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This Locally Manufactured E-Bike is Made for Women

Pakistan Auto Show (PAS) 2022 featured several interesting electric vehicle (EV) based prospects, one of whom was Mode Mobility. The said company is a startup based in Karachi which was among the 150+ exhibitors at the PAS 2022 at the Lahore Expo Centre.

The event marked the first time Mode Mobility showed its C-Series 2-Wheeler to the public. The company had previously revealed the design on Instagram in January 2022.

C-Series scooters are completely designed and built in Pakistan by Mode Mobility unlike many other electric scooters on the market which are Chinese CBUs or CKDs. Although the team from Mode Mobility insisted that the units on display were early-stage prototypes, the display units gave a sense of high quality and reliability.

The bike has a single electric motor powering the rear wheel. It has a cruising speed of up to 75 kilometers and a driving range of 75 kilometers per charge. C-Series scooter offers an option between a 1-kilowatt and 2-kilowatt electric motor, which is paired to a 2-kilowatt hour battery pack.

Mode Mobility’s CEO Shah Talha Sohail shared that along with the C-Series, the company is also working on multiple products aimed at various market segments. The C-Series is mainly targeted at the 125cc segment and is designed to offer an alternative mobility option to women.

Syed Najiullah Hussaini, Co-Founder & CPO, also shared that production is expected to start by early next year, the company is currently in the process of testing and optimization of the product and production processes, setting up the assembly facility, and obtaining regulatory approvals.

The purpose of exhibiting the scooters at PAPS 2022 was to gauge the market’s response to the C-Series design and specs. Salman Aftab, Mode Mobility’s Head of Automotive Design shared “the public’s response to our design has been tremendous, it’s almost universally positive and in fact better than we had expected”.

  • Futuristic and designed and built in Pakistan, that is precisely what we need. Props to mode.

  • We need hybrid electric vehicles with regenerative braking. Especially, for intra-city travelling. Fully electric would not be viable. Is that too hard to comprehend for our geniuses?

  • I doubt it’s “manufactured” in Pakistan. Most of the core components are probably sourced from china. I don’t think Pakistan has the ability to produce high precision high reliability electric parts at a high volume

  • Design is nice but it is not save for female bag. Think about for safety because this is pakistan.

  • Good RND , but it seems capacity is only for single person should be designed minimum for two persons

  • Very good initiative, some kind of box/carrier to place ur belongings or a small wallet would be useful.

  • جس طرح محترمہ بیٹھی ہے، اگر بائیک سٹاڑٹ کرلے تو سارے کپڑے ادھر اودھر پہیوں میں اٹھک جائیں گے ۔

  • The weather is very bad n its gona get worst with flood n rains due to global warming just electrical bike wont be enough it needs to be water safe and battery is placed i think at the lower end which could cause electrocution

  • No 🙁 it’s not for women, we (women) want a covered scooter or mini car with hybrid mode

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