GariDekh: Pakistan’s First Auction-House for Cars

“I need to buy/sell a car” is nowadays a question frequently asked by young working professionals, who are normally persuaded to look online for one stop solutions.

There certainly do exist some conventional solutions to this dilemma – PakWheels and CarFirst, to name a few.

The former is a car listings website whereby the latter is a chain of branded physical locations whereby cars can be sold and bought.

There are still eyebrows raised from either of the two methods, resulting in the following possible queries from potential buyers and sellers:

  • Can I trust the person who’s put his car up for sale?
  • Is there any way I can try to purchase a car if I potentially ‘outbid’ the other people willing to buy it?
  • How can I get guaranteed the maximum exposure on my ad to buy/sell a particular vehicle?
  • How good is the particular dealer’s “track record” in selling cars?
  • How can I tell if the buyer is serious or not?

To solve these potential ‘backlashes’ there’s been a new entrant in the online automotive buying/selling market.

Make way for GariDekh!

GariDekh separates itself from the other options available in the market by acting as an Auction House for people who would like to buy or sell their automobiles.

GariDekh accommodates Private Buyers/Sellers as well as Dealerships.

The GariDekh App is available on both Android App and iOS App.

GariDekh accommodates Private Buyers/Sellers as well as Dealerships.

GariDekh defines the bid limit as a “stake list”, and has defined a clear monetization model by offering the following packages (available through top-ups through the app):

  • Basic Package (Free) – Default
    • 0 Featured Credits
    • 15 Offer Credits
    • 100,000 Stack credits
  • Standard Package (Rs. 700)
    • 1 Featured Credit
    • 15 Offer Credits
    • 500,000 Stack Credits
  • Premium Package (Rs. 1,500)
    • 3 Featured Credits
    • 25 Offer Credits
    • 2,000,000 Stack Credits
  • Gold Package (Rs. 3,000)
    • 7 Featured Credits
    • 40 Offer Credits
    • 5,000,000 Stack Credits

Additionally, featured credits can be used in 3 areas:

  • Simple Car Listings
  • Auction Listings
  • Proposal Listings

Auction Platform

When talking about the actual bidding process itself, a user is allowed to bid in the range from 5,000 rupees to a maximum of 25 lakhs, in an auction process that lasts anywhere from 1-7 days.

The seller is not bound to accept any bid, and the app goes a step further to detect horseplay from the end of the user and will actively block non-serious bidders.

Other benefits of this include the buyer’s ability to see whether a seller is verified and not, and see a seller’s track record in selling particular cars.

Here is a video which describes the Auction Process:

Proposal Platform

The other essential part of GariDekh’s platform is the Proposal Feature, which enables the buyer to put out a proposal of the car he or she wants to buy. In terms of requesting a car, the buyer can specify the following filters:

  • Car (Model and Manufacturer)
  • Price Range
  • Mileage-KM Range
  • Model Year Range
  • Assembly Type (Local/Imported)
  • Registration Type
  • Proposal Ends After (3 days/ 1 week/ 15 days / 1 month)
  • Feature?
  • Buying City

Interested sellers can place offers to the proposed car by the buyer, but in this section, the buyer can only see the seller’s personal details. The seller will also be notified when the buyer views the placed offer, which initially is free but will charge the customer as the offers roll in.

This video explains the process in greater detail:

For more details, visit their website at GariDekh or download the iOS App or Android App.