Revealed: The Most Selling Cars for August 2017

Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) has assembled a list for sales of different cars in Pakistan.

As a Pakistani, it’s not difficult to guess which cars are in most demand as there are only a few preferred car models on the roads.

Here are the top 5 purchased vehicles ranked according to their total sales figures by August this year:

1.       Toyota Corolla

With sales of 4,782 units in August, Corolla has been the top choice in Pakistan due to its spacious design and durability.

Many better options are available for a better price but because of the availability and relatively cheap prices of the Corolla’s parts and maintenance, it has been bought a lot more than other vehicle. Since its launch, Corolla has been sitting at the top ranked spot Pakistan.

Corolla’s inferior traction and road-grip has received quite a lot of criticism but the brand name makes it a preferred choice for most. It is available in different variants such as;

  • 1.3L Xli/GLi
  • 1.6L ALTIS
  • 1.8L ALTIS
  • 1.8L ALTIS Grande

The price starts from Rs. 17,29,000 and goes up to Rs. 23,89,000.

2.       Suzuki Mehran

The “national car” of Pakistan, Suzuki Mehran sits at second with 3,963 sales in August.

Mehran’s design and functionality have been outdated – actually, it was already outdated back in the 90s – but still, it’s very popular among Pakistanis.

Suzuki Mehran is said to have the cheapest parts and maintenance along with good fuel consumption thanks to its 800 cc engine. The cheap parts are the main attraction but many people have better reasons for preferring a Mehran such as its simplicity and fuel consumption and ease of selling it when needed.

Mehran might boost its sales even more after the inauguration of the National Orange Cab Scheme.

It starts at Rs. 679,000.

3.       Suzuki Wagon R


The Wagon R had 2,201 sales in August. It wasn’t locally assembled before and was only seen in its Japanese variant on Pakistani streets. It entered the market recently, much later than the other cars in this list. However, it gained popularity fast due to its modern design, equipped with the hardware which attracted consumers.

It has a 1000 cc engine with a very good fuel economy. It is also equipped with a relatively good air-conditioning system and power-steering – these two factors are uncommon in locally assembled hatchbacks in Pakistan.

It’s available in two variants:

  • Wagon R VXR – Rs. 10,52,000
  • Wagon R VXL – Rs. 10.94,000

4.       Suzuki Cultus

Since it’s launch, Cultus has been one of the fan favorites. It received a massive upgrade in 2017, which completely changed its design and added modern features such as ABS, power steering and airbags. The new shape got popular fast and sold 1,776 units in August.

It comes in two variants:

  • Suzuki Cultus VXR – Rs. 12,50,000
  • Suzuki Cultus VXL – Rs. 13,91,000

5.       Honda Civic

The sales figure written on PAMA’s website are cumulative of both Civic and City (3,946 units total in August) so it’s difficult to say how many sales each car has.

But Civic has to be on the list because we all know how popular it has been after the release of its 10th-gen variant in 2016. It is safe to say that the car has been selling in good numbers breaking records each quarter while City witnesses relatively low demand.

The sporty exterior is a new in Pakistani market and the advanced features are not seen in any locally assembled car. The sales shot up right after the new model’s launch and undoubtedly, Civic is one of the most popular cars in Pakistan.

It initially came in three variants;

  • 1.5-Litre VTEC Turbo – temporarily discontinued
  • 1.8-Litre and 1.8-Litre VTI Oriel – Rs. 23,49,000-29,99,000

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