Launching Soon, These Electric Cars Cost Less Than a Mehran

Super Power was one of the first brands to have introduced electric motorbikes and now, they are focusing on the launch of electric cars in Pakistan.

Popularly known as a motorcycle brand locally, Super Power has unveiled two of its electric cars at the ’14th My Karachi-Oasis of Harmony’ exhibition recently.

The cars were showcased during the three-day exhibition at the Karachi Expo Centre.

Super Power E-Car 4-door variant revealed in Karachi

N.J Auto Industries Marketing Executive, Abdul Muqsit spoke to media outlets and stated that the company hopes to start the sale of the electric cars in the next three months.

He added:

Its target market is not specific. People from all age groups can drive this car.

We believe the market for E-cars market will grow much faster in the coming years so we have decided to enter this market.

About Super Power E-Car

Two variants of the electric vehicles were launched –  two-door and four-door. They are priced at Rs. 600,000 and Rs. 650,000 respectively and are expected to launch in Pakistan in the next 3 months.

The vehicles are capable of going up to a maximum of 50km/h. On a 7-hr charge, they can travel a total distance of 120km.

The vehicles pack a battery of 12 volts, and it can be charged in homes the same way anyone can charge a UPS. Muqsit added that this was necessary given the state of Pakistani households and the lack of infrastructure. This will remove the dependency on an outdoor station or a dock.

Information gathered from the exhibition by the media outlets claim that the electric vehicles will be imported from China, which is one of the largest markets for electric cars in the world.

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  • For Rs 600,000/= its LOL,
    Super Power, you just magnify the children toy car.
    200CC seriously ? what would you do with 200 CC?

  • Seems like those mini cars Silicon Valley geeks drive from office to home in US. not very practical for Khi & Muzaafati areas though..

    • it’ll work in karachi unless someone’s REALLY unfortunate (like getting hit by a drunk truck driver)

      rural areas might need modifications , like better wheels , suspension etc

  • Good start. They can make it better. Nice to see Pakistani companies doing new things. Wishing success.

  • i have NO qualms about the availability of electricity (in Karachi , Areas which pay their bills and DO NOT steal electricity , get ALMOST uninterrupted power supply , unless there’s a really serious fault. Have witnessed it in quite a few areas , throughout the year.)

    BUT the cars themselves are VERY expensive !

    like come on ! 0.6 mil ! that’s trying to go for mehran price bracket and possibly into Suzuki Cervo territory (which is aesthetically much better than these)

    if ANYTHING , the first and foremost thing the stakeholders should look to is the price. 600,000 is totally unreasonable for an electric car AND for a new product , for which the general public is gruesomely uneducated and widely skeptical about.

    ~350,000 to 400,000 would have been a comparatively SOLID price

  • 7 hours charge and speed less than 70cc motorcycle. and maximum capacity is 120km.

    Its like put it on charge for night and then go to office and put it back on charging again. Another job to take care of. no thanks.

    The design looks like copy of tata nano. Which in india is dirt cheap as compare to these toys.

  • Good initiative. keep up the good work. And don’t listen to the haters. (dont worry, most of them are not your customers as they use the borrowed bikes) Hope its another milestone achieved.

  • These Cheap cars going up and up and other relevant cars are more increasing their price so shame for all nation that We are making inflation and depression in market we still sleeping…
    Mehran which starts 120000 Rs now after 20 years available in 800000 so shame so shame
    Suzuki APv before 10 Years come with 800000 Price and now 2500000 Rs so shame so shame We are going down down down…..

  • close