Punjab Govt to Provide Scooties & Bikes to Students on Easy Installments

Punjab government is giving away bikes and scooties on easy installments to female students from the start of 2019.

The announcement has come in a bid to provide transport facilities to females. Chairman Punjab Education Foundation, Wasiq Qayyum Abbasi, said that the scheme will kickstart in the advent of 2019.

He said that the government will provide cycles to the male students while giving traveling vouchers to the female students. Moreover, it will provide scooties to degree and university students.

To provide relief to the students, the government will provide these vehicles on easy installments, said the Chairman.


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Abbasi further told that the traveling vouchers will be for the metric and intermediate female students. This initiative is to ensure that the students reach school on time without spending much on pick and drop.

He said that there are around 50 million students studying in 53,000 schools and 550 colleges across the province. Moreover, the use of scooties among women is becoming popular as it is economical and an easy way of transportation.

The PEF Chairman further said that the working women also require a cheaper and easier mode of transportation.

It is pertinent to mention here that former chief minister, Shehbaz Sharif, had launched a scheme named Women on Wheels under Punjab government’s ‘Subsidized Motorcycle Scheme for Women’. The scheme aimed at empowering the women and enabling them to claim back control of the public places.

Via: Tribune

  • This will further ingrain the idea that scooters are only for women. Only in Pakistan do people have such beliefs. It’s right up there with polio vaccine causes sterility.

  • Good decision, why waste Billion of Rupees on Metro and Orange train, when you can give Scotties and bicycles. It is the safest mode of travel for our young students on roads, whether scorching heat or rain, and we can see the respect they get when travelling on roads, cars stop to give way to bikes, Wagon driver will slow down when he see a Cycle trying to change the lane.

    • Agree with you, instead of “wasting money” on building public transport system like developed countries, government should provide every “Scooties & Bikes” to every citizen.

    • This is the project of Shahbaz Sharif and PMLN. The lease deal was already finalized last year in 2017 and delivery was due this year.
      So give the credit to PMLn for this project.

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