Facebook Up for 2nd Annual Draw Muhammad Day

Once again Facebook is up for blasphemy, another Draw Muhammad Day has been announced at Facebook, titled as 2nd Annual Draw Muhammad Day on May 20.

Another petition has be been filed against Facebook to ban it permanently in the country.

Two persons, Muhammad and Ahmed have filed petition against this 2nd Annual Draw Muhammad Day Contest.

Earlier the issue went to heights when Facebook announced Draw Muhammad Day where protestants from all walks of the life demanded a permanent ban on Facebook. Though a ban was implemented but facebook went back online after some time.

Though there are different school of thoughts having their own opinion regarding the ban on Facebook, but majority seems to be in favor of permanent ban on Facebook.

The two petitioners through their lawyer Muhammad Azhar Siddique asked permanent ban on facebook and requested the court to direct the Civil Lines SHO to register a criminal case under Section 295-C against the perpetrators for organizing the competition again.

The petitioner also went of the view that all blasphemous content over the internet ought to be banned in Pakistan and authorities should take necessary steps in banning all related websites like Facebook involved in blasphemy.

The petitioner has named the federal government, the ministry of communication, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, and the Punjab government as respondents in this regard.

After hearing the petition, the court said that no blasphemy act against Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) will be tolerated and has called for all the records regarding the blasphemy act by Facebook and petitions filed.

This issue was earlier raised to its apex when Facebook didn’t bother to remove the page rather it showed disappointment over the ban imposed in Pakistan. Rumors were, that Facebook has taken down the page but it never happened infact.

  • Jawad

    Im all for a permanent ban on facebook and all related sites who support the so called freedom of speech (in religion)…

    But… Sadly, im afraid we’re not up for it.

    We cant live without facebook. We log on to it every 10 minutes. How the hell are supposed to share and like posts and articles. How in the world are we going to stay in touch with our friends and tag people on our albums?

    We cant defend ourselves against anyone. Be it in political issues or religion or anything else for that matter. Its hopeless.


      Note: groups that attack a specific person or group of people (e.g. racist, sexist or other hate groups) will not be tolerated. Creating such a group will result in the immediate termination of your Facebook account. That’s the message Facebook has plastered on its registration page… yet, there are groups on there set up for the extinction of Islam.

  • Xahid

    +1 for the Permanent Ban,
    when it get banned properly, peoples will get back to old Orkut (anyone?)
    anyways, its a good awareness for those who don’t actually care about blasphemy !
    do we really need to get in touch by “FB” only ???

    • Shahid Saleem

      What makes you think they are not on Orkut?? Google for

      “draw muhammad” site:orkut.pk

      There were stuffs last year.

      • Xahid

        didnt know about that !

        • I was an orkut addict in year 2005 to 2007, there were several pages and fake profiles against Islam and respectable icons of Islam (Naa-aaozobillah)

          I remember we were used to report those page continuously but there was a rare case when orkut banned any of those profiles and pages.

          Unfortunately, Muslims have many enemies all around the world, and Fortunately we are close to Allah and Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W)







        Israel, ADL pressure Facebook to remove page calling for Arab Spring for Palestine to begin May 13th


        I WILL SEND U ONE LINK ALSO READ THIS http://israelpalestineanalysis.wordpress.com/2011/05/02/israel-adl-pressure-facebook-to-remove-page-calling-for-arab-spring-for-palestine-to-begin-may-13th/

        • Shahid Saleem


          Is it not obvious? If you leave Facebook because you think Facebook promote the draw event, then shouldn’t you also leave Orkut Friendster Myspace Youtube Blogger Twitter etc because the pics will be there too and the event also??? What does it mean to leave Facebook for Orkut when Orkut has same event???

  • Shahid Saleem

    Here we go again. No one at facebook is launching the event. Look at your titles

    “Facebook Up for 2nd Annual Draw Muhammad Day”
    “Facebook announced Draw Muhammad Day”

    Can you point to any single official or unofficial statement by Facebook employee in favour of “Draw Muhammad Day”? Last year or this year?

    This is my challenge to you. Can you meet it??

    It is different that they could not take it down last year. I think they promised to block it from users in Pakistan in the future.

    • admin

      Shahid, criticism for the sake of criticism isn’t appreciated.

      For instance, who is going to be the responsible if such a content appears on Facebook? Webmaster or the individual? Remember YouTube is sued for copyrighted content and not the individuals.

      We webmasters are responsible for the content appearing on our websites, and not the users. There’s a thing called moderation, which is supposed to be practiced when there’s a objectionable content is posted.

      And btw Facebook very strictly moderates anti-Jewish content and bans those pages with-in minutes, which unfortunately isn’t the case for anti-Islamic content.

      • Shahid Saleem

        — Shahid, criticism for the sake of criticism isn’t appreciated.

        It is NOT that and you know it.

        Facebook exists for user content. Facebook does not make content itself. So, if some user puts up an event or page that you disagree with AND IS NOT AGAINST FACEBOOK POLICY then why blame facebook?

        The pictures and event will be on Youtube and blogging sites (wordpress typepad livejuornal convore etc) and image sites like twitpic yfrog picasa flickr. All of them have same or similar policies to Facebook. All of them depend on user content. Which one are you calling ban of entire site for? Like I found above even sites like orkut and friendster and myspace will have such stuff because they did last year.

        Do you think they will not be on Google Buzz??? What will you do, remove buzz links from your posts to protest like you remove Facebook? Will you stop posting on twitter because YOU KNOW PEOPLE will post links there about event.

        — We webmasters are responsible for the content appearing on our websites, and not the users. There’s a thing called moderation, which is supposed to be practiced when there’s a objectionable content is posted.

        Well see that is difference between webmasters of small site and site owners where there are thousands of user content EVERY SECOND. Do you know of any way to moderate that much data? No one in the world can do it.

        Also do note that for all the things posted in your comments, no one has sued your hosting company. After all, they provider server space for the posts and comments no?

        — And btw Facebook very strictly moderates anti-Jewish content and bans those pages with-in minutes, which unfortunately isn’t the case for anti-Islamic content.

        So does blogger and other sites. Yet you single out facebook on purpose. This is bias. When you try to agaigate your users against ONE SITE out of hundreds then something is obvious.

        Can you at least list the sites YOU want banned?

        • admin

          This is why we shouted last year to get our facts straight…!

          Facebook is main culprit coz it started the fire. I agree k it has spread across the internet now, but the idea is that Facebook could have stopped Draw Mohammad Day from day 1, which it didn’t based on its agenda.

          It’s only facebook that generated such a buzz of Draw Mohammad Day at this scale, otherwise, there are still thousands of web pages which contain blasphemous content but the size of those websites is very insignificant.

          Now to your questions,

          – Webmaster is responsible for the content posted on his/her website, regardless of the website. This is no argument that there are millions of posts posted each second and Facebook can’t moderate it. There is a reporting system, beside their in-house checking system. BTW draw Mohammad day was reported by thousands of ppl but Facebook didn’t do a thing.

          – If you are running a forum (a web 2.0 website just like Facebook), and i post child pron, would you allow such a content? Will you not moderate it? And why your hosting company shouldn’t take your data away if child porn is published on your forum by a user?

          – In my opinion, Facebook officially supported Draw Mohammad Day, here are arguments which i wrote last year:

          = Facebook is governed under its Terms of Services. Item 3.7 of Facebook TOS says “You will not post content that: is hateful, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence” – Clearly Draw Mohammad Day caused hatred and was violating TOS

          = “Draw Mohammad Day” was reported by at least 35,000 Facebook users, however, page didn’t go down – giving the page a direct support (while it is spreading hatred – a violation of Facebook TOS)

          = During the campaign, Facebook banned pages created by Muslims against Jews. In this one example, Facebook banned a Page with-in 20 minutes of its reporting by jews

          • Shahid Saleem

            — Facebook is main culprit coz it started the fire.

            That is ignoring OBVIOUS facts! You can confirm this, event was not even on Facebook in first place, it was posted elsewhere last year. When a few users add event to Facebook one week after original posting, everyone started making noise. And from noise came publicity.

            Facebook did not do anything generate buzz or excitement or publicity. People condemning or promoting it did. Just because of a tiny minority you condemn everyone last year and again this year. That is the side effect of having a popular site on internet.

            — Webmaster is responsible for the content posted on his/her website, regardless of the website.

            Please, this is not 1990s. There is no “webmaster” for google. There is no “webmaster” for wordpress.org or digg or tumblr or any sites like that. There. Simply. Is. No. One. Like. That.

            That does not mean they do not remove objectionable material. It means they disclaim responsibility for stuff posted unless it turns out against the law. They never moderate.

            — If you are running a forum (a web 2.0 website just like Facebook), and i post child pron, would you allow such a content?

            Well, let me tell you, here are a few sites that are web 2.0 and do not moderate content:

            – google (think blogger or youtube or groups.google.com or other subsites)
            – url shorteners like tinyurl or bit.ly or is.gd
            – image posting sites like tinypic, imgur, yfrog, flickr, picasa
            – social network sites like facebook, friendster, tribe.net, orkut, myspace
            – microblogging sites like twitter, status.net

            Do they remove when reported? Sure. Do they ban users? Sure. Do they moderate. No.

            That is the internet my friend, take it or live under 100% traffic survellence like people in Tunisia, Libya, Suadi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, UAE. All famous police states.

            — In my opinion, Facebook officially supported Draw Mohammad Day, here are arguments which i wrote last year:

            As I saw just now and you can confirm, YOU CANNOT FIND THIS “OFFICIAL” EVENT ON FACEBOOK TODAY.

            That means they learned lesson, no? So why still ban?

            • admin

              I see we both are on same page for various points,

          • Shahid Saleem

            — If you are running a forum (a web 2.0 website just like Facebook), and i post child pron, would you allow such a content? Will you not moderate it?

            Let me turn this around and ask you about your own services. Is Propakistani forums posts moderated?? No. It is policed, like 99% of the web.

            — And why your hosting company shouldn’t take your data away if child porn is published on your forum by a user?

            They can if it is against the law and you are not acting by removing posts. Nowhere does it say you have to be forced to moderate posts.

            You want to moderate, fine, go ahead. But it is not a responsibility. On my blogs I moderate comments from people I don’t know and automatically allow posts from people I know. If someone cracks into ym friends account and posts spam in my comments then I will have to manually clean up. and that is fine with me.

            • admin

              What if there is a reporting mechanism in place, and a post is reported by hundreds of thousands users – and website owner is still not acting, then what to do in such a case?

              • Shahid Saleem

                They acted and now the content is invisible to us but not obviously gone.

                If that does not satisfy you let me expalin: if we ban the site, the content is invisible to us but not gone either. Same final effect, different way of doing things less disruption for users.

                • imkhalid

                  we have to do whatever is in our reach.
                  if someone wants to kill your loved one what will u do, resist or say that everybody has been murdered why not my loved one too.

                  • Shahid Saleem

                    Please do not automatically talk about killing people. Why does everyone always bring up killing people whenever there is a decent discussion? Can we discuss without violence?? Are there no steps between apathy and killing?

                    • imkhalid

                      ok change the scenario what if we called the POPE a liar or christians/jews are to be punished what will their reaction to it ??? will they ignore it or try to reason with us ???

                  • Shahid Saleem

                    — ok change the scenario what if we called the POPE a liar or christians/jews are to be punished what will their reaction to it ??? will they ignore it or try to reason with us ???

                    Most people will ignore you if you call Pope names. Many Christians also dislike Pope didn’t you know???

                • SHAHID SALEEM KO BAN MARO

                  admin plzz meri guzarish hai k shahid sahab ko bhi is blog se ban maro ye mujey mental case lagtey hain q k in ki aqaal itni kam hai k saamney ki cheez bhi in ko saaf nazar nahi ati.facebook ka aik owner hai mark zuckerberg is liye policy bhi us ki hi chalti hai ,is ka matlab wo banda is main mulavis hai.aur aaj tak us ki taraf se koi maazrat nahi k musalmano k ihtejaj k bawajood..plzz meri “REQUEST HAI ADMIN SHAHID SALEEM KO BAN” maro warna ye meray moun se kuch suney ga :@@

                  • Shahid Saleem

                    Too bad for you admin already write “I see we both are on same page for various points,”

                    What next, ban admin too?

                  • pappu

                    isy ban na karwao. “abhi bacha hai ji”. Iski aqal darrh abhi nikal rahi hai :D

          • I agree with you …. That’s the point, facebook should clearly mention in there terms of services that any content against ANY religion will be permanently removed.

            And they are equally responsible in spreading hatred against Islam and Muslims because this year they should adopt a strict policy against this matter because everyone knows how much hustle this issue created last year.

            They are making millions from Pakistan and other Islamic countries so at-least they should take care of the emotions of their Muslim users.

      • A Request!

        This is my strong request to the Admin, kindly DO NOT publish any such articles (even crticising any Event on Facebook or anywhere).

        Well when i was a kid (like last year when this event was announced) a dozen of articles were spreaded and written, for sake of Point scoring, and proving condeming this event.

        You also know that this Article or page will NOT stop anyone from doing anything.

        The Solution:
        DO NOT WRITE ANY ARTICLE or Spread such news which hurts Muslim sentiments. Publishing and spreading such news will do nothing except giving wrong impression to many Muslims.

        Note: In simple words, the More to spread such news, the more you are working on Anti-Muslim Agenda (unknowingly)… So i request admin, not to write any article on this topic, and avoid creating this TALK SHOW.. This is a RELIGIOUS MATTER and is very sensitive… SO Avoid creating topics where you expect discussions on such issues.
        I hope you would get the sense i am trying to explain.

        • A Request!

          I my view (Admin) himself is (un-willingly) Publicising this Event.

          Now look at peoples comments:

          “Also do note there are THOUSANDS of blasphemous videos on Youtube. Who is asking for a complete ban on Youtube?? NO ONE I HAVE HEARD.”

          Now i bet many people WONT know about it, and wont think, but after reading the comment may get attention and start searching for any such videos or content…

          So my point is simple, dont be a child, and stop posting such issues which are Religious.. You are yourself helping this News to spread over internet and everywhere…

  • Shahid Saleem

    Also do note there are THOUSANDS of blasphemous videos on Youtube. Who is asking for a complete ban on Youtube?? NO ONE I HAVE HEARD.

    For Youtube you want URLS BLCOKED but for facebook ENTIRE SITE? This is obvious bias.

    • Xahid

      you have some good points which make sense.

    • Facebook is CLEARLY deleting materials against jews, christains but Islam. Whatever is final outcome, we have responsibility (being ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of Pakistan) to ask our govt, courts to order a ban on facebook. Here is what will this do.

      1: Less traffic for Facebook…Even if it a few hundred thousands less visits. We have to do our religious job to boycott and stop with available power any such thing against our beloved PROPHET (PBUH).

      2: Less revenue from pakistan targeted traffic ads….again, it does not matter even they are few dollars. We have to do what we can.

      3: MAY BE, MAY BE, MAY BE a few other islamic countries follow this and at the end facebook need to think if it is good policy to target on ISLAM.

      These things may/may not damage facebook but we can answer to ALLAH that we did what we could do at that moment for our beloved PROPHET (PBUH) and religion.

      • Shahid Saleem

        1. Last year Pakistan was only 2% of traffic to Facebook. This year, probably even less.

        2. If you don’t see ads (I use adblcok remember?) your visits do not count at all. If you never click on ads also you never give them money. Also, if you want to withdraw advertising isnt it better to force Mobilink and Ufone and other companies from advertising there? If they dont advertise, Facebook makes no money.

        3. Will never happen for your reason, they will only block it to keep people away from sites they cannot watch carefully. Look carefully at examples of Tunisia Syria Libya Egypt. They blocked or monitored many web sites like Facebook and Twitter but not to keep haram content off them. They did it so their citizens could not discuss things without their secret police listening in.

        — but we can answer to ALLAH that we did what we could do at that moment for our beloved PROPHET (PBUH) and religion.

        So I ask you to look in our history. After our Prophet was badly treated by people of Taif, read on what the angel of the mountains asked him and how Our Prophet responded. He could have ordered destruction of Taif…but he didn’t. Read the Du’a of Taif carefully and learn from it.

  • Kashif

    You just promoted that page. Good going

    • Shahid Saleem

      Actually I searched facebook for “Draw Muhammad” and looked for pages and events. No even more than a few hundred, and only one page with more than 4,000 users. In fact the “1,57 milyar muslim BOYCOT 20 May for draw day Muhammad Rasulullah
      Page” has 22,000 users.

      So maybe the main page or event pages are blocked in Pakistan.

  • Mahmood ul Hassan

    Why thare is no ban on facebook i want block my facebook account and join twitter today , my vote 3rd

    • Shahid Saleem

      The pictures will be linked to and posted on twitter. Where will you go next??


        shahid saleem aap “MUKAMMAL ______” ho chukay ho.aap ko aik facebook choorna itna mushkil lag raha hai kiamat k din jhanum ki aag kesay bardashat karo gay?agar tumarey ABBU aur AMMI ko main GALIAN doon tu kia SHAHID sahab us k baad bhi tum meray ghar ao gay ?????? jawab do?? nahi na ,is hi tarah facebook ko choorna bhi ab zarori ho gaya hai ,warna kiamat k din ALLAH ki AZAAB ho ga.

        [Comment Edited]

        • Shahid Saleem

          — agar tumarey ABBU aur AMMI ko main GALIAN doon tu kia SHAHID sahab us k baad bhi tum meray ghar ao gay

          But facebook isnt insulting me or you. Some people on facebook are saying what they want on their own page. If they were saying it on my wall it would be different but they are not looking at my wall and I am not looking at their wall.

          Do you use youtube? Do you know how many thousand anti Muslim and anti Pakistan videos are on youtube? Do you know how many are uploaded every week? But did you leave youtube???

          Ask yourself before asking others dear.

          • BAN FACEBOOK

            SHAHID SALEEM SAHAB,you are saying “But facebook isnt insulting me or you” SHARAM ani chaiye is baat pe aap ko.aap ko pata hi nahi Hazrat Mohammad salalahu walihi wasalam ka MAQAM kia hai.BHAI ab ghour se suno mera maan baap kurban Hazrat Mohammad salalahu walihi wasalam pe ,aur ye ISLAAM ka laazmi hissa hai, q k HADEES main bhi yahi aya hai warna aap ka EMAAN mukammal nahi hota.aap ko asaal main facebook choorna bhot MUSHKIL lag raha hai is liye aap ghalat baat kar rahay ho.

            [Comment Edited]

            • Shahid Saleem

              Really, i ask you again why you don’t want to ban youtube? Because there is more against Islam there than on Facebook, and is updated every single day or week, not one yearly event.

              You are fixed on Facebook for some unknown reason. If I go to dinner with friends and we spend 2,3 hour talking how’s your family how’s work studies etc no one cares. But if we post to each other walls suddenly we are wasting time and Facebook is killing society and blah blah blah.

  • Abdullah

    Facebook moderators didn’t took much time for deleting pages which were against israel and supporting Palestine, what pathetic double standards,

    • Xahid

      Aren’t we live in the world of double standards ?
      isn’t Pakistan itself a big example of double standards ?

      • Xahid

        Pakistan, I mean by Pakistani Govt’s …

  • Maximusss

    Why do we Muslim always want to be good to everybody. Why can’t we retaliate… I know we cannot stop facebook from doing this but yes we can counter attack…
    Last year I over the propakistani had lot of arguments with one commenter supporting Dramwing Mohammad and when I countered him by saying that I love drawing Holocaust, he was just trying to show me the unethical side of it… let them do whatever they want to do and retaliate…
    Search for Norman Gary Finkelstein over and listen to his talks on Holocaust…
    All those who support Draw Mohammad, will cry out and beg for ethical standard when it will come to Holocaust denial or drawing it. Aamir can help in finding out that post and my comments with the Draw Mohammad Day supporter…

  • Ansari

    The only people adding fuel to this fire are the ones paying attention to this crap! The whole idea behind this so called freedom of expression exhibition is to incite ignorant muslim and to show the world how violent they are. That is exactly what we do in this country….

    We burn our property, our cars, our busses, we call for strikes and protest on the streets and after doing all tht we go back to eating mcdonalds, hardees and KFC!! Seriously man, the more you infuriate yourself and others among this, the more reason you give to the idiots holding this event!

    If you want to do something, report it to FB, whether they take action or not is then with them. Last year half my friends left FB in protest and vowed never to come back and 2 months laters all of them were back. The best way to deal with a mad dog is to either put it down permeanently or to avoid it all together. Pehla kaam hum ker nahi saktay is liye we should take the second option.

  • Haris

    bhaiy0.. boht dukh hota hy ye dekh kr k hamarey boht se dost is shitty service ko hr 5mins mey again n again chk kr k dekhtay hain n jo sab wahan ho raha hy wo b ap k samnay e hy.. bs aik zubaan honi chahye .. PERMANENT BAN !!! .. apnay deen or apnay nabi k liye koi 2 baatein nae, bas un k naam k agay full stop bsss .. or to hum ne boht poora kr liye farz apnay deen k per ye aik asi cheez hy jo waqaii hamarey buss mey haii, khtm ho jaey kahani, bund ojaey facebook .. lakin nahi hoga asa, janta hun main, yahan pe insan0 ki koi aukaat nae hy to is facebook k chakkr mey kon parega, per asa hona chahye .. kisi bhai ko koi baat buri lagi ho to maaf krna

  • Tahir Ibrahim

    Facebook is more than welcome to operate in Pk. They should follow the law of the land.
    Don’t forget that facebook is not only social fun, people also make a living out of it.
    For me, this is the same as McDonalds serving Hamburgers with pork in it on your main M.M. Alam road. Not allowed and not welcomed.

  • Imran Haider

    just block whole internet in Pakistan

    • Bhai jan yeh website daikho http://www.madanichannel.com

      Yeh bhi log hain jo issi internet ka sahi use ker kay Allah aur us kay Rasool (S.A.W.W) ka pyar phaila rahay hain.

      Internet ban kerna koi hul nahi … yeh ap pay hay kay ap internet pay filmain daikho yaa naat suno!

      Aqal bhi istamal kiya kero .. Islam kay naam pay foran jazbati na ho jaya kero .. Islam aitadaal pasandi ka deen hay.

  • WooHoo

    Ban FaceBook and the internet.
    Ban Pepsi, Coke and all soft drinks. They were created by non-Muslims.
    Ban all food not invented by Muslims.
    Ban use of electricity as all dams and plants were made by non-Muslim companies.
    Ban all cars unless they are made by a Muslim company (none as of yet).
    Ban air travel as planes are made by non-Muslims. Ban TVs, DVDs, cable….all non-Muslim inventions.
    Ban mobile phones as it too is non-Muslim.
    Ban gas as it is being supplied through a plant that was established by non-Muslims.
    Ban all hospital treatment and medicines that are made by non-Muslims. Including dental.
    Ban smoking. Cigarettes are by non-Muslims.
    Ban passports. They are made with machines by non-Muslims.
    Ban all clothing that is made with non-Muslim invented products.

    So, let’s go back to the simple life of plants, horses and living in caves. Lovely!
    Each one of you who jumps up for religion is only an illiterate cause you haven’t studied religion. Blasphemy is against Allah. Stop following whatever one bearded guy tells who like a dumb fool. Learn to read and understand. Study. Then question.

    • Kashif

      agree with you … you made my day :p

    • Shahid Saleem

      — Ban all cars unless they are made by a Muslim company (none as of yet).

      Proton from Malaysia

      — Ban smoking. Cigarettes are by non-Muslims.

      Funny thing, in Western world they are very against cigarettes. So many taxes on cigarettes. Smoking not allowed in public places, in buildings etc. What do we do in Pakistan? We cannot even enforce ban on no smoking in offices.

    • Sumair

      oh boy, u brought a smile on my face.

      Ban computers and laptops as well.
      Ban science and other fields of study (except that was taught by Muslim scholars, Ibn Battuta etc)

      most of them dont even know what FaceBook is, but they start shouting BAN, BAN, JIHAD, JIHAD, ALLAH-O-AKBAR!!!!! :-/

      • imkhalid

        Ibn Battuta was a traveler not an scholar

    • Fawad

      No one talk about BAN on everything thats belongs to non-muslim, this is all about blasphemous act, if u are muslim u should know this. Muslims cant bear blasphemous act.

    • Rameez Kakakhel

      I can see your retardnes from this post… Congratulations!



  • Salman Abbas

    The bad thing is that we don’t have a good Pakistani alternative :(

    • imkhalid


      more than 500,000 users around the World

      • Salman Abbas

        Blah Blah, Sick UI lol. Just a cheap $100 script (PHPFox) -_-

      • Kashif

        millatfacebookcom is for extremists. i was shocked to see “qadri is hero” group’s promotion on it. lol

    • Saad Durrani

      Why don’t we start one?

  • Banning facebook is not the solution. NEVER

    • imkhalid

      it might be but why cant we just stop using facebook.
      more than 500,000 users around the World

      • Shahid Saleem

        500,000 active users? I don’t believe you. All traffic charts I see show spike in May last year and then nothing. Almost zero. 8,000 visitors/day that’s it.

        For comparison https://www.facebook.com/press/info.php?statistics

        If millatfacebook.com had 500,000 active users they would need LARGE servers and LOTS of servers and that cost $$$. How do they make $$$?

  • Abdullah

    actually all of this is just a test, hey lets if Muslims are offended by this and if not lets amp it up, real solution is being independent, easier said then though,
    im sure ppl can find alternative if they use fb as a service and if they use it for entertainment only then it wont be hard.
    To those who are against the ban , whats the solution then.

    • Shahid Saleem

      — To those who are against the ban , whats the solution then.

      What is your solution to the filth on Youtube? Total ban? Or better you don’t look at it? So okay I won’t look at any “draw” pages on Facebook.

      Problem solved!

  • Abdullah

    actually all of this is just a test, hey lets see if Muslims are offended by this and if not lets amp it up, real solution is being independent, easier said then done though,
    im sure ppl can find alternative if they use fb as a service and if they use it for entertainment only then it wont be hard.
    To those who are against the ban , whats the solution then.

  • pappu

    We should take a chill pill. Please do not dictate each other on what to do. If you want to delete your facebook account, delete it. If not, dont preach it. Let everyone practice free will without imposing anything on others.
    As a side note, if FB is banned, what will Musharraf do?

    • Shahid Saleem

      He already moved to twitter last year. Pay attention, dear pappu!

      • pappu

        Maulana Shahid saleem Exchangi sahab!
        Seems like you had to comment no matter what. Exit your mole hole and learn to understand that he has more than 400,000 FB likes and just 9.x thousand twitter followers. Ironically, his twitter background has his pic with his facebook URL.hahah. This should serve as an eye opener for you provided you have eyes and you know how to use ’em.
        Moreover, he did not “move to” twitter. He just made his twitter account as well. And that too, carries his facebook statuses.

        • Shahid Saleem

          — that he has more than 400,000 FB likes and just 9.x thousand twitter followers

          There are fewer Pakistani twitter users than facebook users. Common sense, man.

          — He just made his twitter account as well.


          He made it in March 2010. His facebook account was made in 2009. Also note that there are almost no tweets before May 2010, which is when the ban on facebook was last year.

          Day of ban: May 20 2010: http://twitter.com/pmpakistan/status/14376892311 (the bit.ly link is on facebook points to his new account pmpakistan)

          May 26: http://twitter.com/pmpakistan/status/14751298284
          (find me on orkut)

          June 1: http://twitter.com/pmpakistan/status/15206106263
          (another orkut message)

          • pappu

            apny farmaya:
            “There are fewer Pakistani twitter users than facebook users. Common sense, man.”
            yeah, common sense, which is not that common these days. Hence i have to explain it to you in urdu.
            mene kaha tha:
            “As a side note, if FB is banned, what will Musharraf do?”
            Lekin apny twitter ka zikr-e-khair kar diya? Isi liyay tu mene poocha kay FB par ban laga tu Musharraf bhai kya karein gy? Jinki politics ka nuqta-e-aghaaz hi FB hai.
            shayad wo imran khan ki tarah apni website sy kaam chalaey ga :D
            Aur bhai jaan, mene kaha k “He just made his twitter account as well.”. Means k usny twitter account bhi bana liya, jiska ye matlab nahi k wo twitter par chala gaya. Does not mean k he made it recently. Pata nahi aap kyuon acc creation dates nikalny k chakkar mein par gyay?
            And i said “9.x thousand followers” because agar me exact follower count likh deta, aur eek bhi naya follower aa jata, tu apny followers’ count par phadda daal dena tha jiss sy ek nayi kahani shuru ho jati.

  • inayat

    Hi my all friends.
    if fuckbook i mean facebook may bane in pakistan, there is a alternate site is available in pakistan which is its own social network.
    join it today and hate fuckbook..i mean facebook


  • admin plz shahid saleem ko ban mero

    admin plzz shahid saleem ko ban maro is blog pe ,aur is _________ se poocho k agar main us ka maan aur baap ko galian don tu kia wo phir bhi mujh se koi taluk rakhay ga ?

    [Comment Edited]

    • Shahid Saleem

      — agar main us ka maan aur baap ko galian don tu kia wo phir bhi mujh se koi taluk rakhay ga

      In your mind, haven’t you already?

      • ban shahid saleem

        main ney gali nahi di thi likin phir bhi mera comment admin ney edit kar diya :SSS ajeeb. likin aap ney mera jawab nahi diya sawaal ka.k agar main aap k “maan aur baap” ko main gali don tu kia aap mujh se taluk rakho gay?

        • Shahid Saleem

          Dude you are just random person in blog comments. In term of real life issues you and i and others deal with your comments are little more than entertainment for me.

          • ban shahid saleem

            yar aap to the point answer do likin aap k paas tu jawab hi nahi tu kia do gay aap,likin meray khayal se tu aap musalmaan hi nahi ya shayad aap qadiyani ho, aur qadiyani pakistan k law k tehat “non muslim” hain.

  • Pakistan One

    Ban facebook, its banned in China too. :-)

    • Saad Durrani

      China has Renren. Everywhere in the world they provide secular and free-for-all alternatives.

      • Shahid Saleem

        Um…you don’t understand. China bans Facebook and allows local competitor because any time they want they can ask Renren for data on any Chinese user to arrest them if they say something against government.

        It is not about providing alternative, it is about providing only options they control.

        Similarly in Iran they block gmail when google launched buzz because they cannot block only buzz. And then they say they are developing iranian alternative to gmail.

        No one does this for reasons other than control, my friend.

        • Saad Durrani

          All I am saying that when something is ban. There is a vital replacement. It is not like muslimfacebook or pakfacebook or millatfacebook.

          Arrest or not, it is the policy of the government to discipline people.

          • Shahid Saleem

            The difference is today I can sit with a few friends and say I really dont like that Malik character, and nothing will happen. Same thing if I say it on Facebook or Orkut or maybe even this blog.

            Whereas on a Government Approved Social Network which they control, the software can flag my post because of keywords (“Malik”, “Zardari”, “idiots” :) and then they will take a closer look at me, my posts, my friend’s posts, etc. Do you want to be under survellance for something your cousin said to his friends??

            Again all about control. You think you would be safer stating your opinions on Facebook or on something controlled by PTA?

  • Nauman Afzal

    I stopped using FB last year and haven’t regretted one bit. Leaving it had no effect on my life. In fact I am very very happy that I made this decision. All for the love of the Prophet (SAW). I cannot bear the thought of passing any kind of benefit to people who mean to do such stupid acts whether they be individuals or big companies like FB. May Allah guide us all,and give us true love of our Prophet (SAW) Ameen.

    • Fawad

      agree with u.

    • imkhalid


  • Fawad

    Assalam o Alaikum!

    After reading all the comments, i come to result that some people love facebook alot more than Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)
    @Admin im with u, and one thing u should probably know “Pakistanio ko samjhana mushkil he nhi balke na mumkin hai”







    • Shahid Saleem


      See, I said it above. I can sit with friends in restaurant and discuss anything and no one cares. I post on someone’s wall and suddenly I am wasting time and lover of Facebook.


    One Response to Israel, ADL pressure Facebook to remove page calling for Arab Spring for Palestine to begin May 13th 2011


    What kind of freedom of speech is Facebook talking about here. Please read below what happened to a muslim brother when he thought of expressing his views according to him. It seems obvious that Facebook is providing its complete support and backing up blasphemy.

    By Saad Mustafa Warraich, Karachi – Pakistan

    I had been banned from Facebook and my account had been disabled a night before Facebook was banned in Pakistan. Before all this happened, I visited the blasphemous page “Draw Muhammad Day” and the content on the page hurt me badly.

    Once again a certain group of westerners called it the “freedom of expression” and went on to show extremism – something they always verbally disassociate themselves from.

    As a response to this lunacy, I thought it best to find out how they respond to others’ right of freedom of expression – I created an Adolf Hitler page right away and it read, “To all those who think they can ridicule Islam in the name of freedom of expression and yet punish those who speak of the genius of Hitler”.

    The comment on the wall read, “Let’s hit them where it hurts them the most”. Further I added some photos of the Fuhrer, Nazi Party and the Italian Footballer Paolo Di Canio who was banned and fined by FIFA two years ago for performing the “controversial” Roman Salute which according to him gave him a sense of belonging to his people.

    Within an hour tens of people joined the Hitler page which was named “H | T L E R”. The very next time I tried to log in I found out that my profile had been disabled for ‘violation of Facebook Regulations’.

    Facebook’s reply for my inquiry was as following (also shown in above screenshot):

    Hi Saad,

    After reviewing your situation, we have determined that your violated our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. One of Facebook’s main priorities is the comfort and safety of our users.

    We do not tolerate hate speech. Targeting people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, or disease is a serious violation of our standards and has resulted in the permanent loss of your account.

    We will not be able to reactivate your account for any reason. This decision is final.

    User Operations,

    Now how is it that Hitler is termed as the most evil person in the history of mankind while those that bomb Muslims, commit heinous crimes in their countries, ridicule their Prophet and Quran and as a result hurt the sentiments of 1.2 billion Muslims are hailed as heroes? And I wonder why the victims of Holocaust are more important than victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    Despite the protest of a large number of Muslims, Facebook has not removed the blasphemous page from the website.

    According the statement issued by Facebook their policy is to withhold such content in countries where it is controversial. The statement specifically says that we do not remove Nazi content from Facebook because it is illegal only in a few countries. As two-faced statements go, this one takes the prize. Perhaps before issuing the statement the Facebook did not realise that words like “Adolf Hitler”, “Sieg Heil” and “Nazi” are not allowed to be used on Facebook to create new pages.

    And if all this and the removal of Hitler page and the permanent deactivation of my profile isn’t enough, here is a testament to Facebook’s vile hypocrisy. The statement issued by Facebook on 20 May says, “We strongly believe that Facebook users have the freedom to express their opinions, and we don’t typically take down content, groups or pages that speak out against countries, religions, political entities, or ideas.”

    While, in another instance, Facebook replied me in entirely different way. Excerpt and screenshot is given above.

    Now these two conflicting statements speak volumes about the discrimination by the Facebook. It simply means that Facebook through its official statement to global media wants the world to believe that they are the torchbearers of freedom of expression and allow everyone to speak their minds out. On the other hand the face that individuals like me get to see is a much horrible one. It talks about hate and intolerance and all forms of so-called equality and unshakable resolve. While Facebook is portraying itself as the silent and innocent onlooker for the entire world, I wonder what gives them the right to remove a major chunk of my life from the web.

    I don’t think Facebook should come up with any clarification statements for the Muslim world over what happened. It is clearer than crystal that as long as we are labelled as extremists, we are not going to enjoy the equal rights in this world. And those that are trying to play God love to label us that. While reporting the Facebook ban in Pakistan in different articles, guardian.co.uk mentions the brutality of Pakistan Army in Swat whileYahoo thinks it’s necessary to unveil Al-Qaida’s plans of attacks on Danish and Dutch football teams. It is a blatant attempt to criticize Pakistan for placing the ban, link the country to extremism and terrorism and thereby justifying this sacrilegious act of Facebook users.

    Disclaimer: This article is produced to examine the equality of “Freedom of Expression” for multiple group of religions in the world, and how one organization sees it. ProPakistani doesn’t support hatred content against any religion, race or any other specific group of people based on any ideology.

  • I also agree to suspend Facebook on permenant basis because it makes no sense by banning on specific days! it is not the problem of Pakistani Muslims its a major problem of worldwide Muslims to ban Facebook in their regions

  • why not shift to muslimarea.com

    • Shahid Saleem

      Because no one I know is on it. Not very “social”.

      • imkhalid

        when you first login on facebook, how many friends do u have then???

        make a page of you office,college,school on FB, instead of going to office,college,school just post your schoolwork or officework on their respective walls why wasting time going to those places.

        • Shahid Saleem

          — when you first login on facebook, how many friends do u have then???

          Wrong person to ask, I join because friends invited me. So already I had friends on site.

          • imkhalid

            so what about ur friend does he too invited by his friend or he accidently register just for fun??? and when he register was he the first not invited by his friend

  • Mohammad Usman

    The simplest thing is that the one who love Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) should not use Facebook individually.

    Demanding ban on facebook shows that we are internally weak and requires someone to prove our love for the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

    One who love and have respect for the Prophet(PBUH) should not use FB and the one who have issues and classifications that FB advertisements should not be used and things like that (blah blah…). Let him use FB, its his own life and he would be responsible for the consequences.

    Remember Surat Kafiroon in Para number 30. If we read the translation of this surat we will never fight on FB ban or things like that.

    Non muslims always remained the enemies of Islam. Rather expecting BAN from the government, dear brother and sisters lets BAN it individually.


    • imkhalid


  • imkhalid

    Aamir Liaquat Hussain’s old but good column

  • Hina

    This is very wrong that facebook is again doing the same mistake which it did in past and had a loss due to ban in some of the Muslim countries.

    I would say i already switched from facebook a year ago to NationFace which is good though and still running now

    I would request the admin of this website and the nation to support NationFace and let the world know ‘yes we can’


  • Saeed

    Hum musalman bohat hi ziada baigharat ho gae hai kae FB nei phir say yeh kam shuro kardia aur phir musalman (Pakistani Khas toor par) FB use kar rahay hai.

    Sham on those Muslims that are still using FB.

    Sham Sham Sham!!!

    • Shahid Saleem

      Helpful message: it is spelled “shame” :):):)

      • ban shahid saleem

        shahid shaab aap musalmaan nahi ho na?ya shayad aap qadiyani ho?aur btw qadiyani pakistan k law k tehat “non muslim” hain.

  • WooHoo

    I also want to ban ProPakistani. It spreads blasphmey against Telcos and other IT companies. How dare they?
    Instead of not visiting this page, I will ban it. Instead of doing what religion has taught us (remember the story of the Prophet (PBUH) and the woman who would throw garbage on him), I will ban it.
    Ban this site! Ban this site!
    Pakistan Government will start another site called NoPakistani on which we can praise everything and those criticizing will be traced and shot. Yay!!!!

    • Rbea

      ~ Hail WooHoo!!

  • Rameez Kakakhel

    @Admin (Aamir Bhai):
    it surprised me how you fell for a Troll, come on yaar… :-/

  • wajee

    such sites should be banned permanentally.

  • Rbea

    You are the only barrier between what You see and what You chose NOT to see!

    • haris

      yes rbea u r absolutely ryt,, leave evthing leave shahid saleem leave aamir jst listen to me n yess leave FB too :P .. lets start here a beginning of a true loveeee in paapiii websitesss se hattt k kch achaaa kchh bohttt acha, aamiir bhaii ki sarparastii mey ik pyaar bhari naeee dunya k0 janam deinnn aao0o0o0o0o aajaaaoo0o0o0o0o :P:P:P .. ((i knw its a bit shitty pr plzz janay d0 dun remve.. ))

  • ban shahid saleem


  • Doctor B

    Peep and into your hearts and check your priorities.
    Who do you love more? Facebook or Prophet Mohammad(PBUH)?

  • Maximusss

    Facebook ban karne se kia ho ga… Do you think they will stop this… all those who are against Islam will keep doing such things against Islam…
    Once it is ban we will just be “Kabootar with closed eyes” who thinks nothing is happening…
    Do something of a sort that they are refrained from doing such activities…
    Ghalat kaam kee taraf moon mor kar khare ho jane se ghalat kaam ruk nahin jata… Jisay hum muslims ghalat kehte hain lazmi nahin ke poori dunya main woh ghalat samjha jaye… Hamein apni soch ke tareeqe ko badalna hai… for example agar main facebook use karna chor doon aur aap sab bhi chor do to kia yeh Manhoos baaz aa jayein ge… kabhi nahin… Nabi kee zaat kee nafee to hamesha se log karte hain… bhaut bare clans hain is dunya main jo Muhammad pbuh ke bare main aisay aisay arguments dete hain ke khoon khol jata hai… Kia hamare Nabi kee zaat hum muslims ke apne aamaal kee wajah se questionable nahin hai? yeh hamare kartoot hain jin ke wajah se yeh Laanati log Islam ko question karte karte Muhammad kee zaat ko question karne lagte hain…
    Allah kee qasam… aap apne aamaal theek karein Islamm par question uthane wale khud khamosh ho jayein ge… Halanke muslim ke ghalat kaam karne se Islam ghalat nahin ho jata lekin muslims Islam ko represent to karte hain na…
    Is liye please do not spend your energies for banning it from Pakistan… control you Nafs, better your society, work to eliminate all the curse from Muslim societies (aaj kia nahin hota hamare Pakistan main) and then make it… I know demanding facebook ban is easier than all what I have said above but this ban will not eliminate the question mark from Islam and Muhammad pbuh…
    Allah hum sab ko unite rakhe… Ameen!!!

    • Shahid Saleem

      Well said. Ameen.

      I came across this site just a while ago, it also has similar viewpoint: http://www.themodernreligion.com/ugly.html

      • ban shahid saleel

        sorry bhai main ney aap pe ghalat ilzaam lagaya k aap non muslim ho, is k liye sorry .likin aap ko fb choorna itna mushkil lag raha hai is pe aap ko sharam ani chiye,agar aap k “maan aur baap” ko koi “gali” dey tu kia aap us se taluk rakho gay koi? jawab do?

        • Shahid Saleem

          Look, let me give you a practical example here. People left facebook last year (or it was banned). Now, what happened this year? Someone still created Draw event on the site this year.

          did you damage facebook? no.
          did you stop people from making event? no.

          What did you accomplish last year that you think you can accomplish by banning this year???

          • ban shahid saleem

            there is no logic in ur answer,bcoz “sab ko apni apni qabar main jawab dena hai”.is liye ye dekhna k kia accomplish kia bilkul fouzol hai.is liye bottom line iz “love ALLAH AND HAZRAT MOHAMMAD SALALAHO WA ALIHI WASALAM MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE”. facebook is nothing man and u r giving more priority to facebook over ur EMAAN :@ just shame on u

            • Shahid Saleem

              — facebook is nothing man and u r giving more priority to facebook over ur EMAAN

              You have not looked into my heart and seen what I give priorities to, dear. You are guessing.

              Why do you keep avoiding my youtube question?

              • ban shahid saleem

                emaan aap k amaal se pata chalta hai bhai :S ,baat samjh ai? .Aur aap mera q question avoid kara rahay ho k “agar main aap k maan aur baap ko gali doon tu aap mujh se taluk rakho gay”?. aur jahan tak youtube ka taluk hai tu choor do youtube bhi main ney kab kaha k youtube nahi choorna chaiye?

            • WooHoo

              If everyone has to answer in their own qabar, then stop telling others what they should do. Unless you have taken the burden of answering for everyone.
              Why are you on the internet? Spend your time feeding the poor and treating the ill. Instead of lecturing on Facebook. If you are not on it, good for you. If someone else is on it, good for them.

          • imkhalid

            ok dont BAN it, but whts the matter or reason u dont want to stop using facebook???
            plz dont give an answer like i m more social on facebook, i successfully completed my homework using facebook, i got PHD by using facebook etc bullshit

            • Shahid Saleem

              First of all I use it to satisfy my needs, but not justify your questions.

              And my needs are simple: keep in touch with family and friends. I post stuff I find interesting on my wall, they read that. They post stuff, I read that. End of story. When I want to send something private, I send email not facebook message (although I have facebook messaging now and that is like email).

    • imkhalid

      last year facebook was banned in Pakistan, u know what we accomplished, we made them cry, they lost 47 million dollars only in Pakistan by a simple BAN of, let say 2 weeks, they generate 48% of their revenue from Muslim countries, if we showed just a little Dignity or ALL Muslim Countries were became ONE at that time u cant imagine that facebbok would have been wiped out and it will only be used in America or Europe.

  • Afaq Hussain

    if our Government does not take any notice on it, before this we all Muslims should leave this cheap web named “facebook”!
    be a MUSLIM!
    Look the spirit of Mumtaz Qadri!
    What he did!
    NAMOOS E RASALAT p JAAAN bhi Qurbaaaaan hai

  • anees ranjha

    Peep and into your hearts and check your priorities.
    Who do you love more? Facebook or Prophet Mohammad(PBUH)?

  • Ahmed

    @Shahid Saleem,
    Do you know on wikipedia it was specially felt the need to mention Pakistan for its action against facebook, YES facebook showed its concern over the ban and it feared that other Muslim countries may follow. So if Pakistan was going to permanently ban this site, other Muslims countries who block anti-Islamic and adult websites were going to follow and there was a great chance of it.
    Now, facebook can’t afford this, it can’t afford being unplugged in Middle East specially. But sadly when we haven’t done that yet how can we say it won’t affect facebook. After all its a company, a website which can’t force countries and will have to ultimately get on their knees.

    If we should accept their freedom of speech that got birth after 9/11 specially for obvious reasons, we should use this freedom of speech to invite their religious scholors for debate, we should demand shut down of their immoral practices (porn industry and exploitation to run it), we should demand shut down on piracy in Europe and Russia known as heaven for piracy. We should demand US to kill Shorty 1st (before Muslims) who is silent killer of Americans with drugs..and there are so many things we can say using their own “freedom of speech”


    @Admin; Can you provide the link of page?

    • Shahid Saleem

      He can’t because it is either hidden from Pakistani users already or doesn’t exist.

      See for yourself, you won’t find it: http://www.facebook.com/search.php?q=draw%20muhammad&type=events

      • SHOAIB

        I am outside Pakistan in a secular country and I cant even find its link. Only an event appears with only 20 guest. So where is the event for which this long debate is going on???

        • Shahid Saleem

          I have no idea. But there was news in the local papers about attempts to ban the site in Lahore High Court a few days ago, so even if there is no event someone is trying to get the site banned.

  • Asad Ali

    Lanat hai un Muslims par jo ab b facebook ko use karien. Main ny aik article main parha tha k facebook administration yeh sab kuch jaan boojh kar sirf is ko majeed majeed popular banane k liye kar rahi hai. Tu ap yehi soochien ge na k woh tu pehly hi 2nd most daily viewed web hai. leken woh sirf apni position ko number 2 par barqaraar rakhne k liye kar rahe hain. itni ghatia harkatien..
    Facebook walo par aur in k use karne walo par Allah ki lanat ho.
    Nabi k Jaan B Qurbaan hai.

    • Maximusss

      Kia lanat sirf facebook use karne wale muslim par hai? us par nahin jo chori karta hai, us par nahin jo dhoka deta hai, us par nahin jo zana karta hai, us par nahin jo begunah ko qatal karta hai aur pata nahin kia kia…
      mumtaz qadri jaisay log khud Allah ban kar jab saza dena shuroo kar dein to us mulk main yehee hota hai… taseer ko qatal kar ke us ne shaid us kee to bakhshish ka samaan kar dia lekin khud phansee charhe ga… ab mujhe bhi kufr ka fatwa milne wala hai… hehehe – I damn care about these stereotypes…
      aik facebook use karne ke saath hamare Islam connect ho jata hai har thore dino baad… Nabi kee zaat kee parwah hai… us ne kaha kia tha us kee parwah nahin… mere jitne achay Muslim bhai yahan bethay hain unhon ne kabhi socha hai ke woh kia kia kaam hamari society main hote hain jin se usee Nabi ne khaas tor par mana kia hai… Un kee batein Hadees kee soorat main issi liye mojood hain ke woh dunya main nahin hain… warna likhne kee kia zaroorat thee… likhee issi liye hain ke zaat physically to fana ho jatee hai lekin aamaal nahin fana hote aur hadees nahin fana hotee…
      Khuda ka naam hai agar hum apni thoughts Islam ke liye hee objectively use karein to shaid as a Muslim kuch kar sakein is dunya main… jahan dekho Muslims maar kha rahe hain… is liye nahin ke hum Muslims hai balke is liye ke hamari ikhlaqiaat aur hamari kartootein hamien itna taaqatwar nahin hone detee jitni hamare Nabi aur un ke sahabi the, un ke khalifa thay jo kirdaar ke bhi ghazi thay aur guftaar ke bhi…
      mera sawal hai un tamam logon se jo jaan qurbaan karne ko tayyar hain ke un main se kisi aik ne yeh koshish kee ke US ja kar us bande ko qatal kare ya danish cartoonist ko qatal kare… ehtejaaj karna har insaan ka individual haq hai aur aap karein lekin kisi ko sirf point of view ke difference se kafir ya lanatee qaraar dena kaisay jayez hai… agar aap ko koi pathar mare to kia yeh be-izzati nahin… arey Nabi ne to taif walon ko tab bhi maaf kar dia tha jab unhon ne lahoo lohaan kar dia tha…
      dosto plz mullah ke peechay lagne se behter hai ke Quran aur Hadees ke peechay lago… usay khud parho aur samjho… mujhe yaad hai during my Umrah journey an Indian muslim told me to read Quran’s translation and understand it…
      Hum shaid woh wahid religion hain jis ke majority maanane wale khud nahin jaante ke woh kia follow kar rahe hain…

  • imkhalid

    @ Shahid Saleem and ALL those who are still saying, Banning Facebook, what will we accomplish???

    last year facebook was banned in Pakistan, u know what we accomplished, we made them cry, they lost 47 million dollars only in Pakistan by a simple BAN of, let say 2 weeks, they generate 48% of their revenue from Muslim countries, if we showed just a little Dignity or ALL Muslim Countries were became ONE at that time u cant imagine that facebbok would have been wiped out and it will only be used in America or Europe.

    • Shahid Saleem

      Heh. Where did you get the 47 million dollars figure from? Last yaer Pakistan users were about 2% of Facebook users. On average, it is unlikely that 2% users in Pakistan can generate more than 2% revenue for Facebook.

      Last year Facebook made $1.86 billion dollars from ads alone — http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2375926,00.asp

      Support Pakistan had banned it for one whole year (all of 2010). 2% of 1.86 billion is 37.2 million. But we only banned it for two weeks. 37.2 / 52 means they should make $715,385/week from us. which means, for two weeks, only $1.43 million. So, where does your number come from? It doesn’t add up. Even if you assume many people who left facebook never returned, there’s still no way to hit 47m.

      — they generate 48% of their revenue from Muslim countries

      Are you making up these numbers? Seriously, 48%? I ask you, how many ads have you clicked on in the past year? How many of your friends like to click on ads? So, where is the money coming from??

      — u cant imagine that facebbok would have been wiped out and it will only be used in America or Europe.

      In reality, that is not a bad thing for them, is it? That means they have to spend less time and effort on translating the website to other languages, and they can focus on a market that has money to spend for websites (unlike us). They will need fewer data centres around the world to cater for just those two markets. That actually helps them be more efficient, not kill them.

      In many countries around the world, smaller networking sites are more famous than facebook. for example, Brazil and Indian users prefer Orkut. Malaysians Friendster. But, overall, it’s Facebook.

  • Baqir

    Oh you people why you want shahid bhai to be banned? I am a regular reader of propakistani and i love shahid’s opinions, you know what every one is free to express their opinions. TBH we pakistani’s take every thing as matter of pride, and sh*t, i am nor against neither in favor of banning FB. But think reallisticaly if you don’t want fb why the F you guys cry for paypal and things? Come on guys we always become muslims only on days like that, other wise we do every thing what we want. Watching porn etc is ok why don’t you ask your government to ban that? Their are other thousands of matters to deal with. Banning is not a solution, don’t give them a sh*t and they’ll stop doing it.
    And if you think like kafirs’ things, this and that don’t use any thing including internet please.
    And stop blamming shahid i am agree with him, he think reallisticaly (sorry if i spell wrong, i am on phone)

  • jhk

    ban Facebook permanently

  • Ali Ahmed

    We don’t let any moment go by not logging in n checking whats happening on our FB page. We are so much addicted. I think its time to make decision, whether to adhere or to leave, n INSHALLAH i’ll be going for the second option if such happens. May ALLAH’s love stay in our hearts forever, aameen.

  • :@ shahid saleem

    shahid saleem agar tumari maan aur baap ko main abuse karo tu kia tum mujh se koi taluq rakho gay?

    • Shahid Saleem

      Try it and find out!

  • umer cheema

    it will b baned permanently bt before saying others we should start from ourself i deactivated my account and everyone should also.

  • kiran

    facebook should be banned……. before all this

  • Rashid

    Unfortunately we muslims r very emotional ppl but for few days only. We will protest harshly, we’ll burn shops, cars etc to show our anger but after a month will be using FB again.

    Only few of us has given up the FB after first cartoon incidence. Every one use it now as nothing was happend. They are aware of our nature. They,ll use it to earn money and after that they’ll pass one statemnt of apologizing and we muslims who will be waiting for a reason to start using it again will become happy users again.

    So first we have to see tht how sincare we are with this issue. I am coz I don’t use it after the first incedence. How many of us can afford to live without FB?

  • 4545

    why say don’t block FACEBOOK .

    puppets SHAM SHAM SHAM

  • king

    facebook owners are __________

    [Comment Edited]

  • hajira ihsan

    AS muslaim hamain facebook ko use nai karna chahiye hai….kyunk kay ham jis laihaz say bi daikhain ye aik gunnah hai becoz islam tu jandar ki pic bhi ijazt nai deta…har wo cheez jis say islam mana krta hai hm mulims ko avoid karna chahiye chahy..gunnah ko gunnah samjhna chahiye…jasy kuch log keh ray hain k hum muslims or bhi tu gunnah karty hain isliye fb use kar li tu kia farak parta hai…or gunnah b apni jaga gunnah hain lykin fb bi gunnah hai.. to the islamic point of view humain is say guraiz karna chciye…kisi gunnah ko b chota nai samjhna chahiye or is fb par tu nazubillah NABI PAK(S.A.W) k khaky shaya hoay hain…tu kia hum fb phr b use karin gay?????????kuch keh ray hain k twitter orkut or youtube etc par b ye sab kuch hua hai …tu hamain us ka b bycott krna chahiye…jo baat ghalat hai wo ghalat hai hamain khamkha fazool maian usay rite sabit karny ki koshish nahii karni chahiye…islam nay jo asool mukarar kar diye hain wo 100% sahi hain usi main deen or dunia ki bhalai hai agr hamin badlna hai tu apnay app ko… apny app ko deen k asooloon k mutabiq dhalna hai na k deen ko apnay asooloon k mutabiq….right…!!!!!

    lykin agr koi ab b fb ki hamyat kar raha hai tu mujay batai k islam main is ki ijzat kahan hai koi hadees koi qurani ayat sahaba sahabiyat kahin say b koi misal la kar sabit kar k dekhain????????

    jasy or b gunnah hain is tarahn fb b gunnha hai is liye isy use mat karin……

    sayad k tery dil main utr jay meri baat!!!!!!!

  • muhammad saqib

    facebook must be permanently banned,