Auction of Mercedes Benz used by Bhutto and Zia Scrapped by Caretaker PM

The current caretaker government has decided to place the famous Mercedes Benz 600 Pullman in a museum instead of selling it to the highest bidder, according to local media reports.

Caretaker Prime Minister, Justice Nasirul Mulk, took this decision after getting prompted by three “car enthusiasts” — namely, Hariz Aziz, Karim Yusuf, and Moin Abbasi — who played an important role in bringing this issue up to the PM Office.

A National Asset

The previous government planned to auction this historic car model on 22nd of June. However, Nasirul Mulk’s intervention led to the cancellation of this auction, and the car will now be placed in a museum for the public after restoration.

Here is a sneak peak of the famous Pullman:

Mercedes Benz Pullman 600 Exterior

This limo in question is part of Pakistan’s history. It was used by both Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Ziaul Haq — Pakistan’s former Prime Minister and former President respectively. The car is, therefore, part of the country’s national heritage, argued the aforementioned car enthusiasts.


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In their letter, sent to the caretaker PM, they wrote:

The particular car is a national asset and one of historical significance and not one that should come into private hands as these cars are considered cult classics and highly desirable worldwide and there is very strong probability that this car will exported out of Pakistan and sold in international market resulting in the loss of one of our significant national assets,

Recently, Fatima Jinnah’s 1955 Cadillac series 62 was also restored and rebuilt by a team of experts in Karachi to place it in a museum. You can take a look at it in pictures here.

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