Suzuki Launches Online Booking for Bikes

In a recent development, Suzuki has announced an online booking facility for those who wish to purchase new bikes from the company. Among all bike-makers in Pakistan, the only other company to provide an online booking facility is Yamaha. Among the three major companies, Atlas Honda is yet to catch up in terms of online booking facility.

This facility has come at a rather opportune time since the spread of COVID-19 has necessitated everyone to stay indoors and not make unnecessary trips outside the house. With this facility, the potential buyers can visit the website, select the bike of their choice and book it online from the comfort and safety of their home.

However, the recent increase in the prices of all two-wheeled Suzuki products begs the question that whether or not the online booking facility would have any effect on the sales of their bikes what so ever.


Suzuki Also Increases its Bike Prices Following Yamaha

Suzuki’s bikes were always majorly regarded by the motorists as too overpriced, but now, with every bike having a near 2 lac rupee price tag, and the flagship GR-150 having a 3 lac rupee price, customers are likely to think more than twice before buying a Suzuki Bike.

It also bears mentioning that these bikes are most popular among the more enthusiastic biker crowd, which mostly consists of excursionists. Again, with COVID-19 putting a damper on things on that front as well, the enthusiast market hasn’t been very active as of late, which might’ve also affected the sales.

Bearing the recent developments such as the Pandemic, the devaluation of the local currency, plummeting sales and the jacked-up prices in mind, there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the fate of not just Suzuki, but all automakers in Pakistan. At the point, we can only hope that the entire automotive industry comes out on the other side better and stronger.