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Karachi is Getting Electric Taxi Service to Take on Expensive Ride-Hailing Services

The Sindh government will soon start an electric taxi service in Karachi to provide citizens with modern, affordable, and environmentally-friendly transportation options.

Information and Transport Minister of Sindh, Sharjeel Inam Memon, revealed this after examining the construction of the Red Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service corridor.

He added that the existing ride-hailing services have increased their fares massively. This has made the introduction of a new, less expensive taxi service even more crucial.

Memon stated that the Sindh government is diligently striving to introduce a new environmentally friendly and comfortable taxi service in Karachi. This project will be available for public use soon.

The transport minister informed the media that the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leadership had requested the Sindh government to rapidly complete transport-related projects in the city to best facilitate the residents of Karachi.

Karachi transportation department launched the test drives of its all-new battery-powered passenger buses earlier this month.

The department conducted trial runs between the Sindh Archives Complex and Sea View. Memon and other relevant officials took part in the test runs and inspected the newly imported electric buses.

He stated that the public transportation sector of Sindh faces significant challenges. The government is working to address these by providing residents with modern and comfortable commuting options, he added.

  • if the transport issues are resolved by PPP govt I dont mind vioting for them in next general elections

  • Every Pakistani Awam knows about Corruption King PPP all there Minsters are corrupt they are all selfish i will never give them vote..

  • What you’re seeing is the development from China in Karachi. As you’ll be seeing , two brts and red bus in two years. Roads which were never touched (like highway) are now being made. Taxi services and others coming to Karachi. This is not something from ppp to expect. China is eyeing karachi as the nearest port to overseas (as Pakistan did but never appreciate karachi’s importance)

    • Sorry😂
      What a great decision by Sindh government
      I hope they will work on this project this will be good for taxi drivers and citizens also.♥️♥️

    • From eater of Karachi bus service ( ktc), Sindh transport service ( srtc). & Series of public transport.
      Fool public expect? from this full of CURRUPTION Sindh govt curropt mqm representatives, fullfil this task with honesty. Is it joke 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Any way if it can. But not for long time.
      Kiyun k. Aisa pet in k saath laga he Jo qayamatvwale din jahanum ki aag se hi bhare ga

  • Seriously!!! I don’t think that car service will be materialised, bcoz Sindh govt is corrupt and they only propogate for next election for vote.

  • Pakistani govt. officers have a talent of creating innovative ways of spending and wasting public money, just for the sake of showing their performance. The is already shortage of electricity in Karachi, K-Electric is buying power from WAPDA and selling it on inflated rates to customers, and Govt. wants to introduce electric taxis! I am sure that few years after their introduction these taxis will turn out to be white elephants that require constant subsidies in order to function.
    Poor countries like us must focus on efficient utilization of resources that we have, instead we try to imitate developed countries at unrealistic costs which we don’t have the luxury to afford.

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