61 Cars Sold in First Phase of Car Auction at PM House

The long-awaited auction of the surplus vehicles of the Prime Minister House took place on Monday, 17th September. 102 vehicles were available for the auction and 61 out of these were successfully auctioned off.


While bombproof and bulletproof vehicles couldn’t attract many buyers, the other vehicles were sold at good rates, adding around Rs 200 million to the national exchequer.

6 bulletproof vehicles and 55 other vehicles were bagged by the buyers on Monday. Due to confusion regarding the tax rates, the most expensive luxury cars, along with 21 armored cars and 20 low-priced cars will be auctioned in the next phase.

The Information Minister Fawad Chaudhary informed the media that the vehicles were sold above market prices and that the remaining cars will be put up for auction later.

It was a successful auction and its objective was to convey a message to people that their elected prime minister will not waste their money.

The austerity drive initiated by PM Imran Khan meant that the luxury and surplus vehicles of the PM House were up for auction and the government had invited the businessmen to participate in the auction.

The vehicles which were available for auction in the PM House lawn on Monday included 8 BMWs, 28 Mercedes-Benz, 9 Honda, 8 Suzuki, 40 Toyota, 5 Mitsubishi, 2 Jeep, 1 Nissan and 1 Hino Bus.


Featured Image Source: Kashmir Observer

Via Dawn


  • Most of the cars were quiet old. i.e 10 years and more. They sold them to offset the cost of helicopter transportation which will be in billions by the end of their 5 year term. It seems the only change is in the faces of the plunderers and their methods.

    • I love it when i read burned up comments such as yours. The audacity of people like you to call such measures BS while the previous governments have gone to the extent to keep their very own Milk Machines.
      Burn more. We love it.

      • Let’s keep in touch and then I will ask you after 5 years. It seems that even with their eyes open, the crowd is still blind.

        • I fully trust this government, unlike the previous governments made up of thieves, dacoits and killers, in general. Time and time again Imran Khan has proven himself in every single motive he showed to general public. I don’t need to doubt him one more time, just for the sake of it.

          It’s going to take some time to kill the corroded roots from this country, thanks for the corrupted people who have ruled this country. But will definitely happen at the end of the day.

          • I have not forgotten how the ATM card which was captured by Supreme Court (Jahangir Tareen) was used to to buy in elected members of provincial and national assemblies. I have seen how tricks from Old Pakistan were employed to create New Pakistan.

            A glorious mention would be of justice Shaukat of Islamabad High Court who went on to disclose how the election among the selection was done.

            What the crowd cannot see is that the crutches on which this government is based were the same crutches on which previous two governments were based. I have only dared to ask how will the end result of this government be any different from the previous governments.

            I am not against change for good nor do I do advocacy for the looters and plunders of past. I am only distinguishing their faces and methodology.

            • Its not your fault, dear. You follow PMLN pages on Facebook. Whatever PTI is going to do, these pages will brainwash you against them.

        • Dear Tech Boy, use ur Tech skills n google how much a helicopter Costs for 1 KM, then comment here with reference. I’m not in PTI’s favor, but at least u should now facts. Let me know if ur skills deny finding such a link. I’ll provide.

    • Teray jesay na shukray logon ki wajah sa mulk aj in halat main kharah hai!!
      Kuch Sharm kar bhai kuch sharam kar!!
      Keep burning you haters!!

      • Let’s keep in touch and then I will ask you after 5 years. It seems that even with their eyes open, the crowd is still blind.

        • Crowd was definitely blind during previous Govt.’s tenure. The audacity of people with no shame, to raise their voices in every decision of current government, while the same people were high on drugs in Nawaz/Zardari’s tenure.

          Let me remind you what Nawaz Govt did after taking over from Zardari tenure. Same thing. Increased prices, taxes and whatever. The difference was, they charged taxes ‘equally’ on everyone, where lowest of the public ended up paying much more taxes than their ‘ameer’ counterparts. Not to mention the massive damage mr Nawaz did to the country’s institutions by employing people on the basis of “liking” only. This is why we have killers like Rana Sanaullah, and Shahbaz Shareef still roaming free.

              • if you forgot i would like to remind you how Na-ahal tareen played with public money during musharraf era! u need to clearly up your history reading!

              • He is an economic terrorist. There is no doubt about that and I know there are plenty like him from the northern peaks for K2 to the warm waters of the Arabian sea.

                Point now is that they bluffed you and you fell for it.

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