Trikl Technologies Ushers in a New Era of Automated Investing in Pakistan

Trikl Technologies is emerging as a front-runner, redefining the investing experience for a new generation in Pakistan’s rapidly transforming fintech sector. With a keen focus on automated investing and driven by innovative AI technology, Trikl is not just a platform but also a catalyst for financial empowerment.

Trikl is recognized as an SECP-registered application. It is dismantling the complexities of traditional investment processes. “We saw a gap in the market where traditional banking made investing overly complex for the average person,” shared Momin, co-founder of Trikl. “Our goal was to simplify this process, making it accessible and engaging, especially for those just starting their financial journey.”

At the forefront of Trikl’s innovation is its automated investing feature, including Round Ups and Recurring Investments. This approach resonates particularly well with younger users, who value ease and automation in financial management. “With Round-Ups, every transaction you make contributes to your investment goals, turning everyday spending into an investment opportunity,” explained Momin.

Another cornerstone of Trikl’s success is Notu, its AI-powered chatbot. Notu goes beyond mere functionality; it learns and adapts to each user’s unique financial queries and behaviors. “Notu is more than a chatbot; it’s our users’ personal financial assistant, growing smarter with every interaction,” Momin added.


You can download the official Trikl app from here.

Empowering Users with Instant Access and Transparency

Trikl’s partnership with AbhiPay introduces instant redemption, a feature much anticipated by its users. This move exemplifies Trikl’s commitment to instant gratification and transparency in the investment process. “Our collaboration with AbhiPay allows users to see the fruits of their investments instantly, changing the narrative around traditional investing,” the Trikl executive shared.

More Power to Women

Trikl’s data offers a fascinating insight: female investors on the platform not only outnumber their male counterparts but also exhibit a more robust financial commitment. “The active participation of women in investing on our platform is a testament to the changing dynamics in financial engagement in Pakistan,” Momin remarked.

In an economy grappling with high inflation, Trikl provides a safeguard against the devaluation of savings. Momin opined that in a country where inflation is close to 30 percent, the Trikl platform offers a proactive solution to manage and grow finances effectively.

As Pakistan’s fintech landscape evolves, Trikl stands poised to lead with its user-centric approach and technological prowess. “The integration with Raast by the State Bank of Pakistan is just the beginning. We’re constantly exploring ways to enhance our platform, making investing not just easier but also more rewarding for everyone,” said Momin.

Trikl Technologies is charting a new course in Pakistan’s fintech ecosystem. With its emphasis on automated investing, AI-driven personalization, and a commitment to user empowerment, Trikl is emerging as a trendsetter in the space.

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