Honda Pakistan Launches Special Discount Offer for Independence Day

Honda Atlas Cars just made an announcement through their website and social media that they shall be offering 14% discount on general repairs and periodic maintenance.

The offer can be availed from 5th till 13th of August, 2020 on all 3S Honda dealerships. As observed in the past as well, Honda is perhaps the only automaker in Pakistan that pushes special offers to its customers in the most proactive manner.

Almost a month prior, Honda announced an exclusive offer for the COVID-19 front-line workers, where medical professional buyers for any variant of the new Honda Civic, City or BRV, were offered 250 liters of free fuel.


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The 100 bookings to be awarded this offer were on a first-come-first-served basis and, as per the official Honda website, the offer is still available.

Honda Atlas announced another offer about 2 weeks ago, where the owners of the 2018 Accord, 2018-19 Civic and 2018 BR-V could avail a “free product upgrade” i.e. the fuel pump propeller motor replacement. The said offer has been made available for an indefinite time period, as per the official website. There are more details about the offer on the link below:


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Although Honda tries to keep a ‘good relationship’ with the customer through such offers, they do seem to be struggling. As compared to Financial Year (FY) 2018-19 Honda’s sales have gone done 64% in FY 2019-20. Coronavirus outbreak is definitely largely responsible for the decline in sales, but there are other factors as well, such as multiple price hikes in a year and the lack of new products in Honda Atlas’s lineup.

  • Thank you for offering discounts after multiple price hikes. We are very grateful. Honda zindabad. I hope propk comment system is happy with this because if you criticize anything, your comment will get moderated.

  • Rather than admitting it is a recall, it is disguised as free upgrade. A mistake by company being portrayed as favor on customers…ridiculous!

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