• Alas

    Telecom industry grew up and facilities were open for every body after it was snatched out from teeth of bureaucracy. It seems that it is going back in their hands who didn’t delivered anything to this country in 65 years.

  • lal’ayn


    Sajjad Latif was a crazy freak to begin with, inspired into action by the spicy character Don Quixote, annointed into the role of Don of the underworld jumped into a malady of corrupt practices , in a mismatched background theme of a draining Telecom Industry, sponsored by CabiNUT a host to many parasites, directed by Farooq Awan a jolly old fellow with locked horns and broken hooves, produced by Parveen the drama queen and co produced by FIA wannabes … fools rush in where angels fear to tread… he actually thought he could get way with the Mission Impossible of imperfectly executed crime … and landed in a ball of fire.

  • Mi Muba

    WARID TELECOM HAS STARTED SELLING THE DATA OF THEIR CLIENTS TO MARKETING COMPANIES: Warid Telecom has started selling the personal details of its customers to various marketing companies for sales and marketing purpose. Today I received a call from Dreamworld Resort Company for any promotion of its services but took my name while addressing me. When I asked him how did he got my personal details he tried to parry the answer but it is confirmed that only cellular company has the data of both number and personal details of each client. It means now cellular companies have started taking another advantage from their clients that is sheer violation of the privacy laws of the country.

  • JAM

    Well done Wahaj. You are doing a really good job to save PTA from the evil hands of bandits. Keep it up. Our prayers are with you.

  • ramzanmalik

    propakistani se guzarish hai k tamaam maloomat urdo min jald update kardiya karien bahut shukriya

  • ramzanmalik

    propakistani se guzarish hai k tamaam maloomat urdu min jald update kardiya karien bahut shukriya

  • PTA

    It is very strange to see that the government is still supporting Farooq Awan and Sajjad Awan in spite of the fact that these two chaps have ditched the PPP government and our beloved country by spoiling the 3G auction. The government could have easily earned multi billion dollars from the auction of 3G but the whole process was ditched by the two Awans. They have also earned bad name for the country and the government by signing unlawful agreement with foreign consultants for 3G auction process which was ultimately cancelled on declaring the same unlawful by the NAB. Now who is responsible for all the mess created by the two Awans for for the billions dollar losses to the exchequer. It appears from the media that the consultants are going for legal course of action against PTA which may further delay the auction. The government should analyse the whole process to see how the whole process was destroyed by the Awans once Farooq Awan took the charge of Secretary at Ministry of IT. Before Awan arrival at the IT ministry, the process of 3G auction was moving ahead very smoothly, but as he landed in the affairs of IT, he first suspended a very competent and honest Member Telecom at IT ministry and then started to destroy the process.
    Despite what he has done to the telecom sector and the country, some powerful in the government are still trying to post him in PTA as member finance/ chairman. It is very surprising to see such efforts and one can just think that probably such people are the enemy of this country. If they think they are not the enemy of this country then they should realize the losses caused by the two Awans and save the telecom sector from the ill desires of the same.