PTCL 1Mbps DSL Upgraded to 2Mbps for Free

PTCL_BroadbandPTCL has decided to upgrade 1Mbps DSL broadband package holders to 2Mbps till May 31st, 2012 for free.

After the expiry of the promotional period, normal tariff of 2 Mbps “Rs. 1,499” will be applicable.

Price for 1Mbps DSL broadband is now Rs. 1,250.

It merits mentioning here that you can downgrade back to 1Mbps during the promotional period (if upgraded automatically) or you can opt not to be upgraded if asked, however, after May 31st – if not downgraded – you will be charged usual 2Mbps rates.

PTCL said this promotion will not be applicable for:

Below are the PTCL Broadband packages available for customers:

  • 1Mb     @ Rs 1,250
  • 2Mb     @ Rs 1,499
  • 4Mb     @ Rs 1,999
  • 6Mb     @ Rs 4,999
  • 8Mb     @ Rs 6,999
  • 10Mb   @ Rs 9,999

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  • Good move from PTCL. But why for a limited time only? They should have made this surplus permanently. Something fishy I smell!

  • Customers should be downgraded back by PTCL automatically as they are being upgraded automatically. Why customer is being bugged that we have done this with your connection if you don’t need it please tell us to revert back.

  • hahahaha,,,, I don’t find anything great in it, simply this is a trick to increase the rate of 1mbps.

    • the speed they are giving is at most 100kbps for downloading ,, same as was for 1mb ,, total shit

  • 1 MB to pora day nai saktain 2 MB main upgrade karin ga..
    PTCL is facing serious issue on there network. there system crashes many time during the day and there subscribers suffer from head ache. its only a trick to make fool.

    According to my information (internal source) more than 80% ptcl internet user suffer from this current situation.

    in current scenario your system crashes and live within in 1 or 2 sec some time it take long for about 2-3 minutes and its happen almost every every hour.

    Many internet user could connect to internet due to this fluctuation.

    Just check you modem light it will tells you a lot!

    • 87.9% of the statistics are made up at the spot. Thats what your internal source did. However, it is obvious that most of PTCL’s subscribers are not happy with the services. Still, we can not rightfully put a number on it.

  • Just a trick, whether PTCL upgrades the speed or not, the results always remain the same, there is no significant impact on downloading speed. i have had experiences………

    2nd, PTCL is on the mission to retrieve some extra money from the pockets of subscribers, when they are upgrading the speed automatically, then why they can’t downgrade automatically….. another trick…

    3rd, if PTCL is increasing speed, why just for 2 months????

    • Its a marketing strategy. They will give a trial/sample of higher speeds to 1mbps subscribers. Once people are addicted to it, the offer will end and most of them will convert from 1mb to 2mbps. After all, theres just Rs.300 price difference. I will say that its a rare intelligent brain at PTCL who proposed it.
      Do not forget that it was PTCL who gave you the taste of broadband. Otherwise, your generations would have been stuck with dialup crap or ISDN at the most.
      Why dont we object at sucker telecom companies for not having introduced anything new since ages?

      • — Do not forget that it was PTCL who gave you the taste of broadband.

        100% LIE. When broadband was introduced, PTCL was nowhere. It was all other ISPs, like Nexlinx in Lahore or Maxcom or HRI or WOL. If you talk to industry veterans, you will find hundreds of stories of how PTCL made it difficult for other ISPs to colocate their DSLAMs in their exchanges. And by PTCL rules, they HAD to be colocated in exchanges. I know of at least one ISP that shut down because they wnated to move into the DSL market but PTCL wouldn’t give them any space.

        What PTCL did was control the prices for internet access for ISPs, and they kept them HIGH. So high, in fact, that ordinary home users couldn’t afford DSL until several years after DSL was introduced. In 2005 I was paying for 128 kbit with 1GB cap and that did not change until 2006 or 2007. But of course I did not use PTCL DSL…

        As for rates, the government forced PTCL to cut rates. In 2000, 2 Mbit link to ISPs was $90,000 a month. Yes, not Rupees but DOLLARS. Government forced them to cut it to $6,000. Even that is laughably high.

        and forced again

        and yet again

        How did PTCL get the DSL market? By selling at BELOW MARKET RATES:

        They cheated, and drove the other ISPs out of the business.

  • they also increased 256KB charges from 299 to 399 without prior notice. PTA ka mou band rkho paiso sy sb thek ha.

  • what about customers that already have 2 Mb package … are they charged as 1 Mb during this time ??????

  • Almost All of my Friends who use PTCL Broadband service have Student Package…

    Ya, Like Usual… No Good news for me and my Friendz… :(

  • True, most of the 1mb users have Student package and those have normal 1mb are foolish to pay 1250Rs for 1mb since u can get 2mb in just 1500Rs just by added 250Rs..

  • sia ap surpriz haonge ke mare pas dsl nahe chalta
    mae vwirles par guzara karta haon
    dear sir mare guzarsh hae ke ap dsl ke speed barah daen shukrya.

  • sia ap surpriz haonge ke mare pas dsl nahe chalta
    mae vwirles par guzara karta haon
    dear sir mare guzarsh hae ke ap vwireless ke speed barah daen shukrya.

  • ptcl was never a customer oriented institute as now.
    if you have 1mb connection you will get only 512kb or even lower.its just a DRAMA BAZI or promotion trick.

  • I have 1MBps PTCL DSL and i am really happy with this service now i am getting 300Kbps download speed its great guys :)

  • How one can get 300kbps out of 1MBps ? not possible.
    Simple thing about PTCL. The data rate they promise, they deliver. But about their customer support, pathetic. Extremely pathetic, team of unprofessional, stupid, non-technical, nonsense peole.

  • PTCL is the only Internet Provider in Pakistan they should have to Low down there Prices

    1 mb 599
    2 mb 999
    3 mb 1,199
    4 mb 1,499

    This price we can say Logical and According to Commodities Prices

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