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Where to Get Car Parts and Repair Done in Islamabad and Rawalpindi

Taking a car to a dealership for maintenance and parts replacement is an ideal option. However, with the current inflation rate, it is too expensive for most people. The bills for dealership maintenance sessions can be incredibly hard on your wallet.

You may not have an option if you have any car other than the good-old Toyota, Honda, or Suzuki. Also, if you have a brand new car that is still under warranty, it is best to only take your car to a certified dealer for maintenance.

But those of you looking to get some decent work done on older Japanese cars, you’ve come to the right place. This article lists the biggest markets in the twin cities for car parts, accessories, and general maintenance.

Engine and Transmission

Cars don’t require heavy-duty replacements often. But if they do, we should all know where to go, and the two, go-to places for engine and transmission swaps in the twin cities are Ahata Mithu Khan and Kacha Stop.

Engine and Transmission Vendor at Ahata Mithu Khan

Both markets are located in Rawalpindi. Ahata Mithu Khan (better known as ‘Mithu Ka Ahata’) is located near Saddar, while Kacha Stop is situated near Westridge.

Both markets specialize in mechanical parts for used cars, especially engines and gearboxes. These markets have a wide variety of engines and gearboxes from various Japanese cars.

Brakes, Clutch, and Suspension

Brakes, clutch, and suspension components are prone to taking abuse on the busy and pothole-riddled roads of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. In this case, the biggest and most interesting market is Gawal Mandi, near Raja Bazar Rawalpindi.

Gawal Mandi Car Parts and Accessories Market

There, you can have all parts repaired or buy new ones. The market is filled with parts vendors and mechanics that specialize in fixing or replacing these components.

Tires, OEM Parts, and Accessories

The most popular markets for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, tires, and accessories in Rawalpindi and Islamabad are Babu Mohalla, Kamran Market, and Sultan Ka Khoo.

Parts and Accessories Vendor in Kamran Market

The former markets are located in Saddar, while the latter is located near Rawal Road. These markets specialize in company OEM parts, new and used tires, and branded or non-branded accessories for all cars.

Tire and Wheel Shop in Sultan Ka Khoo

For used tire shopping, you can go to Tire Bazar in Bagh Sardaran, Chungi No. 4. Some of the parts and accessories vendors can also be found in Gawal Mandi mentioned earlier.


None of the car parts markets in Rawalpindi are as prolific as the legendary Shuba Bazar in Peshawar. Although, Chah Sultan near Murree Road and Sultan Ka Khoo near Rawal Road have sufficient inventory.

Body Parts Vendor at Chah Sultan

Some of the official parts vendors in the Kamran Market can also provide basic parts such as bumpers, lights, door handles, latches, flaps, etc., but doors, trunk lids, bonnets, and other body parts are mostly available in the aforementioned markets.

Paint and Dent Repair Shop Near Saddar, Rawalpindi

For the removal of dents, paint job, and fabrication work, you can visit mechanics near Commercial Market, Car Chowk, or the aforementioned markets in Rawalpindi. In Islamabad, you can go to Khadda Market, G7, or car markets in F10 Markaz, G9/4, or G10 car market.


For general maintenance, you can take your car to any of the aforementioned markets. Although, wherever you go, be sure to have a watchful eye on the mechanics.

Interestingly, most of the car parts and maintenance markets are situated in Rawalpindi, which may be a challenge for the dwellers of Islamabad. Nonetheless, the commute and troubles are worth going through, in order to get your car running right and tight.

  • In Cha Sultan, and Saddar (mithu khan + Kamran Market) we can get original parts at good rates but we are unable to get any loyal or honest mechanic. Almost All are Qasai family. In I-10 auto market, mechanics are excellent but parts are costly, not original japanese and low in quality.

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