School Student Sends PTA a List of 780,000 Adult Websites to Get Them Blocked

PTA-ban-adult-websitesGhazi Muhammad Abdullah, a fifteen year old school boy, has sent a list of 780,000 adult websites which he thinks should be blocked in accordance with Supreme Court’s orders but are still accessible to general internet users in Pakistan.

Abdullah told me that he has sent this list to PTA only because authority had asked him for a list of adult websites. He quotes an authority letter sent to him by Director General, Law and Regulations, as saying:

If there is any specific website that you wish to bring into the knowledge of PTA, it is requested that PTA may be informed of the same accordingly for further necessary action at our end.

Earlier, Abdullah had written letters to PTA, Ministry of Information Technology and Chief Justice of Pakistan to get adult websites blocked in Pakistan. After his repeated requests, and hack attempts on PTA and Supreme Court website PTA decided in principle to ban adult websites in Pakistan and issued directive for ISPs to block access to adult websites.

It was recently revealed that Pakistan ISPs have blocked 13,000 adult websites, while there are more still accessible, according to Abdullah.

Without detailing the criteria or selection process of adult websites, Abdullah, in an email, told me that he prepared this list of 780,000 adult websites with help of friends having expertise in computers. He wished not to disclose their names.

It merits mentioning here that Internet Service Providers Association of Pakistan is willing to block access to any number of websites, though they have concerns regarding the overhead involved in process. This is why they are advocating proposed national URL filtering system.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

    • shukar hamarey bacho main itni tu akal hai k porn ghalat cheez hai ,kuch barey age k loog tu samjhtay hain k ye bilkul halal cheez hai, ye tu kiamat k din hi pata chaley ga jab ALLAH poochay ga. ghalat cheez sab k liye ghalat hoti hai chahay wo barey hoon ya chootay. besharmi aur behoodgi sab k liye mana hai Islam main.

      • and what about violence and killing and rape and murder? i’m sorry but i refuse to believe porn is a worse evil than any one of those. but you don’t hear anyone condemning these or using precious national resources to stop them.

        • bhai porn se hi tu rape cases barhtey hain .kia ghass khatey ho itni se baat nahi pata .jab jazbaat barhkhaney wali cheezein dekho gay jabhi tu ghalat kaam ka dil chahey ga .akal kia ghotnay main chali gai hai.samjh nahi ata kidhar ja rahi hai aaj kal ki awaam.wasey hi zindagi ka nahi pata hota aaj kal tu ,aik gooli ai aur qabar main phir pata qabar main ja kar kia jawab dey wahan bhi yahai kaho gay porn tu sahi hai? :@

        • I’m sorry to say but your preception or vision is simply pathetic…..if we r not capable of taking action against any such vulgarities, we also don’t deserve to pass any comments if anyone amidst us wants to fight against the transgression of this Muslim society…
          Talking about the voilence, i agree that voilence has spread out rapidly but do u really think it is more devastating than watching porn or using porn resources???? NO………
          The ratio of watching such sites is far more and much higher than such street crimes….. you can’t find a criminal in every street but you can find a criminal who is comitting this hidden crime by watching these………in almost every street and the reason simply is the most negative and destructive usage of technology….
          The responsibility obviously starts from home, the parents, who must ‘ve to watch their children that how they r using this technology….though the net cafes’ and other such resources are equally responsible for this but unfortunately there and not any LAW implication in our society and obviously no one is daring to step forward against it also….
          So if anyone is here to raise a voice here, we should stand with him. Our share can make a mighty ocean by adding little drops of water…
          Our Govt. is not even interested to solve our basic problems so howcome they ever notice this distraction….unless they are forced by the Supreme Court to take action.
          Please come forward with positive approach.

      • Bhai jaan, aaj kl hm bachey hi tou hacking,IT aur gaming mein agey hein. Hum sub kuch smjhtey hein aur iskey khilaaf awaz bhi uthana chahtey hein . Lekin phir, hum bchey hein, jb tk zid nhi krtey, koi sunta hi nhi.

    • bhai jiski jo marxi wo woh kare magar ye step uthane se muashre ki buraiyan to nahe rukengi magar kam zaroor ho jayengi….
      indded a vary gud step….

    • Zara ap khud bhi zindagi ke ayashio say hut ker akharat aur sehat ka aur apnay piyaron ke bhalai ka soch lo.

      Wo buri sites koi rizk bharhanay ka sabab nahi bantin.



        AGAIN AS ONCE A THINKER SAID : “aur bhi gham hain zamaane meiN mohabbat(PORN) ke siwa.” ;)

    • lol… nailed it bro… :p

      is chotay sae buchay ko tou hum sae ziada websites pat hain….:p

    • Lol… How does he know about 780K+ adult websites??
      Looks like a PhD holder in Pornography.

  • Salaam…

    The question is how does a fifteen year old boy Ghazi Muhammad Abdullah Knows URL of 780000 Adult websites, did he searched for these…..??????

    • he prepared this list of 780,000 adult websites with help of friends having expertise in computers. He wished not to disclose their names.

    • Brother 1st read article that he says (with the help of frnds)..
      He can do every thing..
      Today’s tallent is very fast…
      He can do…

  • ISP including PTCL have no interest in blocking porn.
    look like their biggest source of earning is porn.
    Now CEO and lums, IBA and other graduate will earn part of their salary due to porn

    • “ISP including PTCL have no interest in blocking porn.”

      O bhai PTCL pe hi to blocked hain sari websites. Baqi ISPs pe to khul jati hain, e.g Witribe.

  • You don’t need to search every website to collect the data…there are online registries for every category of websites…you can find total number of websites on WWW domain from there for any category…he got the list from registry dude….


  • So he sent a list of 750k adult sites after verifying them all! Can someone check 750k URLs even if a fraction of them are landing pages of such sites. And how did he check them? I guess by viewing their content in person. How can a 15 year old impose his morals on the nation. Let him grow up, by the time he is 20, we will see if he retains his morals.

    • Usman one of the few people here that make some sense, a 15 year should stuff his head with books not porn… Who the heck he thinks he is to impose his morals on me or anyone?

      • it is the same question asked by Mushrakin-e-Makkah when our beloved Holy Prophet (SAWW) announces Islam. They said will this kid teach us the relegion!!!!!!!
        OO bhai, aqal kisi ki meeraas nahe hoti, ye jo aap softwares use kertay hain, 80%+ 25 year sy kam age k larkay banatay hain,

        ooper bataya ja chuka hai k domain per ja k aap registers check ker saktay hain, catagory wise her tarah ki web sites………
        apna ilaaj kerwaien… if u further wanted arguments, can contact [email protected]

        • Jawwad bhai koi faida ni is Abbu Jehel ki nasal ko kch kehne ka.
          In logo ko zindagi me koi or kaam kaha hota hai.
          Bs dhakka pas hogae or 2 paise kamane lge to apne ap ko Quaideazam smjhte haen.

          Han han han. Bacha tm logo ki zindagio ka faisla karega kiuke tm log to zinda rehne k qabil ni ho.

          Rok skte ho to rok lo wrna apni nangi zehniat lekr apne jaise besharmo me dafa hojao!

        • Jawad! Your reference is wrong. The Prophet (SAW) was not a kid when He started preaching islam. He Was 40 years old when He started to preach islam.

  • guinness world records where are you ….. wow..brillient student…he viewed 780,000 hotttttttt sites

  • Major problem is online porn streaming sites. These should be blocked. Others are too many and filtering them will bog the internet down to a crawl.

  • What a ******* psychopath this 15 years old is! Friends having expertise in computers or porn? Someone stop this psycho attention seeker please! 780,000 today, millions tomorrow this is practically IMPOSSIBLE! Do you have any idea how many porn websites are launched every day? Why do you want them blocked, if you’re so disturbed, JUST DON’T OPEN THEM!!

  • But i think our govt cant block these sites in pakistan…
    Every one know that our govt earn million rupees of these sites those shows in pakistan…
    It cant happen…

  • Every thing is frod…
    Govt know that how many websites showing in pakistan..
    They have all record…
    Leave this topic.?…

    • @Basit: How come you can keep the religious beliefs a part?? if you keep them a part from it then you no more comes in Muslims category, I feel sorry for you brother, its a sensitive issue so you better think 1000 times before saying or relating something to Islam. May ALLAH forgive us all..

      • What if someone’s religious belief of Invisible Pink Unicorn or Flying Spaghetti Monster tell him to ban all of your religion’s websites because his religion and his god Flying Spaghetti Monster tells him that Islamic websites should be ban. Will you allow him to do so? Oh now, you have pain in your a$$ if someone try to ban Islamic websites because his religion of Flying Spaghetti Monster require him to ban Islamic websites?

  • The thing is, that if they block adult websites, people can still access it. Just search “Anonymous Browser” on google & you can get a lot of websites on which you can insert the URL of any website & the website will show you the “Entered Website” immediately by hiding your country from servers. Like if you want to open a website that is blocked, you can open it by going to _________

    Technically speaking.

    [Comment Edited]

      • @mind: agree with you, like you mentioned he is actually showing the other way to people which is really bad!

        There is no need of any Technical details onto this, if this boy sent the list to the authorities now responsibility is on them to figure out a solution for this serious issue, its just require few steps to block all of these sites, but the thing is who will gonna do this now. I appreciate this boy atleast he has the courage to do all these things.

  • Mr mehmaiz. . . Locks are not meant for thieves. . . Blocking such websites are meant for accidental visitors not TECHNICAL USERS likes urself.

  • I am happy that someone in youth is with “akal” otherwise aksar to…. kehtay hain Maya Khan hamaray raaz kholti hay, PTA hamari “fav” sites block kerti hay jiskay begair hamain internet ka faida nahi.

  • Pakistanis and porn…this blog is obsessed with porn…. seriously nothing better? like before internet there was no porn? or was it hard for anyone to get then toady?

  • Salam to all mene ptcl new connection kelye call ki 080080800 par to charges sun k heran reh gai jo connection 1st time dete hain wo 3 in 1 hai landline+smarttv+broadband 1st bill 2500 ka aayga us k baad tv net or landline ka 1st bill alag aayga monthaly or us k baad smrttv band karne k charges alag net package change karne k 1500 alag or landline ko basic plus par convert karne k alag charges ye sab mila k koi 7500 bill pay karna hoga what the hell this itna Zulm or pagal bana rahe hain k connection free hai. Aap log kia kehte hain or jinho ne connection lia hai apna ecprience share karen plz mujhe to sirf 256kb dsl use karna tha or ye charges dekh k to taubah

    • @Sehrish
      Sehrish apki story parh k kafi afsoos hua. Main apko aik link de raha hun. Aap us link pe jayen aap ki thori buhat kuch na kuch help ho jayegi. Baki PTCL wale sahi ki loot mar kar rahe hain or ye unkay lootnay k mukhtalif tareeqay hain.

    • @Sehrish
      Sehrish apki story parh k kafi afsoos hua. Main apko aik link de raha hun. Aap us link pe jayen aap ki thori buhat kuch na kuch help ho jayegi. Baki PTCL wale sahi ki loot mar kar rahe hain or ye unkay lootnay k mukhtalif tareeqay hain.

      • @King_Roger
        good tactics …
        if you are posting and replying yourself, don’t just copy paste but change content a little bit …

  • Great JOb by Little Prince… But its impossible to ban these site… Politicians can’t leave without Porn and …………….

    • …. just like fanatic mullahs can’t leave without killing other innocent humans. everyday we get news that fanatic muslims commited suicide bombing. but there is no ban on thier websites. in fact, majority of pakistanis have soft heart for them.

  • omg hahahhahahahaa

    Ghazi Muhammad Abdullah must be the king of porn :D

    he took his revenge because porn was not allowed by his parents!!!! :D

  • Barey research hai bahi bachay key… yar usko bolo keh en mei say top ten mujhay tu fwd kare.. zara mei be apna taste change ker lo :p hahahahaha lol

  • @kid Allah kare tu fail ho jay… tujhay Haaaa zrur lage gey naujavanooo aur internet cafe walon key :D

  • free lancing website was blocked by PTCL few week back. mentioned on their web? where is porn on . now these every citizen will if create a his own porn list and sen to PTA or anyone,

    who will verify these 780,000 website?. there will be 99% porn in that i agree. but if we block only 100-120 non adult website. who is responsible for that.

    my point is. there should free and fair internet in everywhere. if you can’t protect your own childs then its not internet fault. its parents fault.

    install child protection software on computer. request ISP on customer demand to block porn for their account.

    i am a freelancer on i was too pissed 2week for this problem.

    if you want democracy in this country internet should also be democratic!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • dude,
      agreed 200%
      internet should be open for all, restricting teens is the responsibility of there parents, install firewalls or as you said ISP should have that feature of cencored connection for those don’t want all that crap,
      in pakistan we have greater issues then that,
      and like happened with you,
      i’ve noticed many sites in past few days like
      it doesnt even have a bad Ad on it so why its blocked by PTCL !
      I just gone out of my mind that WTF is that????
      I dunno at the moment whome to call whome to say that freaks what you are doing >.<

  • Nothing..(including PTA and SC) can stop us from watching porn except the love/fear of ALLAH.

  • Well…by nature everyone boy has the instict of taking interest in visuals relating to sex acts, however I know few men who are not interested in porn. That boy seems to fall in that category.
    Streaming sites needs to blocked. There are a few tube sites which are accessible on ptcl and are bein watched in Pakistan.

  • You can’t block 780k websites on Network layer, you can only block domain of these websites on Application layer.

    I think it is useless to ban any website because every one can access them using Virtual Private Network (VPN)

  • Great work by a child. Agr ye bacha porn ka shokeen hota to sites ki list q bejta. Sites k band hony pe taklef us ko hogi jo aesi sites ka shoqeen hy.

  • PTA should ban that w.sites which a little master pointed out.Some one said how did he did, you can do my dear, as aamir atta wrote boy sent a list to PTA now PTA has responsibility to Protect the nation to those websites which are harmful for the news generation and Pakistanis.
    yeh mat dekho k bacha chotta ha balke teh dekho k kam kena barra ha. Remember Maooz and Maaz in a War who killed Abu Jehel, kuch log kehte hain Abu Jehel ko do bachoon ne Qatal kar dia. It is fect History siad.
    A.K Mohsin

  • We are living in a country where a 15 year old child knows about 780,000 porn sites……..amazing han?

  • All Shit! That`s not the way to stop people watching Porn. Assume that 780,000 websites are blocked today than I bet in a month or even less than it there will be 100,000 + new of same catagory would appear.

    If anyone wants to watch porn than its his own decision(He knows that its bad but still he watches)In case of childs, parents are liable.

    our Media (Cable TV Channels)programs and especially ads with girls and women with very short dresses attracts people to go for porn sites .

    Why dont they focus in here i.e Make our Print and Eletronic Media clean first.

    Finally I totally agreed with what “Mind“ said above:

    “Nothing..(including PTA and SC) can stop us from watching porn except the love/fear of ALLAH.“`

    You have to eliminate it by some other ways e.g by making people morally strong.

  • Why Ghazi Muhammad Abdullah can decide what is good or bad for 170 million Pakistanis? He is definitely not Allah and he has no power to force his opinion on the rest of the Pakistanis.

    And he attempted to hack PTA’s and other websites? He should be jailed for decades, rather than implementing his wishes.

    What kind of logic is this? If a group of people commit suicide bombing then rather than Pakistani government punishing their fanatic leaders, the Pakistani government will surrender and start implementing their wishes? Oh wait, Pakistani government is already doing it.

    If one person can decide what is good or bad for Pakistanis and can ban thousands of websites that he find doesn’t fit for general public. Then by this logic any other person can do the same and ban other websites. What if a sect fanatic find that websites of other sects of Islam should be ban? For example what if a fanatic Sunni give a list of websites to ban all Salafi, Shia, and other religions like Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhist websites should be ban. Giving logic that because Pakistan is a Sunni-majority Muslim country?

    Besides that, all terrorist related websites are always has been and still are accessible in Pakistan. Any young Pakistani can easily access the websites started by fanatic Muslims, learn their teachings, can get recruit and get prepared for “Jihad”.

    I am pretty sure that after this ban, to kill time, many of the young Pakistanis might have visited these Islamic terrorist organizations websites. Which lure young minds and give them updated news about their latest achievements like suicide bombing and killing of innocent people. After they get recruited they’ll be trained and will do jihad against common Pakistanis and some might turn to suicide bombers. Congratulations, PTA and Pakistani government for creating more doors for recruiting suicide bombers.

    Oh you think that it won’t happen? Then can you recall when Pakistani police arrested 4 young Pakistani-descendant Americans who were here in Pakistan to get recruited and become terrorist jihadists?

    • You should be ashamed off. If some one do some good job you should appreciate him. I think this is the basic reason we Pakistanis are much more backward than other nations of the world. He has done a good job.

    • Sacha aur Neki ka rasta dekhane wala koi bhi ho, jis ummar ka bhi ho; us ko appreciate karen aur sahhi/haq baat ko tasleem karen tahae-e-dil se,

      bai-jja comments aur bgair soche samjhe ISLAM ya Mullas par tanqeed karna Muslaman ko daira-e-Islam se kharij kr sakti hae;;

      Lehaza hamen apne IMAN ki hiffazat krni chahe ae; takke duniya se ham MUSALMAN he aglae JAHAN maen jayen;;

      even porn is blocked in DUBAI/SAUDI ARAB;; so we should all being a Muslim save ourselves and our children from PORN

      is kaam k liye tau thehreek shuru krne ki zaroorat hae;; PORN se hamare youngsters TABBAH ho rahe haen;;

      HAMEN apni society ko PORN se PAK krna ho ga har qeemat par;; YAHI hamara IMAN hae;;

    • seems like you are mixing up religion and moral values. Moral values are independant of religion.

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