Suzuki Officially Confirms ‘New’ Wagon R and a Price Bump

Wagon R’s new “minor” update has been made official by Pak Suzuki. Its new VXL models will come with a few changes.

Even though the new changes are minor, the price of the ‘new’ Suzuki Wagon R is not small. The Wagon R now costs Rs. 50,000 more than before.

Around 2 months ago, Pak Suzuki suspended new bookings for Wagon R but continued taking orders in March. The new update leaked a month ago and has now been officially confirmed by the company. The two new changes, which the company has dubbed as “Minor Change”, are:

  • Alloy wheels,
  • Chromed tail garnish,

As you can see, the aforementioned changes are cosmetic in nature. Now a Wagon R VXL model, which previously used to go for Rs. 11,14,000, will be sold for up to Rs. 11,64,000 with the new design changes.

Rising Prices

Auto assemblers in Pakistan have substantially increased their prices this year – Pak Suzuki has already increased prices of its entire lineup twice, first in January and then in March to account for the rupee’s falling value and an increase in import rates.

Wagon R’s yearly sales shot up in 2017 and showed a massive 82% increase. Most of the company’s other products, including Swift, Cultus, and Mehran did not record any significant changes in sales demand. Pak Suzuki marked a 38% rise in profit at the end of 2017 and most of this increase can be attributed to Wagon R’s sales.

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