ITP Launches Aggressive Crackdown Against Traffic Violations

In an official announcement made via the department’s official Twitter account yesterday, Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) informed that an aggressive crackdown against vehicular offenses such as unauthorized number plates, over-speeding, blacked-out windows, among other violations, has been initiated.

The tweet was accompanied by a few photos whereby the police operatives can be seen taking action against the violators. Senior Superintendent of ITP, Farrukh Rasheed, said that the police will spare no effort to ensure discipline on the roads of the capital city.

The ITP is in active pursuit of implementing a smart system of traffic supervision and information recording and processing. The department is of the view that ensuring a civil environment on the roads of Islamabad is a prerequisite to implementing a modern system that would facilitate both the motorists and the authorities.


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Recently, ITP announced the launch of smart driver’s licenses with a chip that can allow the authorities to keep track of each driver. The said technology would not only allow for the convenient and swift acquisition of the license but will also allow the authorities to keep tabs on potential law-breakers of any sort.

For the same purpose, the department also stood in support of the launch of smart number plates, which would allow the authorities to keep a thorough track record of all the registered cars on the road. The department maintains that all of the aforementioned measures have been enacted to ultimately ensure a safe environment on the roads.