Ford And Honda Partner to Make Rules for EV Batteries

Ford and Honda have joined the fray of global carmakers and could providers for creating international rules to measure carbon dioxide emissions from car batteries.

While batteries account for almost half of the CO2 emissions in the production of electronic vehicles, the group of companies, termed the “Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (Mobi)”, aims to devise a global mechanism which would essentially allow reusing batteries and eventually help safeguard the environment.

According to Nikkei Asia, global automakers plan on developing a new production strategy under Mobi, and essentially, “set a standard for the mobility ecosystem across the industry”.


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The move comes ahead of new regulations in Europe, where authorities have directed concerned entities to start providing CO2 emissions’ record from 2024 onwards. This data will be collected and forwarded at each stage of production, distribution, usage and disposal for industrial batteries, including those manufactured for EVs.

Note that EVs account for substantial CO2 emissions globally, and regulating battery production will help put a limit to these emissions in the long run.