Punjab Police’s E-Challan System Goes Online in Lahore

The much-anticipated E-Challan System is finally operational in Lahore, starting from Monday 24 September 2018 (today) in the city after undergoing a successful trial run.

The electronic system records any traffic-related offense and produces a challan with all the necessary details including the pictures of the violation – place and number plate – taken through the CCTV cameras installed throughout the city. The challan is then sent to the offender through a courier service. For maximum convenience of the motorists, these challans will feature a suitable deadline for payment of fines.

The system was being tested since last year and was being slowly rolled out across the city.

E-Challan Traffic Police Lahore

The system has been developed by the joint efforts of the Punjab Police and Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA).

The database will store all the previous records related to the offender. If a person is found violating the traffic rules, again and again, the Punjab Police will be authorized to lock down their vehicle until the payment of due challans. The challan would be posted to the address of the vehicle’s owner and the failure to pay the outstanding challans can result in confiscation of the vehicle under the Provincial Motor Vehicle Ordinance 1965.

E-Challan Helpline to Remain Open 24/7

The police helpline 15 is open 24/7 for any queries related to the system.

It is about time a proper and automated system for fining those found violating traffic rules was introduced in a Pakistani city. It is hoped that this system is replicated across other cities, and ensure that more law enforcement personnel are rid of mundane paperwork and become efficient in discharging their responsibilities. The efficiency of the system is yet to be tested, however, the initial results from the trial run sound promising.

There are some lingering concerns, however. One major issue that this electronic system can potentially face in its initial days is to ensure that the delivery of e-challan is made to the right person. Considering the lackadaisical state of affairs, and a confusing naming convention for street/house numbers in Pakistani cities, this may often lead to delays, if not altogether disarray,  for the delivery process and in verifying vehicle ownership.

Featured Image Source: Coventry Telegraph

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Feature Writer

  • E-Challan Services must be available at all city and areas of Pakistan.
    & Mentioned that in case of Non Payment of Challan within 30 Days from the date of Challan.
    Your vehicle is blocked by CPLC / Concern Department & advise to Area Police for taken of vehicle with Owner.

  • hopefully the courier system will be gradually shifted to electronic system. online account of every citizen with car registered on his name.

  • I’m not sure how good this system will be without using high-tech cameras, but 500 PKR for crossing Red Light?
    People should not be given less than mini-death penalty for such a dangerous move.
    Here in UAE, crossing a Red Signal like that is a huge fine of AED 3000 something, and 12 Black Points (out of 24 total) on your license.
    This black points system NEEDS to be introduced in Pakistan as well.

    • Black points system will be coming soon. What I want is the improvement in issuance of driving license. People can still get a license without any driving test.

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