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Highway Authorities Fail to Implement Decision to Allow Heavy Bikes on Motorways

Motorcyclists with heavy bikes or any 600CC bike were given permission to use the motorways in April after the Islamabad High Court had given them the green signal however the decision hasn’t been implemented yet.

During the hearing of a case on Monday, the court gave both the National Highway and Motorways Police till December 15 to carry out the verdict. Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani told a motorway representative that the bikers have been given the go-ahead to drive on motorways.

The bench added that they would initiate contempt proceedings against Inspector-General motorways if the verdict is not carried out after the given date. It is pertinent to point out that the verdict was given on April 19.

While the permission has been given, it has multiple conditions attached to it. The first being that the NHMP will issue cards to any biker who wants to drive on the motorway; these cards won’t be provided to anyone under the age of 30.

The authority has outlawed one wheeling, pillion riding, and rash driving. If a biker’s card is rescinded, then they will have to wait for six months before being eligible for another card.

  • very strange decesion. the reason is in the west the driving license for a motor bike is extremely difficult while there is no such thing in Pakistan. there is no concept of safe driving in Pakistan.

  • Why not allow for everyone?
    What’s the purpose of highway? if not utilizing?
    Why waste the public money by so many restrictions.

  • Most of the bike riders have no sense of driving that is why they cant be allowed to ride on highways. Infact they are the main reason accidents on the road.

    • Haha Bloody Ha
      brother those are educated and have Enough Experience then a Car Driver must be allowed we are Allhamdulilah riding Since 24 have Vast Experience in Driving and Riding until now Zero Accident so Think Before you Speak or Write

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