Lahore Gets Special Squads to Go After E-Challan Defaulters

The City Traffic Police (CTP) Lahore has constituted seventeen special squads to go after the e-challans defaulters.

Under the recent crackdown, 34 traffic wardens will be deputed across the city to recover challan payments. These special teams will strictly monitor such vehicles across the city.


Since the e-challan system delivers the ticket to the address of the vehicle owner, the CTP teams can also raid their houses to confiscate the vehicles.

The confiscated vehicles will only be released after payment of the e-challan. However, no further penalty will be added to the delayed submission.

As per details, the CTP will go after the defaulter with hefty unpaid challans in the initial phase. The crackdown against the violators will continue until the clearance of the backlog.

The city traffic police, in collaboration with Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA), had launched the electronic challan system in Lahore in September last year. Since then, it has been an effective tool to control traffic violations in the provincial capital.

During the last year, introduction of e-challans has significantly lowered the traffic violations in Lahore, as people, fearing hefty fines, have started to respect traffic laws.

  • Being a responsible citizen, we should also play our part and obey all the traffic laws which are implemented for our safety. Furthermore, we should also pay our e-challan within the allowed time frame to avoid any kind of hassle.

  • These laws are not for bike riders. Most of the times they are creating mess there. And once you tell them to follow the law . They are laughing at u. Especially on signals, they will find a suitable distance between cars and drive zig zag . Just to cross the signal at front. No respect for women drivers, “parhay likhay jahil log”

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