Alert: Telenor to Charge Rs. 2 for Helpline Calls, Even More in fact!

Telenor, in an advertisement published recently, said that they will charge helpline calls at Rs. 2.39 including taxes, from April 09, 2011.

These Rs. 2.39 charges would be in addition to IVR charges of 28 paisas.

If you are little confused, read on to better understand the charging mechanism,

If you call helpline and don’t speak with CRO:

25 Paisas + 3 paisas (taxes) = 28 paisas

If you dial 345, you will be charged 28 paisas straight away. Meaning that you will be charged 28 paisas for listening to IVR. If you don’t speak with Customer Representative officer, your total charges will be 28 paisas and that’s it.

Speaking with CRO:

Rs. 2 + 39 paisas (taxes) + 28 Paisas (IVR charges) = Rs. 2.79

if you connect to Customer Representative officer, you will be charged Rs. 2.39 (including taxes) plus the IVR charges, which are 28 paisas. So your total charges will be Rs. 2.79 to seek help from your own operator.

Why Charges on Helpline Calls:

Though, a common man can’t understand the idea of charging helpline calls, but Telenor in its announcement said:

“To keep our valued subscribers enjoying the best customer care services, we are announcing a revision in our existing call rates”

So apparently it looks that Telenor may employ more CROs to make your helpline calling experience little better, but wait, that’s what they said last time – when they increased helpline call charges from 50 paisa to Rs. 1.00.

I think we better not comment on how much the quality of service has improved since then, instead we would recommend you to read this guide if you want to decrease wait time during helpline calls.

By the way, Mobilink is also charging Rs. 2 for helpline calls.


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  • One can understand they charging customers for talking CRO is not a big deal

    but why the customer should pay for IVR.

    • how much share chairman PTA is going to get from 2.79 rupees ?????

      If not then why is he not stopping them?

  • hahah so funny game plying mobile companies in Pakistan.. i am here in Saudia arabia and you know how many service they are providing free…?
    1.helpline free divert free tax on recharge if you charge SR 10 u will get 10 SR (even some time double any offer)
    4.all packages activation free summery after call free
    6.balance check free
    7.remaining sms / internet MB check free
    8.balance transferee free (without any additional charges)
    many more… but in Pakistan koi asa way chorty ni han jis sy luta na gye.. so sad

    • And now tell us your call rates and then compare those call rates being provided by Pakistani Celco’s

      • Bhai Yahn ki currency k hesab sy jo yahn k local log han unk lia call rate b boat cheap ha .. 25 Halal per min ha.. yah kuch b ni han yahn k local logun k lia

        • My dear bht kuch hai. So easy to to raise objections and it is. We are getting free calls for days for just nominal charges. So there is always give and take every where. If you are getting above services free then you are getting charged from calls and if we aren’t getting above services free but we are not paying much for the calls.

          And more you talked about tax then you better know that Saudi Arabia is a tax free country so there isn’t any tax on any sector. don’t specifically relate it with telecom sector.

          • Bhai, Saudi Arabia is one of the richest country in the world, and Us Ka Muqabla Pakistan sy kaisey ho sakta hay ? Not at all…

            PAKISTAN ki Sab sy barRi Problem Patrol and BIJLI hay and Saudi Arabia main aisa kuch nahi hay.. aaj BIJLI ky rates kamm or patrol Sasta ho jaye. everything will be normal…

            Khappy President, Khappy Sab

            • Pakistan don’t have a problem of petrol or electricity…problem is lack of charismatic leadership, willingness, intellect, wisdom and intuition.

              Petrol, Electricity, Gas, Inflation etc are all secondary things. If there is willingness to seriously do some thing then nothing is impossible. We have to accept truth that countries can not be run by successful with middle level minds. We need highly intelligent minds to rule the country.

              What is the reason behind Apple, Google etc kind of companies success??? Only thing that differs between them and failed companies are “Lack of Best Minds in Organisation”. Same theory applies on countries. If weak minds will rule country, country will not go in right direction. Seriously, Pakistan have human resource of best minds but one specific class is keeping them away from coming in main stream. Alas!

    • in saudia arbia there r no cheap hourly calling packages neither low sms packages as here in pakistan,there is no problem of electrcity to keep the cell sites runing companies have to use generaters and DO U KNOW THE PROCE DIFFERECE OF FUEL OF SAUDIA ARBIA AND PAKISTAN.paki telcos r still doin well…pata hota ne ha kuch ajte hen baten kren

  • Array yar companies ne earning bhi tu kerni hai na. . . Itnay free sms aur free calls de ker aur phir Mobilnk tu yeh kam last year he ker chuka hai. . .

  • “To keep our valued subscribers enjoying the best customer care services”

    wah wah, wah wah

    zara ek baar phir kehna, oye hoye hoye.

    ajji aap nay telenor ki tone check ke, mausoof keh rahay enjoying the best CCS of their CRO. My God.

    does a person call customer care to enjoying their talk or wants to get out of the hell connection issues.

    and they _____ insert charges injection into their customers.

    If you ask to a CRO they will tell you how these ______ Service Companies ruined the lives of CRO by pushing pressure of calls and all the stuff like that.

    [Comment Edited]

  • i dont like telenor from first the day and after their flurt promtion advertement(which was also posted in i started hating telenor,but this Rs.2 charger for help line……. just ridiculous.

  • I remember when they all introduced charges on helpline and credit check couple months ago and we all whined about it. Now they just raised those charges. I wouldnt be surprised if they go as high as 5 Rs in coming months

  • With rock botton ARPU’s this was expected, telecoms companies will find more ways to earn from customers. Now there will be crowded franchises and service centres.
    In my opnion they should have some mechanics to this prb like if a Customer calls for a inquiry for tariff or other information they should be charged but on the other the customer should not be charged for service complains or genuine problems, if the problem is solved then on the other hand customer might be charged for the services.

  • All those people who arent aware of the market facts but understand that in pakistan people unncessarily call helplines and waste time. The no of calls for GSM operators in pakistan are absurd, and highest in the world. In a 2.5$ ARPU market if a customer calls helpline just because he has nothing better to do, the company ends up incurring a huge cost to respond to those call at their call centers, Bangladesh GSM market has a per minute charging for help line, there are also several other high revenue markets that charge customers. The price is just to act a detterrent to encourage people to use the cheaper IVR self service option and not waste valuable time!

  • By the way the information provided in the refered articles is absolutely INCORRECT! on net help lines are charges in many help lines across the world, perhaps the author needs to do proper research before posting misleading articles!

    • Asim, please give a reference, I used Cingular and TMobile in the US and was never charged for help line, I also used landline from Comcast and was never charged.

      In the UAE, I used Du and was not charged, in Qatar used QT and was not charged.

      • @ Tasim, In Bangladesh all GSM operators have charged help lines (Grameen Phone, Banglalink. Similarly in Thailand DTAC charges helpline. There are also various markets in Europe/Scandinavia that charge for help line services. Yes the examples you have quoted dont have charges. But on a different note call up the Du help line and compare the experience that you have to go through? I myself have had a horrible time using Du help line services that are useless. Guess what the ARPU in UAE is? a whooping 54$!!, Compare that to 2.5$ in pakistan, and then we have to complaint about services! you spend peanuts you get monkeys! this is how life is!

  • So called peoples network is also going to earn at courtesy services which Telenor is not doing wnywhere in the world. Lets protest against it so that they revert this desicion.

  • Its not about using that money to EMPLOY more CROs, because telenor outsourced their customer support department to a pathetic organization called TRG, last time I called answer to every question was: “Sorry I do not work for telenor so can not help you”. Now if I am calling 345, I do not take that as an answer. So now a problem with Telenor means hitting my university’s Alumni portal and search for people in the right department. Its not that any other telco is any better but its just plain unfair. They should charge on the basis of support provided, i.e. a solved problem should be charged right away, a problem solved three days should not be charged, and bunk calls should be charged Rs. 10/- a minute as far as I am concerned.

  • Is it applicable on PrePaid subscribers only? Strategy is same….These companies are trying to increase all kind of Hidden charges to meet their profitability targets because due to cut throat competition, they can not increase call charges directly. Secondly, as subscribers are increasing, it is putting pressure on Call Centres to be expanded…but this way, companies are keeping same Call Centres Team but number of calls will reduce dramatically after increase in call charges. And it will help directly Post paid subscribers…if they are not charging this fee on them.

  • Hats off to Telenor,

    Your network isn’t capable of bearing load of free 345 even? Not talking about helpline which you guys have found a good source of earning. I am sure you people don’t pay 1/10th to Customer Support of the amount you earn.

  • Well, its not company mistake. Its our governmental institutions mistake. Yes you are getting me right.
    Its PTA working on slogan
    Khub b Moj kero aur Humain b Moj kerwao.

    • Such kind of dirty act by the Telenor, I also started hating Telenor….. One Company with two Faces, One is good and other one is bad. This is a main Bottomline of this story.

  • There should be a not mobile in Pakistan and should be done through out Pakistan by not making 1 single call whole day. which will put all telecom company in financial problem and should be done every month.

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