Jazz Tops PTA Complaint Charts Once Again

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority received 16366 complaints from telecommunication consumers against different telecommunication operators in September 2021.

The operators include cellular operators, PTCL, LDIs, WLL operators, and ISPs, and the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) said that it was able to get 97 percent (15873) complaints resolved.

According to its data, Jazz leads the chart with 6893 complaints, and Telenor took second place with 4,077 complaints.

Cellular mobile subscribers constitute a major part of the overall telecom subscriber base, which is why the maximum number of complaints belongs to this segment. The total number of complaints against CMOs by July was 15244.

In terms of the segregation of complaints on an operator basis, Jazz stood first with 6893 complaints (45.21 percent), and 4,077 complaints were received against Telenor (26.74 percent of the total CMO-related complaints).

Zong was third with 3,066 (20.11 percent) complaints, and Ufone had 1,186 complaints against its services, constituting 7.7 percent of the total CMO-related complaints.

The PTA also received 695 complaints against basic telephony, of which 685 were addressed in September. Furthermore, 405 complaints were received against ISPs, of which 378 were addressed.

  • Compare complaint percentage with total users :p
    Simple math 😁
    Then finalized who is on top in complaint

  • Ufone has to be one of the worst carrier services I’ve ever used. They keep charging you for nothing even with internet data off. Pakistan is way too behind when it comes to customer services. PTA seems a bit biased to me. They need to disclose complaints against themselves first.

    • I don’t know why still this expensive useless Ufone is being used by jaahiill non sense Pakistani awaaam, Ufone has worst expensive packages than all operators but people are using it shame on Ufone packages management team and those people who use these stupid packages, waisay yehe awaaam bhonkti hy k menhgai hy magar en ko Ufone ki menhgai nazar nahi aata

      • Please mind your language and be polite if you can. You have used extremely derogatory language

  • Jazz and Telenor are worst in Data services. They both keep charging you for nothing even with internet data off. And upon complain they’ll give you excuse that this is from the customers end in which they mostly blames that customer has subscribed some services so it’s that charges though you haven’t even have any clue that what services and when ot was subscribed. Once you top-up account immediately half of it charged against stupid kind of subscriptions which you haven’t any idea that customer has subscribed. Then one day I raised it like anything against Telenor and gave them a good lesson. Since then it’s a little peace.

    • Bro you seem educated person, but this time you have proven yourself….. Jazz is providing balance save service just subscribe it free of cost, moreover if you are being charged for useless services simply ask from jazz representative that which services are activated on your number and also ask them how to unsubscribe them, just unsubscribe them, you can do that by contacting them on their social media support i.e Twitter Facebook Instagram free of cost, man have you ever compared ufone packages with jazz and Telenor ? If yes then you have out of your senses, Ufone is looting jahil Pakistani with their pathetic useless expensive services but still being used in backward Pakistan,

      • Already did the same, so as of now in peace. All are just *CHINDI CHOR* they will deduct anything even 1 Rupee by hook or by crook. They knows that even if they stole our 1 Rupee end of the day it’s their big revenue generated through big number of users.

      • @waqar,

        Pls don’t be so personal, u r repeatedly using word “jahil Pakistani”. Which could be abusive to some including yr relative or frnds if someone is using that particular srvs which u mentioned.

    • *275# Balance saver for jazz
      Aur zong ka bhi balance saver aata hai My Zong app mein… So it basically cuts you off from using data on balance, means you can’t use internet on balance but only when you have internet package 😍😍

  • Ghatya tareen service hay
    Warid ko bhi barbad kardiya , complaints kartay rahi koi nahi sunta bus pese bana rahay hyn

  • I am complaining since one moth i have facing problem in paynoeer account but no answer was given to me when i complain jazz authority give me complain no not resolved my problems

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