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UAE Introduces New Fines for Motorists and Pedestrians

Abu Dhabi Police has recently announced AED 400 fines for pedestrians not following rules for crossing the road. UAE is among the few countries that are strict not only for motorists but also pedestrians.

Abu Dhabi Police will also impose an AED 500 fine and 6 black points on motorists who don’t give way to people crossing the road at designated spots. The new penalties are part of the campaign called ‘Your life is a responsibility,’ aimed at ensuring safe road crossing.

Acting Director of the Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Patrols Directorate, Brigadier General Mahmoud Yousrf Al Balushi, asserted that the campaign also urges people to follow pedestrian traffic lights. He stated that the city also offers pedestrian tunnels and overhead bridges for crossing the roads safely.

Earlier, Abu Dhabi Police issued an advisory, warning motorists of a potential AED 400 fine for not adhering to lanes at intersections.

Here is the list of rules to keep in mind while in UAE:

  • When turning right at intersections, stay within the lane on the right side.
  • When turning left at intersections, stay within the lane on the left side.
  • Avoid overtaking and changing lanes while approaching or crossing an intersection.
  • At intersections, refrain from making sudden direction changes or U-turns.
  • Always obey the instructions of the traffic lights and follow the signals.
  • Follow the directional arrows painted on the road surface to ensure proper lane usage.

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