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Islamabad to Get a New 7-Kilometer Scenic Road to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The federal government has decided to connect Islamabad and Haripur, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) via a 7-km Alexander Road in the Margalla Hills at a cost of Rs. 600 million. This road project will be funded by a Rs. 20 billion rural development package and finished in four months.

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) will oversee this project within the federal capital boundary near Kenthla Well. KP will build the rest and merge both roads to create the shortest route from Islamabad to Haripur.

The expansion and rehabilitation of this route will boost tourism in nearby areas such as Shah Allah Ditta. The road will also have tourist parking, as well as a park for travelers to relax and enjoy.

An official told the media that this project will benefit 36 areas with an estimated population of 200,000 people. These include Muslim Colony (Bari Imam), Nur Pur Shahan, Malpur, Shahdara, Mandla, Kot Hathial, Bani Gala, Lakhawal, Phul Garan, Ghora Baz, Tumair and Lehtrar Road.

Although environmentalists have raised concerns about this road, saying that the construction will damage the natural habitat of various plants and animals, the government has decided to move ahead with the project despite the objections.

  • Clean drinking water, cleanliness, law and order, education, health first, then scenic roads please.

      • My friend captain safdar hails from mansehra which is 100km from haripur. Thid region connects haripur to islamabad near to khanpur. These union councils are adjacent to isb and federal govt wants them to merge in isb however proposal was not approved by then ANP and later Pti led kpk government

  • How much miles and time will be saved, 7km ?
    How Bani Gala, Shahdara, Nurpur Shahan people would be benefited?

  • What will be impact of this road on already fergile and endangered Eco system of Margala Hills…

  • What will be the impact of this road on already fergile and endangered Eco system of the Margala Hills…

  • Bhai aisa hi eco system Ka khayal Hy to baqi roads bhi khatam Kara k bail gari Chala laity hain

  • This project is basically to fecilitate those notables and influentials who purchased hundreds of lands for their farm houses and real state buisiness.The govt should keep in consideration that construction of this shortest possible road will not only create enviromental issues but will also create law and order issues.The govt should think about the peaceful environment of capital rather to put instake the Capital for few influentials.

  • اس روڈ سے مارگلہ کی پہاڑیوں کا ماحول متاثر ہو گا؟ کیا پہلے یہاں ٹریفک نہیں ہے۔ منال اور دیگر جگہیں جہاں خوشحال لوگ تفریح و طعام کے لئے جاتے ہیں وہاں سے عام آدمی خصوصاً ہری پور خان پور کے اطراف کی لاکھوں کی دیہی آبادی کو نوکریوں اور کاروبار کی سہولت دستیاب ہو گی۔

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