PTCL Brings Back its 2MB DSL Broadband

bb2mb_page_bannerPTCL, which had discontinued 2 MB DSL broadband package, is again offering its customers with 2 MB DSL broadband at Rs. 1,499 per month.

PTCL’s website says that the new 2Mb data rate as a promo will be offered to all existing 1Mb customers who upgrades to 2Mb at the existing monthly charges of 1Mb for a period of 3 Months without any additional charges.

After 3 months the prevailing monthly tariff of 2Mb of Rs 1,499 will be applicable. This discount for three months is only valid for the upgrade customers of 1Mb to 2Mbps.

This move of brining back 2 MB DSL is apparently due to the fact that LDN, Micronet, Cybernet and other ISPs were offering 2 MB at around of less than Rs. 1,499, where as PTCL had discontinued its 2 MB DSL package.

Earlier, PTCL had upgraded all 2 MB DSL customers to 4 MB and had discontinued 2 MB package.

This was a good move, however, those customers without PTCL’s fiber-optic network to their door-stop were left with no option but to avail 1 MB DSL (as copper wire doesn’t support 4 MB DSL) or to move to other ISPs offering 2 MB.

PTCL Broadband packages now available for customers

  • 1Mb @Rs 1,199
  • 2Mb @Rs 1,499
  • 4Mb @Rs 1,999
  • 6Mb @Rs 4,999
  • 8Mb @Rs 6,999
  • 10Mb @Rs 9,999

Note: PTCL offers wi-fi routers for wireless internet with additional rental of Rs. 200 per month. However, this service has no extra cost for broadband customers having Smart TV.

Benefits and key Highlights:

  • Range of available Data rates from 1Mbps to 10Mbps to suite customers unique requirements and needs accordingly
  • PTCL Broadband service is available in over 1000 cities and towns across the country. Click here for download complete list of cities where PTCL Broadband is being offered.
  • Access to rich HD multimedia resources over the internet
  • Access to free movies, music, classical Pakistani plays, famous cricket matches, educational and religious contents exclusively for PTCL broadband customers   on ‘Buzz’ broadband web infotainment portal.

  • wth who said copper wires dont support 4 Mb? :/

    I have copper wire connection with the 4Mb Plan and downloading speed = 500kBps =)

    • 4 MB ya iss say upper kay liye DP tak fiber honi chiyey, DP say agay copper bhi chal jati hay.

      agar exchange say DP tak copper hogi tu phir tu 2 MB bhi hachkolay kha kay chalta hay.

  • Good Offer but the question still remains about customer service how many days would it take them to upgrade the existing 1 MB to 2 MB on placing the order

  • It should come for Student Package customer also can can pay 300Rs more on current student package but we should have an option for upgaration to 2MB atleast. as now a days I am having some projects from my University which needs me a high end internet connection.

    Please PTCL consider this ..

  • Good Package but if you can pay 5OO more u can get double bandwidth so this package should be around 1400

  • @Aesthetic
    thnx for the info

    i disconnect ptcl dsl bcoz thr is no fiber deployment in our area although the internet was in good shape, i was using 1mbps till march 2010 until ptcl fucked up for four months, then i disconnect it and now i m using Qubee wimax, its limited but really good at its service and speed too.

  • Note: PTCL offers wi-fi routers for wireless internet with additional rental of Rs. 200 per month. However, this service has no extra cost for broadband customers having Smart TV.

    This statement is totally false. I was their victim,
    they charge additional 200 for wifi router if you have a smart Tv !

  • But what about their services, I still facing DSL light not stable problems since last 1 month, sometimes it works and mostly not, that is the service……

  • PTCL u dont Consider students ur Customer :( this iz not fare shud apply this offer to Student Package.:'(

  • LDN 2 Mbps tariff = 1850 per month
    Micronet 1mbs day 2 mbps night = 1499 per month

    where do u get your facts Mehwish Khan?

  • i got upgraded my dsl 7 days ago. But still not getting 2mb. they are saying they are unable to upgrade us.

  • can anyone tell me why there is a huge difference in 4Mb price and 6Mb price?

    •4Mb @Rs 1,999
    •6Mb @Rs 4,999

    6Mb should be for 3,000 and even 3,500 is also acceptable..but 4,999 is totally unacceptable nonsense..

  • plz tell me PTCL internet Connection sell per kitna commission milta h

    plz tell me PTCL internet Connection sell than how much give commission from ptcl

  • I received 1000 additional rupees with 3000rs ptcl bill right now i have 4 mbps unlimited net package what is this

  • PTCL Brings Back its 2MB DSL Broadband
    Of course apni okat pe ana tha, please dhoka bazi band kar k ab 4mb ka rate 3499 show karain, i am also using 4mb, last time i called on 1218 to ask how much i have downloaded and operator told me only 8.6 gb, i made 1 gb more, now my bill is showing 89gb plus, stop the 50gb game and charge 3499rs, because every user will pay 3499 even if he download 25gb, Ptcl was/is and never will be honest with customers, i cannot use optic because it is not available in our area, they also getting conection from ptcl but they know how to make the shit out of ptcl…

  • i have very happy to see that most x sites on net ptcl student package is banned it is only in student package or also same policy for 2 mb and 4 mb without student package, because i want change my connection due slow speed of student package

    • Sajjad no need to comment her about your disconnection, just call 1218 and say, mera connection utaar lo jab chanla ne he ni to me kio bill don….. phr dekhna/////////////////

  • I am using Wateen, just wanna know about PTCL 2MB package. Can anyone plz tell me what is the exact billing amount of 2MB broadband??? Actually i just wanna use only Broadband ,no Land line telephone

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