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British Man Goes Viral for Filling Up Pot-Holes With Noodles

Pothole-ridden roads are a norm across various regions throughout Pakistan. However, road users in foreign countries have neither time nor patience to deal with such menace.

According to a recent report, a British man, after having had enough of the pesky potholes, has started filling them up with ramen noodles. A citizen named Mark Morell reportedly did it as a way to draw the government’s attention to the neglected pothole issue.

In the past, Morell tried getting the authorities’ attention by releasing inflatable rubber ducks into rivers and ponds and then filling the potholes with cake on the ducks’ ‘birthdays’. However, the waste of good cake and rubber ducks was to no avail as the government continued ignoring the issue.

According to international media reports, the senior citizen has also secured the support of a well-known brand of noodles for this campaign.

Speaking to a British television reporter, Mark Morrell said that the problem of broken roads is becoming more serious, but the government is not ready to repair the roads. He said that he will continue his efforts until the road repair work starts.

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