Pak Suzuki Announces a Huge Price Bump for Three Vehicles

The price hike races continue within the Pakistani automotive industry, with Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) being the latest one to make the announcement. The company issued a circular to all authorized company dealerships to increase the price of the Bolan Van and Ravi Pickup. The prices of all models have been bumped up by Rs. 35,000.

As per the circular, following are the prices that shall become effective from 10th of August, 2020:

Vehicle Current Price (PKR) Revised Price (PKR) Price Increase (PKR)
Bolan VX Passenger Van 1,099,000 1,134,000 35,000
Bolan Cargo Van 1,040,000 1,075,000 35,000
Ravi Pickup 999,000 1,034,000 35,000

This happens to be the 4th price bump announced by PSMC within a span of 8 months.


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The first price hike took place on January 1st, 2020, where prices of the entire PSMC car lineup, were revised. The 2nd price bump came about on July 2nd, 2020, in which, PSMC bumped up the prices of the entire bike lineup. The 3rd price bump came on July 6th, for the new Suzuki Alto.

With all these price hikes and no significant improvement in the product lineup, the public is growing impatient with the automaker. However, due to the dearth of choices in the market, the people still buy whatever they can get, despite the increase in prices. Plus, given that PSMC seems to be bumping up the prices of all their products one by one this time, we should expect a few more of these in days to come.

  • اس کمپنی نے اجارہ داری قائم کی ہوئی ہے۔۔۔۔کویی پوچھنے والا نہی ۔۔۔ڈبے بنا بنا کر لاکھوں بٹور رہی ہے

  • I bought Prince Pearl on 05th August 2020, jast barelya week from now, I love the car and it gives good mileage. Forget Suzuki junk expensive cars guys!!!

  • Pakistan ki majority companies, organisations & departments has Slogan

    “Khao Peyo Pakraee Na Deyo”


    “Khao Peyo Aor Government K Wings K Neechay Aa jao”

    Allah he Hafiz hay Pakistan Ka…..

  • With such pricing strategy they will soon be out of market. DFSK/pearl, Changan and faw products much better and priced correctly.

  • This is one instance where I’m hoping chinese/imports will knock out a local car manufacturer, good riddance…. 3rd class quality at astronomical prices…

  • India Ham say Q itna agay hay ??
    Wo 50% khud apni chezen manufactur kr Raha hy. Or wahan k log apni national product ko he Pasand krty Hain.
    Pakistan Govt. Ko b chaheye k apni khud ki Manufacturing Karen , agr khud manufacturing nhi kr saktay to Bhai Chinese ny offer Di Hoi hy k ham apni industry lagaty Hain 10 Lac ki car apko 5 Lac me Bana k den Gy , to unko Q nhi lagany dety, Q ??

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