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Man to Take Hyundai to Court Over Delayed Refund

A customer of Hyundai Nishat Motor Company Limited (HNMPL) from Islamabad is planning to take legal action against the company over a lengthy refund delay.

According to details, a customer who booked a Hyundai Tucson from a dealership in Islamabad, faced a price hike while awaiting delivery of his car.

The customer told ProPakistani that the company had unlawfully increased the price of his booked vehicle, despite receiving full payment from him. He stated:

Hyundai Nishat (dealership) took full payments from customers and still ended up increasing car prices by 1.2 million. The industry standard is that once the automaker takes full payment, the price is locked.

The customer further stated that he and several other customers are awaiting their refund money. He added:

In their terms and conditions, it is clearly mentioned that customers can claim a full refund if the price fluctuates and many customers including myself chose to cancel the order and get our amount refunded. However, it’s been more than 2 months now and Hyundai Nishat isn’t letting us know when they’ll refund and have backed out from their commitment of 30 days. I am also attaching a video of one of the managers from Hyundai Islamabad Motors.

The customer added that he contacted the sales manager recently, who said that the refund timeline is still uncertain. He lamented that the company has left him no choice but to take legal action.

ProPakistani has tried reaching out to HNMPL and is still awaiting their comment regarding this development.

Not The Only One

The recent price hikes have prompted numerous customers to back out from their bookings. However, instances like the one highlighted above mean that customers should also be wary of car companies leaving them high and dry when the price hikes come.

  • There are many customers of Hyundai as well as Alhaj (Proton) who are still waiting for their long-booked vehicles and faced Price hikes where they can no longer afford. Resulting in the cancellation of the booking. The auto assemblers have enjoyed the booking amount for almost 1.5-2 years where rupee has now devalued almost 40% and they have scaled up their plants by that money. Consumers after losing hope of delivery and taking a hit from the price hikes now demand their money back which is being held by auto assemblers. There is no support from the law makers of the auto industry nor any actions taken by the govt representative only lollipops.

  • I have already pursuing a case against Pak Suzuki for a similar claim at district court Lahore. You should serve them legal notice first before lodging the case.

  • The mile stone set my dearest one.. Our prayers are with you. The auto industry of our beloved #Pakistan only knows profit by hook and crooks while the customer care is has no value for them due to the reason that customers dnot know about their rights and the government only supports the auto industry instead of their citizens.

  • Awaam ko 1 2 saal koi gari nai leni chaiye. Isi tarah auto companies garian sasti karengi. Lekin awan ke paas haraam ka paisa bhi bohot hai jo har dusray din new gari nikalwatay hain.

  • These companies earn interest on customer deposits. The longer the money stays in their account the more interest they earn. So obviously they will take longer to refund. Think about it.

  • I swear this is the monopoly of the companies in Pakistan. There is nothing in this country which supports a honest and sincere Pakistani. Even if we take them to courts you have to spend more money on these issues and they have a panel of lawyers whom we have to fight.
    Unfortunately each and every person in Pakistan has set a price for him. Top to bottom everyone get their souls sold out on a certain price. Even in our courts judges or lawyers are not being fair.

    Sorry to say I do not see anything good in us as we stand on 147 number as a corrupted nation in the world and yet we proudly claims we are Muslims.
    Instead we are the worst reflection of Muslim.
    We all should take control of things if we want to do something for this nation or for coming generations. Other wise be ready for making this country end up like Kenya Somalia and Nigeria even.
    We need to work on our self in order to make this nation strong and proud.

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