Government Will Open YouTube Before Dissolving Assemblies: Naveed Qamar

breaking-youtube-blocked-in-pakistanNaveed Qamar, federal defence minister, has assured the National Assembly or lower house of parliament that government will open the access of YouTube in Pakistan before dissolution of assemblies, i.e. with-in less than a week and a half.

Mr. Qamar said that government is seriously considering to unblock the video sharing website in the country, which was banned on September 17th, 2012 after a anti-Islamic video shared on website had crippled large scale protests from Muslims in Pakistan and worldwide.

Mr. Naveed Qamar, who was responding to a question raised by Shazia Marri, a lawmaker of the ruling Pakistan People’s Party, said that a decision on whether to unblock YouTube “would be taken within a couple of days”.

Ms. Marri had maintained that blocking YouTube is not the ultimate solution. She said that YouTube was blocked last year and enough time has passed by now after which government should consider to unblock the website.

Shazia Marri insisted that Interior Minister and other concerned bodies should devise a plan to get YouTube unblocked in the country.

It merits mentioning here that a recently held talks between Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and Google for blockade of anti-Islamic content in Pakistan failed.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has reportedly tried several times to convince Google for the blockade of anti-Islamic content in Pakistan, however, it is strange that Google is not agreeing to block such videos on the demand of Pakistani government, while it has done so in several other countries.

    • I know many people who were making a living out of youtube by publishing videos. I myself used the site for hours for all sorts of entertainment and informative purposes.
      Blocking the whole website is not a solution. One day our government will block wikipedia and google because they are used to reach bad material. It is not a solution.

  • Google probably knows that Pakistanis are ‘fake’ muslims. They don’t follow the teachings of the prophet when it comes to honesty and truthfulness. They only pretend love for him, but are not ready to sacrifice their ‘nafs’ (greed, cheating, pilfering, adulteration, so on and so forth) which have become a hall mark of Pakistanis. Google knows this!

    • Self-criticism is a good thing but what country on this planet has ‘real’ muslims?

      “There are no followers of religion but hypocrites.”

      • “Real” Muslims know that their faith cannot be harmed by others.

        Didn’t the kaffirs of Makkah and in fact whole of Arabia perform blasphemy against our Prophet when he was alive? And was the faith of our Prophet or fellow Muslims affected then? At the time when they were surrounded literally by blasphemers?

        No. Their faith was unaffected. They BELIEVED.

        But in Pakistan, apparently the answer is “yes” even though there are Real Muslims here too.

      • You are self proclaimed atheist, that’s your problem. But don’t call all followers of a religion hypocrites.

    • The decision was wrong that time or now? If site is opened, who fails? Of course the cause! Do we have courage to sweep out google?

  • Not going to the core argument, I’m just concerned about the quality of this article. It misses to mention that Google blockade in other countries is through implementation of localized versions of YouTube (such as Indonesia) and implementing selective censors there. It also fails to shed light on what exactly are the limitations in such implementation in Pakistan.

    • nope. Google ka alternative ha koi? Twitter ka? Its a great site and source of information. No wonder u are still living in a third world country. Douche

      • Before Google, Yahoo was leading search engine, Google took its place, in future someone else will snatch the position from Google,

        Facebook se pehle Orkut, Myspace tha etc.

        • Rehan sahab, please aap apne top 10 kaarnamay bata dein jo duniya k faiday k liye kiye hon, us k baad Pakistani schools walay bhi aap ko bataein ge k hum ne kya kia hua hai. Dumbass

          • Aik karnama tou yeh hai ek wo sach bol raha hei. Har cheez palte mei rakh kar di jaye banao na koiye program chota sa hi bana do ? copy paste karna hei bas. Facebook use kar ke waha chichora pana karna, google search engine use kara tou ghalat site dekhney ke liye use karna ( Yahi par aap article find karlo gei regarding this). Aur youtube per ( Ganey sunna) this is what we/99% people of pakistan do. Admit it.

            • Bhai please phir aaj hee start karein, aur scratch se start karna. Aur sab se pehle to yeh dabba (computer) jisey goray ne banaya hai woh bana lein apna, phir baad ka rolla bhi daal of luck. Aur yeh jo computer languages hain woh bhi kisi goray k hee kartoot hain, aap ne ya mein ne Java, C++ etc nahi banai.

              Baatein har koi bohat bari kar sakta hai, par important baat yeh hai k aap technology aur current resources ko positively use kartay huay kitna agay berh saktay hain.

    • so why are u using this technology or FB, these stuff made my Christians, Jews Americans, so why are u using it ?? stop watching tv as well !! stop using this computer also :D

      • I didn’t say Its made by illuminati/jews crap. So i wont use it lol, I said there are alternative of Google/YouTube/Facebook. We can live without it, its not that important.

  • block karo ya na karo faida koi nahi hia youtube apna loss pura kar chuka hia by ads in videos so we need to force youtube to remove the contents

  • Those who say to let it remain blocked and such obnoxious stuff, fail to realize that youtube is more than just a video sharing website. There are many, like me, who are partnered with youtube and earn living through it. More than that, our contracts with youtube/third party networks are risked. It is such irresponsible of govt. to have blocked the entire site for so long and people with continuous support of the ban.

    • I disagree, No compromise should be made until youtube block those types of videos. Simple is that, you should find some other earning source. Don’t depend on youtube or google.

    • Aaqil bhai aap Asaam k jungle se internet use kar rahay hain? :) ya Pakistan k border se bahir kisi phatay pe bethay hain?
      Wapis Pakistan aa jaein aur dekhein k youtube k kaafi positive use bhi hain, aur bohat log is k through earn kar rahay hain…wahan jungle mein phatay k neechay beth k Pakistaniyon k baaray mein bolna sahi nahi hai :)

      • Kia 20% pakistani youtube say earn ker rahay thay ya 50%? 2% bhi nahi hongay.

        Kia 20% Pakistani internet users youtube ko kisi positive tor per istemal ker rahay thay? 10% bhi nahi hongay.

        Aik company jo apko apkay mazhab ko laat maray uskay phir paon chatnay ko maray maray phiro gay?

        Kia sirf youtube he chalani ati hay?

        • Why do you say Youtube? Youtube is not the “company”. Google is the company, Youtube is just a division in Google.

          So to reverse ask you:

          How many Pakistanis earn from Google?
          How many Pakistanis internet users use Google for positive use?

          Where is your answers now??

      • Bilkol theek kaha … saif aap ne i m agree with you … this gov. is failed and youtube should open it now !

        • Sir I dun know aap k liye internet ka use kya hai, par m telling u k yahan bohat aise students aur professionals hain jinhein youtube pe kaafi lectures aur learning material mil jata hai. And FYI woh learning material zayada tar goron ne upload kiya hota hai…agar youtube Pakistan k control mein ho to 90% wahayat cheezein, chawal awara un-perh taporiyon ki videos, ya phir recorded calls kisi unknown larki ki pic k sath upload hongi…

  • Thanks to $50 million investment by Goldman Sachs in Hotspot Shield, the ban is not bothering me much :P

  • 1. it doesnot matter that “Enough time hass passed so unblock youtube”. Its matter of our beloved Prophet, so youtube should be unblocked only if they removed/blocked content. If someoen killed someone and 1 year passed then it doesnot mean that “enogh time passed” so forgive killer.

    2. Those who are saying that youtube have other content bla bla and favouring the unblock. Let me tell all those Nam nihad muslims that content is not important than respect of our belove Prophet. Even someone cannot e momin untill he/she love Muhammad(s.w.t) more than his/her parents. So Prophet comes first, rest is nothing.

  • Asalam Walakum Every one…
    If google is not removing that videos we should banned google’s other services we have alternative for google.
    and our Goverment’s theif shazi mari what should i say about her.. she have time to discus on a single website .. but dont have time to discus inocent people are killing with out any reason. Shame to Government and shame to her.

    • What a stupid criticism of her. Can you extend the same criticism for this site??? We see zero articles about technology & impact on these murders in Karachi.

  • My freinds there was a time, when people use MIRC for public chat, yahoo and msn messenger for chating with relatives now time has change. Facebook is there for chating, messenger has been replaced by Skype no one is using MIRC. If this things has been changed so why cant we use any other alternative. we have some like daily motion etc..

  • Because when PPP made a contract with Google Maps that they will come and land their vehicle and will make 3D maps of Pakistan…after some time PPP ditched Google and they didn’t signed any agreement.. so if there is no agreement how come they listen to Pakistan..

    Moral: JISA MOON WAISEY CHAND…aa Dish!!!

  • Youtube should be opened….Agar iska open hona Governments assemblies k sar pa ha phr samj lain k ab tk jo banned thi..usmain inka apna koi political point of view tha…Hurmate Rasool SAWW nahi tha…tabhi to yeh khud jaty waqat isy open kar k ja rahy hain

  • Salam To All, Dear Please Ap logon ki jo b raye hai har insan ko raye ka haq hai par mai yahan par aik baat zror mention karna chahonga k YOUTUBE open ho ya na ho but i am sure that most of pakistani in my opinion 90% Knows about Hotspot Shield Or Spot Flux type Softwares use by which we all are use YOUTUBE, So guys just chill and relaxed nothing happened to be changed in Pakistan, and if that video irritates us then we Have solution for this to insist our government to sign a contract with google and blocke such a Video Which is against OUR BLOVED PROPHET (PBUH)…

  • When it comes to Pakistan and other countries worldwide it’s not a 2 way communication. its more like a request from us and a kick on a ass from other countries. All thanks to the Govt , Rulers and the so called democracy shit ! no wonder why people are leaving country and migrating their entire families out of Pakistan.

  • I think YouTube was only blocked by government for its own profit like stopping other parties campaigns e.g PTI .. and to cutt off easy media access to public


  • hey why not block wikipedia as well … it has images of the prophet as well … thats all pak can do anyway .. “cant stop it? block it” be it a website or bike ki sawari or mobile phone service ….

  • govt should block those links only instead of block the whole site, youtube pay or bhee bohat kuch hay, students is say apany computer cources ke study kartay hain or loog is say khana pakana seekhtay hain, is site ko band nahi hona chaiyea. yea aap kay apnay haat may hay kay aap is site ka istamal kaisay karna chatay hain. saudia arabia may aak tak youtube ban nahi hui, is site pay bohat informative lacturese hain MBA kay, computer language cources like dreamweaver, photoshop, C++ Languages and lots more, dont try to make the whole natiion ellitrate, aap us anti-muslim video ko daikhoo he mat us ke apni value khud ba khud he khatam hoo jay gee, yea hum loog hay hain jo is tarhan ke videos ko barahavva daitay hain or phir blame doosray ko kartay hain. simple is that ignore these kind of material on all website, that my point of view…

  • Youtube should be unblocked as soon as possible its blocked has served no purpose at all and people are suffering due to its block…

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