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Prince-DFSK Increases Prices of its Best-Selling Cars

Regal Automobiles has raised DFSK Glory 580 Pro and Prince Pearl’s prices in line with the industry trend. The company’s cheapest vehicle is now priced at more than Rs. 1.7 million, following a price increase of up to Rs. 300,000.

With immediate effect, the new prices are as follows:

Models Old Prices (Rs.) New Prices (Rs.) Increase (Rs.)
Prince Pearl 1,539,000 1,700,000 161,000
DFSK Glory 580 Pro 5,900,000 6,200,000 300,000

Regal Automobiles’ price hike is unique in the sense that the margin of increase is quite low compared to the rival automakers. Furthermore, the company has only increased the price of two of its cars, which are also its top sellers.

The prices of other vehicles such as DFSK Glory 580 1.5T CVT, 1.8 CVT, C37 Van, Humsafar Van, and K01 pickup are reportedly still the same.

Given the steep decline in the local currency value, car prices have gone up drastically. Automakers blame the government for stalled operations, due to letters of credit not being approved to import automobiles and parts.

Given the relentless local currency depreciation and diminishing demand, analysts expect a bad year for the auto industry.

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