Xiaomi’s New Affordable Electric Scooters Boast a Maximum Range of 200KM

If Ninebot’s other scooters didn’t tickle your fancy, these definitely will. The ecological chain company under Xiaomi has now unveiled its new e-bikes under a separate E-series.

The E-series has 5 models: E80C, E90, E100, E125, and E200P distinguished by their maximum speed, battery range, and others.


Xiaomi’s Ninebot Launches Affordable Electric Bikes

Speed and Range Specifications

The flagship model in the series the E200P boasts a range of 200KM and can reach speeds of 100km/h while the base-version the E80C can reach 51km/h and has a range of 90KM. The E90 has a range of a 100KM and a max speed of 55km/h. Both E80 and E90 are powered by a 1.2KW battery. On the other hand, the E100 is powered by a 1.8KW battery that allows it to reach 60-65km/h with a range of 100km-200km depending on the traveling speed.

The E125 is powered by a 2.4KW battery that allows it to reach 80-100km/h coupled with a range of 120-240km, also depending on the speed. The E200 has a whopping 5KW battery and can reach up to 100km/h with a range of 200KM.

Other Features

Just like the C-series, the bikes in this series have multiple smart features such as providing assistance when going up a hill and switching modes according to other scenes. With the help of sensors and smart scene recognition, the bike can be driven at the touch of a button.

It even has positional tracking (GPS) along with a remote-controlled lock and a security alarm which triggers if you lose the lock. It boasts an anti-theft system and an anti-theft module. While the rest of the series is powered by a lithium-ion battery, the E80C uses a completely self-developed lead-acid battery system.

An SOS signal is sent along with the location of the rider to an emergency contact if the bike develops a fault on the move and if it isn’t used for a while, it will notify the user to charge it.

Pricing and Availability

The Ninebot E-series’ pricing is as follows:

  • Ninebot E80C is priced at 4799 yuan (~$685)
  • E90 sells for 5999 yuan (~$875)
  • The Ninebot E100 is priced at 6,899 yuan ($985)
  • The E125 is priced at 9,999 yuan ($1428)
  • The Ninebot E200P is priced at 16,999 yuan ($2,429). It is expensive as it has extra features such as dual-channel ABS, and nitrogen hydraulic shock absorption.

All of the bikes have a 3-year warranty for the battery, 6 years for the motor, and a lifetime warranty for the frame.

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