PPP Demands PTA to Stop Telcos from Deducting Call Setup Charges

Pakistan’s Peoples Party has demanded the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to take action against Mobile phone companies for deducting a call setup charge on every prepaid call in Pakistan.

PPP’s Media Cell Sindh issued a statement calling PTA to ensure that mobile phone users aren’t charged 15 paisas call setup charge that they pay for each call, in addition to usual tariffs and taxes.


It maybe recalled that call setup charge of 15 paisas is charged by all mobile phone companies of Pakistan and all prepaid callers have to pay a call setup charge on every call they make.

Mobile phone companies had imposed call setup charges back in 2013. Initially the call setup charges were 10 paisas plus tax, but were later raised to 15 paisas plus tax earlier this year.

PTA initially tried to stop operators from charging this call setup charge, but then soon gave up as operators objected that PTA had no mandate to regulate tariffs.

Later on, in February 2015, PTA issued new regulation called “Telecommunication Services Retail Tariff Regulations, 2015“, under which it could regulate pricing and any charges. However no action on call setup charges has been taken so far.

Pakistan People Party, in a rare move, objected the call setup charges and has asked PTA to get mobile phone users a relief.

People’s party also condemned the overall taxes on telecom sector and called them inhumane. They said that more than 80% of mobile phone users are from low-income ranks and therefore they should be provided due relief.

PPP demanded the federal government to provide relief to the mobile phone users and tax should only be levied on purchase of expensive mobile phones.

It maybe recalled that telecom sector is one of the most taxed sectors in Pakistan.

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    • What? No! It should be 10 rupees per call, but per minute charges should not exceed more than 1 rupee per minute, because we’re willing to buy iPhones and other smartphones, but won’t compromise on per minute charges.

      • Dear fellows have you seen that there is per minute call charges that already include all expenses that are needed for telcos to continue working. so therefore there is no need for such additional costs if there is everything already adjusted in call charges

    • What do customers get in return? Same pathetic services! Poor signal strength, low quality networks. One has to reach roof-top to use 3G services. Moreover, no where in the world customers pay such irrelevant taxes. Pakistani Telecos and government are looting people and as usual PTA (Pakistan Tamasha Authority) has efficiently proven its worthlessness.
      Let alone call setup charges, what else could be worse when customers are paying tax or so called service charges to check their remaining balance or free minutes?
      P.S. intehai mazrat k saath; Lanat hai aesay nizam pe!

  • 2013 ?Wasnt Bilawal`s Daddy in power.Why didn`t he stop it themselves Oh wait too busy with under the table deals..

  • It was people’s party Govt. during which FED was raised from 15% to 21% and it was during their era, mobile operator started charging for balance queries + service charges by network + charges for SMS delivery

  • Well
    taxes = money to govt (no need cuz we get s*** out of it)
    Call Charges = operators (need to increase to enable operators to invest more in providing better services)

    Telco sector comes second to petroleum in taxation so you can imagine what govt is trying to accomplish this has less to do with political party and more with munshi ishaq dar sb.

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