Buy and Sell Inspected Cars Online via Carmandee, Pakistan’s Next Hot Auto-Commerce Platform

Picture yourself looking for a car online – after all, what could be better than looking up an automobile of your choice with the convenience of the internet.

There are many factors to consider besides who is selling you the car alongside the pictures available at your disposal such as the condition of the car, the documentation of the vehicle, and the ease of actually buying the vehicle. 

It may or may not surprise you to know that not a lot of websites can fulfill all these checkmarks – but Carmandee certainly does. 

Carmandee labels itself as an automotive buying and selling platform that leverages on digital transformation to provide users with an excellent user experience, that is marked by the authenticity of the sellers and dealers of the cars on its platform, alongside the user-friendly interface that provides multiple parameters in finding the ideal car.

Their quality control is top notch with 300+ inspection points, and customer service is super quick. 

Started by former Netsol Incubatees Muhammad Ali, Mustafa Uppal, and Muhammad Ehtesham Anwar, it was a natural progression for them to use their expertise in technology as leverage on building a product in the automotive sector.

It was learned that Muhammad Ali’s family is well versed in the automotive sector of Pakistan, where he managed to learn a lot about dealing in the buying and selling of cars. 

Apart from simply being able to sell your car, or search for used/new cars for purchase, Carmandee has a unique feature of comparing cars with one another – even for used car ads. 

Pakistan’s landscape for auto commerce is quite unique in that dealers normally don’t procure a huge percentage of their own vehicles, which is due to the high costs incurred maintaining an inventory.

Since auto commerce websites primarily discourage the listings of dealers on their platforms, this is where Carmandee comes in and shines by giving them an opportunity to reach a wider audience.

For the user, there is a lot of ease and convenience in using an interface that gives them the maximum details about the cars that they are willing to buy.

It is through this attention to detail that Carmandee has been able to amass over 20,000 car listings in such a short period of time, and has also onboarded some of Pakistan’s major dealerships.

In its initial stages, the digital user wasn’t the target demographic. But having taken note of Pakistan’s digitally literate population that is actively buying products and services online in terms of cars, Carmandee has been able to effectively market itself on search.

Also pinpointing the exact point of sales from a user’s experience is where the startup has been able to leverage its technology effectively.

The Expert Buying Service ties into this which connects the right buyers to the right sellers, alongside the exemplary customer service whereby a potential customer only needs to message the service on social media to expect a prompt reply for the Customer Service Department to finalize their purchase.

Having spoken to Carmandee in greater detail, it was discovered that the company places a huge emphasis on maintaining a strong team.

This team enables creativity and sees gaps where others have failed to capitalize. This is evident in the inspection service, which comprises 300+ points, something not seen on other websites.

Carmandee plans to launch a loan calculator soon to give users much-needed convenience for car-auto financing.

In an ecosystem where startups have managed to raise more than 200 million USD in the space of a year, high-growth tech ventures have become all the hype in this country.

It won’t be long before we see platforms like Carmandee giving the market leaders in this space a run for their money. Meanwhile, visit and experience buying/selling a car online in the age of digital transformation.