Youtube Puts a Blanket Ban on All Gun Related Videos

YouTube is changing its policies and will no longer let users sell/purchase guns and related accessories through their videos.

The policy prohibits users from making direct gun sales and even sharing links that redirect to gun-selling websites. Moreover, videos will no longer provide tutorials and instructions on making firearms or any related accessories such as magazines and suppressors.

Accessories such as bump stocks, drop-in auto sears, conversion kits, Gatling triggers, and high-capacity magazines as well are included in the blacklist. Firearm upgrading or modifying tutorials such as upgrading firearms to simulated/automatic firing mode is also banned.

School Shootings

Due to recent shootings in American schools, YouTube has changed its policy to help prevent this in the future.


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This is not the first time, YouTube changed its gun policy once before too after shootings in Las Vegas last year.

Community Uproar

This policy change caused an uproar in the gun vlogging community, as YouTube started removing such videos “out of the blue”. A gun vlogger, Sprave said,

As much as I appreciate that they are now defining their guidelines much more clear…they have imposed this NEW rule without talking to anyone beforehand and there is no transitional period. Many gun channels must now be afraid, as they might get plenty of strikes in no time for older videos and then lose their channels. They should at least get some time to clean up their videos so the new rules are kept. Again, not the way you treat ‘partners.’

You can read YouTube’s updated policies here.

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