PTCL Revises its Student Broadband Package

bb_student_bundle_pagePTCL has revised its student package by bundling it with PSTN (landline) incentives – however, the price of broadband remains the same.

PTCL is now offering student Package of 1 Mbps broadband with unlimited download, 150 free voice minutes per month and free unlimited Kehdo SMS at Rs 999 / month.

But if you need just the broadband, then and PTCL Broadband existing Student Package will cost you Rs 850 / month.

Note: Kehdou Voice SMS service was launched by PTCL back in June 2008 that enables PTCL customers to send voice SMS to cellular subscribers.

It merits mentioning here that PTCL had taken back discounts on student packages for 1 Mpbs broadband.

PTCL broadband student package has been launched with the following two offers;

  • Broadband Student Package 1 Mbps unlimited download Bundled with PSTN offering 150 Free  voice Minutes and FREE Kehdo SMS at Rs 999 / Month
  • PTCL broadband Student Package basic 1 Mbps with unlimited downloads at Rs 850 / month (Previously PTCL Educational Broadband)

Benefits and key Highlights:

  • PTCL Broadband Student Package is available in over 1000 cities across Pakistan.
  • Free E- Learning cards to all (By applying till 31st of Dec 2010)
  • Chance to win Rs. 100,000 scholarships for further education (By applying till 31st of Dec 2010

  • Ahmed

    This is ALL total crap.

    1- You make a login for E-learning but you get nothing free.

    2- you never get a reply from regarding E-learning thing, and if you communicate with Sebera they send you back to So this is a drama on organization level.

    3- From Rs. 840 they have raised it to 850.

    4- Even if you don’t use this package 150 voice minutes cost you Rs. 150 , but in this case you must utilize them otherwise you are losing your money.

    5- Most of the time PTCL enable these packages without seeking customers consent.

    6- Most of their new packages silently increase price. Like they did taking back Rs. 2 for 3 minute call and introducing Rs. 1/minute package, and cleverly gave it a name of a new package. Are they stupid or think customer is stupid ?

    I want to know who is that stupid guy in PTCL coming with such crappy packages which are in fact made assuming customers are not watching and don’t consider their dramay-bazian.

    • Ahmed


      email addresses in above post is [email protected] which never reply your email. If you write to [email protected] then they advise you to contact PTCL again on the same address i.e. [email protected]

      • mje aik evo usb chahiye 799 student wala packge mje urgent chahiye plz Help me plz
        main abi to qubee shatle device use kr raha hon mgr speed boht slow hai aur bar bar disconnect ho jata hai plz call me my contacts nUmbr is

  • Hammer man

    I thought the package used to be Rs830.
    It’s very unfortunate LDN are not providing their services on fibre, warna banday ko PTCL ko moo he na lagana parhey.

    • arshia

      broadband laga k bht daer se jaty hain ptcl waly…

      • bakht biland


        • muhammad shahzad

          han me ny itny dinoooo syy kha hua hyyyy.. lga hi nhi rhy lga doooooo plzzz yarrrr chocolate khilaooon gaaa

  • Previously it was 839 Rupees, and what about activation? is it pre-activated ? PTCL is famous for this kind of shit!

    • Ahmed

      Not Pre-activated. only Link Dot Net gives it pre-activated, in case of PTCL if you complete all formalities and send by email/submit your application in local exchange still they take not less than 6 months, this seems to be an official policy as according to a frank guy working in Chaklala Exchange Rawalpindi this takes only 1 minute to change your package to student, as no one bothers to verify if your application is stamped by your college/university.

      • you got me wrong, my concern was about pre-activation on existing Student broadband users, i.e you got a bill and shocked to see they charged you 999 instead of 839 :(

        • Ahmed

          yea, I wrote about this in my first post..this is most expected thing from PTCL, as they are still not concerned about their worst image in customers.

  • Munaeem

    Quality and customer service of PTCL is extremely bad. I recently canceled my 4 MB connection. I

  • ahsan

    question : who uses ptcl anymore?

    • knucker man

      over 400K broadband users which include around half of them are on Students package…

      • ahsan

        why not use ldn/wordcall , it’s cheaper. why not use wateen/wordcall/witribe/mobilink/evo/ they are wirless = )

        • Those are not available everywhere.

          PTCL is the only DSL provider in my area. I am using it and its great.

  • Hahaha… PTCL should first resolved all phone line complaints and then talk about broadband.

    • Hassan

      hahaha… agree

  • Umair

    If anybody comes to know whether this package of Rs 1000 is preactivated or not, plz reply. 2ndly what is exactly 150 free ‘voice minutes’? If they are free then why are they taking 160 rupees above the normal old broadband package of Rs 839?
    3rdly the ‘Kehdou Voice Sms’, does it cost the cellular subscribers on receiving?

  • irsam33

    very diffificult to get something from ptcl untill u apply for a connection and your son got service from ptcl.

  • Wajid

    sub pagal pn hai baikhar chalta hai net

  • honey

    i agree with Gifts Pakistani’s Post…

  • Muhammad Saqib

    999….. huh
    Friends! Voice Mintues and kehdo SMS will be activated automatically on existing boradband student package or not?

  • Nadia

    Jhot bolty Hain saly ptcl waly……….

    • Niaz

      nadia tum bilkul teek keh raheho

    • R u know aböut evo pkges

  • bilal rashid

    i did not get it.. is the package taken back or still available ?

  • imran

    any one using this package? what is the speed experience or dl experience?

  • Ahmad.n.malik

    We have broadband ptcl connection. but unfortunatly its service is too bad when we have need to use when it not runs. we made many complaints to PTCL but still we are in trouble many time ptcl customer service call us and say that your broadband has been checked and not found any error its ok. we are also fade up and going to another service. as world call or wateen.

  • Umair

    i want 2 purchase student packae of wateen cpe… my contact is 03227770477

  • m imran yousaf

    Voice Mintues and kehdo SMS will be activated automatically on existing boradband student package or not? (

    M IMRAN YOUSAF-19105

  • khanzada

    her mulk mn studends ko terji di jati hai aur ptcl apni jaib gram kr raha hai oltay sidhay packages dikha kr .
    Students ka bi upgra8 kr data tou mout nhi ajani ti ptcl ko

  • Shujah

    Quality and customer service of PTCL is tremendously bad. I recently canceled my 2 MB connection,,mujay bhoot zalil kia ptcl broad band nain….i am useing Micronet Broad Band now,:(

  • Hameed kahn

    please send some good packages for evo and which is low price

  • Ghulam Mustafa

    Aslamoalaikum, Main ne new connection for telephone + DSL net student package ke lye application di thi, Mujeh yeh number (055734022) allot kar dia gya hai aur mere area ke line man (Ejaz Baloch Mobile No.03338155255) ne sirf pole main taar laga ker ghar ke ander phenki hai aur phone set ke saath connection naheen lagaya aur next day ane ke lye keh kar dobara naheen aya aur demand notice ki payment bhi le kar gya hai abhi na phone attend karta hai. Please help me.
    From: Ghulam Mustafa (moble No. 03338205411)

  • SarMaD

    PTCL sucksssssssssssssssss :-/

    hate u ptcl service :X

  • munib

    muje new land line or dsl internet student lagwana ha mosamiyat ma plz contact me on this nO

  • I want to sm information ab evo pkges

  • usama rashad

    mein ny new connection lagwaya hai ye 1 MB speed hai, mujy 2 MB speed lagwani hai and student packege karwana hai
    mujy plz is number per contact karein,,,,,,,, 0995619410