Top 25 Professions Facing Shortage of Workers in Spain

Spain, akin to several EU nations, confronts labor scarcities across various sectors, as outlined in the latest report from the European Labour Authority.

Among the hardest-hit industries, as highlighted by SchengenNews, are healthcare, IT, manufacturing, and agriculture.

Moreover, Spain contends with an aging populace, with Eurostat projections indicating a significant rise in the ratio of individuals aged over 66 to those between 16 and 66 by 27% between 2023 and 2053, nearing 54%.

This demographic shift implies that prospective migrants to Spain might find greater employment opportunities if they possess skills in high-demand professions within the country.

Occupations facing the most shortage of workers, according to the 2023 EURES report on shortages and surpluses, are as follows:

  • Fast food preparers
  • Mixed crop and livestock farm laborers
  • Mobile farm and forestry plant operators
  • Textile, fur, and leather products machine operators not elsewhere classified
  • Paper products machine operators
  • Chemical products plant and machine operators
  • Electrical line installers and repairers
  • Agricultural and industrial machinery mechanics and repairers
  • Hunters and trappers
  • Inland and coastal waters fishery workers
  • Healthcare assistants
  • Cleaning and housekeeping supervisors in offices, hotels, and other establishments
  • Information and communication technology user support technicians
  • Information and communication technology operations technicians
  • Metal production process controllers
  • Database and network professionals not elsewhere classified
  • System analysts
  • Health professionals not elsewhere classified
  • Optometrists and ophthalmic opticians
  • Physiotherapists
  • Dentists
  • Nursing professionals
  • Specialist medical practitioners
  • General medical practitioners
  • Telecommunications engineers

Spain is projected to require approximately 25 million more foreign workers by 2053 to counterbalance labor shortages amidst the aging population, as indicated by calculations from the Bank of Spain, as reported by Europa Press.

However, migration’s capacity to substantially alleviate population aging is limited, according to the latest findings from the Bank of Spain. To maintain a constant dependency ratio over the next three decades, the foreign-born working-age population would need to be three times larger than anticipated in the latest projections by the National Statistics Institute (INE).

Additionally, the recent EURES report highlights professions facing surpluses of workers in Spain,

  • Messengers, package delivers and luggage porters
  • Sweepers and related labourers
  • Shelf fillers
  • Forestry labourers
  • Tailors, dressmakers, furriers and hatters
  • Painters and related workers
  • Floor layers and tile setters
  • Gardeners, horticultural and nursery growers
  • Child care workers
  • Cashiers and ticket clerks

This implies that getting a job in these occupations may be difficult due to the competition.

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