Govt Launches Action Against Foreigners With Expired Visas

The federal government has decided to launch a crackdown against foreigners with expired visas.

October 3 has been set as the deadline for those who have illegally overstayed in Pakistan. Reportedly, thousands of foreigners have left the federal capital out of fear of potential arrest and deportation.

To ensure a better law and order situation in Islamabad, authorities have decided to swiftly address visa violations.

The decision to strictly deal with visa violators was taken due to the increasing number of foreigners who are overstaying their visas.

According to a report, a total of 398 individuals were identified who extended their stays beyond their visas. So far, 43 cases have been registered against such individuals in different police stations.

Foreigners living in Islamabad have been warned and advised to make sure all their documents are in proper order. Strict action will be taken against those who are not complying with the instructions.

Afghans Arrested in Islamabad

According to a report, 800 Afghan nationals have been arrested as part of a crackdown by the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD). The operation was carried out in different parts of the federal capital, including Bhara Kahu, Tarnol, Mehrabadian, Golra, Shams Colony, and others.

Officials revealed that only 375 of those arrested possessed legal documents and were released. However, those who were illegally staying will be deported back to Afghanistan.

  • Do we have foreigners except afghanis or chines? If there are govt should let them stay for peace.

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