YouTube Isn’t Opening in Pakistan Anytime Soon: Officials

breaking-youtube-blocked-in-pakistanReports that we are getting from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Ministry of IT and Telecom and from what it appears from Google’s stiff position and decision for not deleting anti-Islam video or even blocking its access locally in Pakistan, we are somewhat certain that YouTube isn’t getting unbanned in the country anytime soon.

YouTube ban in Pakistan, which has now entered into its third week, is seemingly going to last for long, especially when Google is not in any mood of blocking the access of anti-Islam video in Pakistan, unlike it has done in several other countries.

PTA and MoIT officials, during their interviews with ProPakistani, were determined that YouTube will remain blocked unless Google decides to take the video offline – internationally or at least locally in Pakistan – since the decision is covered by a court order.

PTA officials, who wanted to remain unnamed, told me that procedures were initiated to get the video clips blocked in Pakistan, but YouTube didn’t respond positively as Pakistan has no legal control over the company.

When asked if MLAT (Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty) – an agreement between two countries for gathering, exchanging and enforcing public and criminal laws – is an obstacle because Pakistan hasn’t signed MLAT with USA, the PTA officials explained that USA doesn’t have MLAT with Libya, Indonesia or Singapore too, where the company chose to block the video due to US government pressure or on-ground offices in those states.

PTA officials said that countries, where Google has its physical presence or has infrastructure (datacenters) in place, were better positioned to get the movie clips blocked.

“Unlike Google, Facebook had removed the blasphemous content from its website for users in Pakistan and was hence unblocked after two weeks in 2010. Google, however, has decided otherwise and this is why it will remain blocked until it acts”, the official said.

When asked about the future of YouTube in Pakistan, PTA officials said that Google will have to play sensibly by removing the video clips from its website if it wants to retain its customers in Pakistan.

“Prime Minister will not order the restoration of YouTube, unless the anti-Islam video is accessible in Pakistan”, confirmed us an MoIT official who is keeping a close eye on the whole situation. Statement of MoIT official made more sense at a time when PPP government is facing reputation issues and is vigorously preparing itself for next general elections.

YouTube ban has disrupted variety of other Google services, causing serious performance issues for individuals and businesses in the country. Android, Google’s mobile operating system, is so badly impacted that almost no service, including Gmail, Maps, Contact Sync, Play Store, is functional making all Android devices almost useless. There are sorts of Google’s web services also not accessible to users in Pakistan due to YouTube ban.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • zeeshan

    Because of Youtube Android Devices can’t even access Play Store, Not even Gmail :( very sad moment

    • AB

      try orbot for android, works flawlessly

      • kyani

        please explain how does it work?

    • Muhammad Khalid

      try aptoide market, doesnt need any kind of login

    • U can open gmail from android browser.

      Which app do u need from android market? I can provide you.

      • kaleem

        market is working fine.

        • not working for me. Link DSL

          • kaleem

            Working for me. via EVO net or PTCL DSL.

    • uansari1

      Agreed. This action by the PTA is pathetic. If they want to ban YouTube, then do so… or just ban the URL(s) to the video in question. Why disrupt ALL Google services? This is only hurting PAKISTANIS.

  • Jawad

    mujhey khushi hey ke PTA ne acha qadam uthaya hey aur block kardi lekin koi faidah nahi hoa jin ko youtube dekhni hey woh abhi bhi pakistan ma beth ke dekh rahey hain kisi bhi ip converter ke through PTA ko chahiye ke esse softwares bhi block kardey

    • YouTube band honay ka matlab hai k hum jawab bhi nahi de saktay un ko.

  • zain

    for the sake of information, can anyone tell how much loss YouTube is bearing by its closure in Pakistan

    • A lot. Youtube is banned in several muslim non muslim countries and Apple have also decreased youtube business by removing their apps from devices.

      • uansari1

        Apple’s decision has nothing to do with the video in question. In fact, Google has released a YouTube app into Apple’s App Store, so there’s no issue there. Also, Google isn’t losing much revenue on YouTube in Pakistan… the largest disruption is to users of Android handsets like me. Thanks to the Paki gov’t, I can’t even update my apps on the Play Store.

        • kaleem

          i updated apps yesterday. play store is working fine on phone.

          • playstore works fine through GPRS, but not with DSL wifi etc

            • kaleem

              but i used wifi,,, i updated with DSL wifi and one of my frndz with hotspot on laptop using EVO.

        • zain

          i don’t think there are much android users here in Pakistan

        • still they are losing even if it is little.

          But ban was not about revenue. They do against us, they will be kicked out of Pakistan.

          • Shahid Saleem

            How do you plan to kick a website out of Pakistan? Ha ha.

      • not really. in most places only the video is banned. so they are not affected as much and they dont consider pakistan a large enough market yet. Hence there is no physical presence of google here. Most of their incomes from europe and the US.

        • Pakistan is not a big market for them but those business companies can’t ignore Pakistan.

          Russia is also considering action against youtube for the favour of Russian Muslims.

          • Shahid Saleem

            Paypal can ignore us. Paypal is big.

            You have such a high opinion of how “important” we are. Three weeks of Youtube banned, and Google has not blinked. Have you seen an official statement about us from Google? Nope. Have you heard of any unofficial discussion between the ministry and Google? None initiated from Google’s end.

            • Muhammad

              Because we DON”T have high opinion about ourselves is the EXACT reason why OTHERS don’t have high opinion for us.

              Observe expats from other nationalities in UAE, UK and US, they don’t belittle their own country as mush as we do. Although sometimes I know for a fact that their country is in far worse conditions in specific area.

              People who have not observed this in foreign lands will not be able to comprehend my argument.

          • Muhammad

            Russian court has already in favor of the Muslims.

          • Saad Durrani

            I think you fail to follow up news my friend. Russia is not going to block YouTube any time soon.

      • Shahid Saleem

        You don’t know the answer to that. Any number you give is a LIE because you don’t have access to their financials.

        Please don’t lie to support your imaginary beliefs. No one in Pakistan knows how much revenue loss is to youtube.

      • Saad Durrani

        How many muslim countries my friend? Bangladesh and Pakistan do not count to be ‘several’. Malaysia, Indonesia, and even Saudi Arabia has YouTube open. Only the offensive parts are blocked.

  • parvana

    mein youtube ban k khilaf nahi lekin soochnay ki baat hai jo mulk DRONE ATTACK na rukva sakay us k kehnay pe google videos delete kar de ga kya in se strong to brazil nkla jis nay election ke khilaf videos delete karve deen ur sari dunya k musliman apni awaz na yhta sakay

    • Shahid Saleem

      Everyone knows that our government/army supports the drone attacks. It is cheaper and easier to let US drones attack a few select targets in FATA. That way: 1. none of our military gets killed. 2. it’s cheap (we’re not paying for the drones).

      Then our army and government turns around and condemns the attacks in the local media. Who are they fooling?

  • Shittygoogleowner

    bcoz of this youtube ban, google dictionary (by google), its a chrome extention is also not working, b4 youtube ban it was working flawlessly.

    • Azeem

      Google Tranalste working perfectly at this time but note working good

  • Saeen

    good in fact it should not be open till youtube removes all such data/material, guarantees via their internal policy/law changes that in future no such content will be posted.

    • Such content is posed very often. People who defend argue in favour of Islam on the internet know that this drama is very intentional.

      • Shahid Saleem

        I keep asking such “defenders” when people did NOT abuse our Prophet or religion from the year 614 til today. No answer. That cannot answer the obvious question: non-Muslims have been abusing our Prophet, our religion, our people for almost 1600 years straight.

        And only now they “wake up” because of cartoons and videos. And show their STRENGTH and POWER and do what? destroy property owned by Muslims. Kill innocent Muslims. This is not a protest. This is ignorance.

        • Muhammad

          If defenders argument is weak so is yours.

          If Muhammad PBUH has been insulted for so long, does that mean we should “ignore” it? Can you do the same when someone you love is constantly insulted by the media or somebody?

          I am sure you’ll have a voice against it. That what other people have done in the past namely the Jews and the African Americans,.

          Why do we see Anti Jewish Materials taken down on weekly basis? Because JEWS have worked on it my man.

          Why can’t you openly discuss “criminal” tendencies in black community of US? Why can’t the Americans no longer make racist policies for the blacks? Because they have worked on it.

          Muslims do NOT need to protest violentaly to this but they DO need to protest in other ways. Learn from the JEWS

          • Shahid Saleem

            *Can you do the same when someone you love is constantly insulted by the media or somebody?*

            Can you do one thing? FOLLOW OUR PROPHET’S EXAMPLE. Seems like I am trying to do that. What are you trying to do?

            *Why do we see Anti Jewish Materials taken down on weekly basis? *

            How do you see that? Is it because you POST them? Ha ha!

            *Muslims do NOT need to protest violentaly to this but they DO need to protest in other ways. Learn from the JEWS*
            Well, it has been over a month and everyone in the world can see what effect the “ban” has had. Please explain why continuing the ban will affect Youtube. It does not seem like it’s hurting them AT ALL.

  • We don’t want access to enemy business which is enemy of our religion.

    But PTA should relax ban for one hour everyday so we can take out our data from adsense, google documents, picasa albums.

    • zeeshan

      good idea why cant they block only youtube without making all other services suffer

    • Shahid Saleem

      A few years ago, Facebook was the “enemy”. A few years before that blogger (owned by Google) was the “enemy”. Today google is the “enemy” because of Youtube.

      Has Facebook stopped being the enemy? how about digg, or reddit or imgur or yfrog? They all have anti-Islam content. Why haven’t you banned them?

  • Azi

    Very Good

  • Alone ©™

    Hmmm Dekhtee hai

  • Rocket Scientist

    What a bunch of bull crap! Every one is going on about how good this ban is and blah blah blah! Wake UP! The is one video that is not to our taste and absolutely infuriating to us but on the same directory there are TONS n TONS of Islamic videos/lectures/infotainment videos. This goes to Prove how DUMB every one is! Google is not going to remove anything. It may if the US government court gives such an order.

    This situation is sort of like that in a library there is one paragraph that is unacceptable and every one is saying BAN the library! PATHETIC!

    Rehman Malik hence is proven to be from our nation as he has the same answer to problems when he shuts down our mobile network due to his governments incapability. There is no way ahead for Pakistan if this is how our nation thinks.

    Absolutely disgraceful! “We cant pray five times a day or read the Quran on daily basis but are emotionally activated in the name of religion. We have become exactly what our beloved Prophet Salalahu Alehi Wasalm has taught us not to be!

    A Nation of Fools, Mushriks, Hypocrates.

    • Nauman

      Totally agree with you, exactly my feelings. We are nothing but a bunch of emotional fools……

    • Muhammad

      Agree with some of you points. But Google DID remove the video for many countries. Brazil, Singapore, India, and now Russia.

      I am sure no one wants Youtube to be banned, they JUST want the specific video blocked. Youtube is blocked because of their non compliance to Pakistani requests.

  • Muhammad Haris

    On VPN you can use you tube and other google services….otherwise its good step by PTA..keep it blocked untill content gets removed


    • F.

      Wow, the hypocrisy is strong with this one. Tell Google you are boycotting its services with a ban till it agrees to your demands/respects your religious sensibilities…then sneak back in to use those services.

      • Shahid Saleem

        You expect logic in Pakistan???

  • Stone

    The crappy filtering system has been fixed a bit and Google services are now accessible including play store, maps and gmail. They are working like crap though

  • ALI

    agar YOUTUBE khuli hoti to sari awan mil k us ko “REPORT AS SCAM” karti to youtube ka server us ko khudi remove kar deta… q k youtube pe PHP bots ki script use hoi ha………

    • Muhammad

      You do have a point. But Google does not remove Videos based on user votes. They do it on their own whims and desires.

    • Qaisar

      Ap nay thek kaha bhai youtube block honay say hamary hath bandh gay hay ham un ku mu tor jawab day sakty thay youtube par he but wo yehe chahtay thay

  • Koi ni koi ni boi , apni zinda abhi 8-)

  • khan

    its opening on ptcl today

  • that’s the spirit

  • faisal

    We are moving away from Google docs now. Sharing documents on dropbox for th time being.

  • youtube is working fully now, i think paki gov got money for the restoration of youtube, now muslims just need money not their prophet, shame shame shame

  • MMMTheHacker


  • Muhammad Junaid

    Yar YouTube Dubara Khal Rahi hy aaj main ny check ki

  • Muhammad Adnan Asim

    Some People Like Me, Who Learn Or Take Guidance From You Tube Video Tutorials ( Example Sometimes Facing Any Windows Or Mobile Related Problem / Introductory Video About Any Product Or Gadget Etc. ) Are Facing Problem Because Of This Ban.

    Sometimes Video Helps Me A Lot, Rather Than Reading A Detailed Article ( And Following Procedure When Needed ).

  • Muhammad Uzair

    The point is has our government FORMALLY requested google administration to block the video in Pakistan?? As there seems to be no reason for google to not comply with the government’s request, since it has already blocked the video in some countries.

    • Shahid Saleem

      No, they skipped that step and went directly to asking Youtube to take the video offline, which Youtube obviously will not do. Why? It is near election time in Pakistan and the goverment wants to appear as if it is doing the right thing. Even though the end result is everyone in Pakistan suffering.

      Today youtube worked for me for a short while and the first video I watched was a lecture by a Muslim scholar — that was on my youtube “front” page.

    • Hassan00107

      bhai jan government ka demag khrab hai Jo video ko delete karne ki request kare hamari government ki to bari dair se khawaish thi YouTube ka muu band karne ke le kyu k waha in khalaf video ka dher laga hova hai ab agar bhana mil hi gaya hai to pora faida uthai ge

  • Kashif Hassan

    youtube is easily opening and whole country is now using… just replace http with https in URL….or

  • babalunga

    Lolz. Abdur-Rehman Malik wanted to do this long ago because of all the siasi videos exposing various politicians.

  • Abdullah

    Allah karey youtube ban hi rahay, Ameen

    • Rocket Scientist


  • Gulfam Mustafa

    You must not exaggerate the things. I use Android powered mobile and also have multiple Google Apps accounts for a number of clients. Everything except Youtube is working perfectly.

  • Ali

    youtube ko band he rhana do per koe asa system use karo k baki applications kharb nai ho. sirf Google ke services he nai balka ptcl per to 80% site block ya slow work kar ria hain you tube k ban hona ke waja sa… Aba Allah k bando ko kaam to sae sa kar leya karo. Agr kisi ke zindagi main asani pada nai kar sakta to muskil to mat pada kro.. Plz baki website ko sae kar do or youtube ko agr aag b lagani ha to laga do

  • absentee lord

    PTA is a bunch of illiterate desert idiots. No one can block or control internet. You people are slowly sowing the seeds of your own annihilation.

    • Rocket Scientist

      I agree! PTA is full of A******* as with all other governmental institutions

  • Muhammad Anas Zafar

    Banning isn’t the solution, we should also think of an alternative (locale) not of youtube only but for Gmail, Blogger, Drive, etc

  • Ali Junejo

    they are sick people………..

  • Dr.

    Yehi to hamari government chah rahi thi ke koi banana milay YouTube block karne ka..

  • Imran

    All other google services are working fine now on ptcl, google drive, gmail, docs all are opening on my ptcl connection. No problem, please stop spreading hatred, and tell people to use alternatives.

  • Sahir Khan

    Thank God i can view youtube again on ptcl net without any proxy… Its silly to block whole youtube instead of just banning URLs of those offensive videos !!

  • Faisal Sagar

    hum youtube use kar sakty hy guys ek web s me ja kar ko likho or youtube use karo itx easy for the info conatct me.03222241805

  • ehsan nawaz

    thanks a lot to pta he block the youtube now the internet speed is very faster

    thanks a lot to pta

  • wasta pyar da

    This is BS. Pakistan needs to realize they are depriving Millions of people from listening to Zakir Naik and other great Islamic videos over ONE 14 minute useless homemade video. Pakistani government is being daft.

    And the Pakistanis all for the ban need to grow a brain and figure out it is OUR loss, not anybody else’s. We use Youtube as a resource of Islamic Education.

    Unban Youtube in Pakistan!

  • wasta pyar da

    There are MORE videos on Youtube Praising the Prophet(Saw) than degrading him. This isn’t about the Prophet(saw) anymore. It is all political. Pakistan needs to realize they don’t have a backbone in this fight. Being stubborn about your own loss is being stupid. UNBAN YOUTUBE IN PAKISTAN!

    Why don’t Pakistan Ban the ENTIRE internet? If they can Ban the Entire Youtube for a 14 mins BS video, why can’t they ban the Entire Internet for even ONE single article against the Prophet(Saw)?!? You see? It makes absolutely no sense at all.

  • Malik Abid Shahzad Awan

    If Google didn’t remove the content even forcing by US officials. It clearly states that US officials pressure was also a drama. Pakistan’s GOVT should have banned NATO supplies besides banning the Google. And then the results will be immediate. US knows that NATO supply is more important then any thing else at least for these days.
    But how we can hope for such acts from our corrupt politicians, especially when all of there money is in the foreign banks. And they are nothing more then puppet of US.

  • S Qureshi

    Just Blocking is not enough. innocence of Muslims (video) is still running on many site like & others and many of p2p sharing sites like and much more. so kindly block them all or unblock google services. thanks.

  • App Store Working in Brain Net Telecom Lahore. Not Working on Wateen in Lahore. Wateen Sucks in this.

  • Govt of Pakistan must ban the rest of Google in Pakistan , we do not need any of them ,

  • Smart Boy

    If You Want to open Youtube Directly without any installation then Contact with Me 0315-2405552

  • None of yo business

    just open it already
    internet is miserable wihout it !

  • Saad

    Hahahahahaha on you all!!!!

  • Saad

    I say it should remain banned in Pakistan and other Muslim countries should completely ban youtube. Its mandatory for us to speak against anyone who speaks ill against our prophet if we are to remain in the boundaries of Islam we need to speak up at the very least.

  • hasan

    PTA is right ,,,if youtube will not banned or bolck this videos in pakistan i dont think it should be open ,,for videos go to meta cafe ……..BANNED YOUTUBEBAN YOUTUBE

  • Sea Kib

    Fuck U Pakistan!!!

    Blocking youtube…U bitch

  • Sea Kib

    Fuck Pakistan

  • Programmer

    We can teach Google a lesson, just gather some software guys Govt, we can deliver a system that replace every Google Ad with a local Ad, cut their life line (income) teach them a lesson.

  • sarosg

    youtube is back!

  • haroon gul

    i’m a pakistani but i spit on pakistan for being the most hypocrite “munafiqeen” in all mankind..and yes i have played medal of honor and black ops a million times..and also we can watch youtube in billion other you all can shove the ban up yourz!