayat.

    • Arab countries do what they’re dictated to do by the US. Trillions of dollars imvested under sovereign funds of thess rich arab countries are in Europe and US. These investments can be in great risk within a day. US wants India as a allie against China and wants everyone to join in. This was going to happen one day. What India is providing to these rich arab countries which other countries cannot?

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