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Metro Bus Service Shutdown in Rawalpindi After Fire

Pakistan Mass Transit Authority (PMTA) has suspended Metro Bus Service operations on Murree Road due to a fire incident near the Rehmanabad bus station.

According to an official notification, the service will remain operational from the IJP station to the Islamabad secretariat station. It will continue to run as per routine from Faiz Ahmed Faiz bus station to Islamabad International Airport.

Earlier today, a Metro bus went ablaze due to the engine overheating. The flames engulfed the entire bus, however, the passengers managed to escape from the burning vehicle unharmed, the authorities reported.

The incident occurred at the Murree Road Rehmanabad metro station. The rescue official added that the administration is trying to identify the fire’s exact point of origin, however, the engine seems to have caught fire which led to the whole bus being set ablaze.

Similarly, on Monday, a metro bus caught fire at Jinnah Avenue in Islamabad. The passengers were safely rescued with no casualties as the driver promptly stopped the bus letting the passengers exit the bus. The fire brigade also reached the scene and contained the flames in time.

According to the Metro Bus Authority, the situation was under control and the passengers were rescued safely. It claimed to have sent a report to the government of Punjab, seeking funds for maintenance works of the buses and metro tracks.