Orange Line to Consume Electricity Worth Rs. 2.5 Crore Every Day

Orange Line Metro Train, Pakistan’s first electric train, is going to consume 1.35 million electricity units every day when it starts functioning next month.

As per details, the Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) has informed the provincial government that two test runs of the electric train used massive 2.7 million electric units worth Rs. 50 million.


Orange Line Fare Needs to be Rs. 285 Per Head to Avoid Any Losses: Gill

LESCO informed the government that the Orange Line train will consume Rs. 25 million worth of electricity daily to run uninterrupted. This means that Punjab will have to pay an electric bill of a whopping Rs. 750 million every month for this ‘white elephant’ project that only serves on a 27-kilometer short track. This is besides the other operational and management costs.

Note that Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar-led Punjab government had refused to give Rs. 10 billion subsidies for the project, saying that they would rather fund government schools and hospitals with this fund.


Punjab Govt Decides Orange Line Train Fare

In a provincial cabinet meeting earlier this week, it was revealed that the government will have to pay an additional Rs. 10 billion annual subsidies even if it keeps the ticket price at Rs. 60 per trip.

Refusing to approve such a hefty amount for a single project, it decided to send back the matter to Punjab Assembly for further deliberation.

On a separate occasion, former spokesperson for CM Buzdar, Shahbaz Gill, had revealed that the government will have to fix the ticket fare at Rs. 285 per head to run Orange Train without any loss. Even in this case, Rs. 6.5 billion alone will go in the interest payment on the debt obtained for the project.

  • How hard it is to evaluate the expenses before hand? Nice work by our competitive leaders. Hum awaam asal sawaal hi nhn poochte is liye in jaahil leadron ko jawaab dene k liye kuch sochna nhn padta.

      • for your information, those economies have enough left for development projects to subsidize public interest projects.

    • That would imply we have electricity production based on renewable resources. It’s mainly on LNG and oil too.

      • That’s true but why can’t govt just cover it with solar panels and put advertisement on every stations for additional revenue?

      • By RLNG one of the cleanest in the world….with your argument there should be no electric cars right?

        And what’s the alternative fossil fuel? let the car runs on fossil fuel, have you ever been to the city? have you seen the smog situation? be honest if you remove all those cars and buses running on diesel will the situation get better or worse?

      • Underdeveloped countries like Pakistan only deserve misery and poverty? I bet most of these comments against the metro are not from people living in the country

  • Surely that’s expensive. But what about the fuel imports it will save?
    The road maintenance it’ll save
    Time will also be saved while congestions would be less occuring. Moreover don’t forget that number of commuters are expected to grow in coming times reducing subsidies.
    Govt should put solar panels as it’s mostly elevated without any cost.

  • It is more costier than matro bus service.mostly trains are cheaper than buses but in this case it is opposite.

  • Bohat acha ho raha hai Punjabion kay saath. Sab development Punjab say khatam kar do. yeh log isi kaabil hain. Shahbaz Sharif aur PMLN Punjab main development kar rahi thi aur logoun nay inhay hi baahir Phainka.

    50-60% feesad Punjabi Ghulaam Ibne Ghulaam hain. Kal bhi yeh Ghulaam thay auj aaj bhi yeh ghulaam hain. Yeh apnay andar leader paida nahin honay daitay.

    Aaj kal tamam Punjabi hansi khushi Aik Baloch Qabaili Sardaar ( Mr Buzdaar) aur Pathanoun ( Tareen, Qasuris, Khans) ki Ghulaami kar rahay hain aur bohat khush hain.
    Yehi Asli nasli Ghulaam ki nishaani hai.

    Lagay raho Punjabio. Talway chatatay raho. Apnay uppar Hukmuraan musallat kartay raho. Yehi kiya hai sadioon say.

  • Ghareeb mulk ko aisi ayashi ki zarurat hi kya pari thi.. ganjon ki govt ne is train ke azab men phansa dya Pakistan ko..dusre shehron ko to funds milte nhi.. sara paisa Lahore hi ke liye reh gya hai. Karachi men to transport tak nhi hai. is train ko foran band karwa dena chahye !

    • So if there is no development in Karachi, how is this Lahore’s fault?
      Rather than asking other provincial governments if Lahore can get metro train why can’t other cities get it, we are becoming against Punjab’s development this is just a sorry situation

  • they need around 8000+ solar plates(330watts) to power this train during day and during night grid power will be needed. this will cut the power consumption in half.
    2nd if they get smaller version of tesla’s 90M$ Hornsdale Power reserve. they can store energy to keep the train running 24/7.
    costly solution ;D

  • My comment is to those who are still looking for the bright side of this train.

    Brothers n sisters ap logon ko bachpan men koi damagi chot lagi thi ya pedaishi pagal ho?
    Is train ko bnany k liye jo Qarz lia Ganjon ko government ny wo ap or apki naslon sy tax ly ly k apki haddion sy nichor k utara jaye ga… Chahy jo marzi govt aye Qarz to utarna e pry ga IMF ka… Or is Mulk men bijli awam k ghar tk thek sy pohnchay to bri bat hti hy or ap aik train jo sirfff 27KM k track men half billion khaa jaye us train k abi bh faiday dekhty ho? Apk bachay phr school to na jaye bs traino k jhoolay khayen gy wo bh Rs. 285 men.. i really clap on your thinking.. mannay ki bat hy bas mulk jaye bhaarrr men Ganjo sy wafadari to Jannat ka hasul ka zariya tk bna li hy logon ny… Agr deen ko bh chorna pry to Ganjo or Party sy wafadari k liye yeh Noon leegi chor den gy. Yeh wo log hen jo khud to ghulam hen e ink baap dada bh kci waderay k ghulam.hoty thy or inki naslon men bh ghulami e chlay g.. apni soch koi ni bs jisnay bewakuf bnaya usk pichay goongay behray or andhay ban k chall pry baki mulk or naslen jaen bhaar men bs Ganjay leaders ka khandan sukhi rhy… Unk liye to yeh apny maan baap ki izzat ka bh khayal na kren…
    Aik bhai shb kehty pollution ni ho g. Bhai is mulk men pollution sy itnay log ni marray ab tk jitnay bhook or aflaas sy marr gaye ho so tm bh ni marty agr pollution rhy g is mulk men lekin is train ny mulk k khazanay khali kr deny hen phr tm bh maro gy or hmen bh marwao gy tmary ganjay leaders k pas bht paisa hy wo UK men ayashi kr len gy. So apna socha or mulk ka socho ganjon ki ahmakana himakaton k pichay andhon ki trh bhagna chor do.. insaaf chaiye is mulk ko…

  • میٹرو ٹرین کو چلانے کیلئے بہت ہی سستے ذرائع سے بجلی بنائی جاسکتی ہے۔ دو مقامات ایسے ہیں کہ وہاں پر بائیو گیس سے فری بجلی بنائی جاسکتی ہے۔ ایک مقام میڑو ٹرین کا پہلا اسٹیشن واڑہ گجراں ہے اس علاقہ میں بہت سے ڈیری فارم ہیں اور گجرلوگ گائے بھینسوں کے گوبر وغیرہ کو نالے میں بہا دیتے ہیں ۔ اس علاقہ میں ایک بائیو گیس کا پلانٹ لگا کر بجلی بنائی جاسکتی ہے۔ دوسرا مقام سنگھ پورہ سبزی منڈی کا علاقہ ہے۔ جہاں پر میٹرو ٹرین کا بجلی کا گرڈ اسٹیشن بھی ہے اس سبزی منڈی میں روزانہ بہت بڑی مقدار میں سبزیوں پھلوں کا کچرہ اکٹھا ہوتا ہے۔ یہ کچرہ بھی کوڑے کرکٹ کی نزر ہوجاتا ہے۔ گورنمنٹ اس کچرے سے بھی بائیو گیس بنا کر اس سے یہاں پر موجود گرڈ اسٹیشن کو بجلی مہیا کر سکتی ہے۔ امید ہے کہ میٹرو ٹرین کا منصوبہ کھڈے لائن نہیں لگے گا۔ یہ سہولت عوام کو جلد میسر ہوگی۔ بس گورنمنٹ کو عقل سے کام لے کر بائیو گیس منصوبے لگا کر اس سے بجلی بنانی چاہیئے اور اس ٹرین کو سستی بجلی سے چلائے۔

    • You cannot argue with people who are biased, no matter how valid your argument is they just going to negate it, because they hate any development work in Punjab

  • If same project would be initiated in KP like a copy cat BRT, you would be praising it. Right? It’s not like this how you portraying electricity bill. Pakistan electricity capacity is more than its demand especially in winter so don’t assume same per unit cost for this project… rather only variable cost per unit is considered for excess capacity… first learn business and then come and start writing.

    CM Buzdar can tweet of 10 billion for a project that will facilitate millions of daily users, but he will not say a word of subsidy government is giving to PIA that is around 60 billion per year because they fly with PIA for free… subsidy for elite flying is not paining them but subsidy on walking people is pinching them pain.

  • If metro trains are so inefficient then why almost every country, including india, has them? Buzdar has a vision of village while sitting in his Pajero, he cannot even imagine the benefits for common man! But who cares for common man anyways! How many schools and hospitals has he built till now?

  • I have one question only from those who are barking on this orange line train project…

    Would you like to say anything on Peshawer BRT, another white elephant???

    Aur jo gareeboon ki bat kr rahy.. Jo gareeboon ki hadioon sa nachornay ki bat kr rahy… Un sa yahi pochna hai k Peshawar ki metro main jo 100.billions sa zyada lag gaye aur wo abi tk on ground kuch nazar nai aa raha…. Agar Punjab waloon na ayashyaan ki tu KPK main tu ap youthiooon ki Govt thi.. Waha asian bank sa kis ka bap loan lai kr BRT bana raha hai..

    Kisi mai k lal main jawab dainy ki himat hai tu dai.. Come on plz..

  • Get ready Lahore for worst loadshedding ever if this train operation starts this Summer, I would not comment on the political aspects of this train as it is total waste of money and time & we don’t need that train on terms imposed on our society.May Allah Pak destroy all those bastard s who had played with people of Pakistan.Ameen

  • So instead of defending the project the only justification nawaz supporters have is that look at BRT. It is also failed

  • If we calculate its fare from 285 Rs per capita then 87720 people should travel in it daily to just cover its Electric bill means it will be 750 Million Rupees monthly and we have to repay 650 million Rupees in terms of Interest. Interesting isn’t it. A pure White Elephant and useless project for people who would like to travel in it? that cost so much and we just use a label of Green or No pollution on it to brand PMLN achievements. Whatever has been done it’s done now we have to bear that and I don’t think in the near future this project can repay its cost. Mubarak ho PMLN supporters your deities have pushed us in a great prosperous future to see tracks which will be empty soon .

  • This seems very Odd.
    1.35m units a day. Let’s have a little calculation:
    Assuming the train would run 18 hours a day.
    Now we know, 1 unit is charged when 1,000 watts are consumed in 1 hour.
    1,350,000 ÷ 18 = 75,000 units will be consumed in 1 hour.
    This means the train and the whole operation needs 75,000,000 watts per hour or 75 gigawatts per hour.
    I believe Pakistan’s whole power requirements stands at 32 gigawatts.
    Please correct me if I am wrong.

  • According to a study of chicago train . the maximum electricity consumption per km is 37 units .
    If we assume 37 units per km for orange line for 27 km that is about 1000 units for 27km one side trip.
    If we charge it commercial unit @ 20/unit .
    It will cost us maximum 20000 for obe side trip.

  • look at per unit cost in video which 22.5 rupees mentioned by electricity department and search for metro train in India which is less than 10 rupees. i think government is playing politics here

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