Pakistan Produced 2.07 Million Motorcycles During 2014-15

Motorcycle production in the country reached its highest level with 2,07 million units produced during 2014-15, up 16.54% as compared to last year.

According to  latest from data Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, a total of 2,071,123 units of motorcycles were produced in the country this year, up from 1,777,251 units built during 2013-14.

There are more than 60 motorcycle makers in the country with Honda still leading the market by a notable margin.

Motorcycle makers produced over 172,000 motorcycles per month on average, indicating a rapid increase in the usage of two wheeler units.

Experts said that double digit growth in motorcycle production indicate that middle-class is growing faster than ever in recent times. Moreover, easy installment plans introduced by local retailers for motorcycle lease is another reason for rapid growth in motorcycle production.

It must be mentioned here that there are local retail outlets that offer motorcycle lease with installments going as low as Rs. 2,000 per month.

Experts see that this growth in motorcycle production will only increase during the years to come. However, our current road infrastructure in urban centers isn’t prepared for the incoming boom.

Increase in motorcycle usage, without proper training and licenses, coupled with growing overall traffic has resulted in an increase in accidents during the recent past.

Experts said that it is now time to regulate motorcycle riders in a more strict manner to make sure that they, as well as other motorists on the roads are safe.

In a developing country like Pakistan, the idea of separate roads/lanes for motorcycles is impossible, given the urban infrastructure in place. However, the concerned authorities must take measures to ensure that motorcyclists don’t pose a threat to themselves or others on busy urban roads across the country.

  • Maximum Speed of all bikes should be made limited to 60 kmph. New production should be limited to this speed. While companies should be asked to arrange a mechanism for decreasing the speed of old models.

  • still nothing good , safe or cheap :/

    esp for students who are fed up with the SHAMBOLIC state of public transport (not to mention the stupid ban on Qingis ! )

  • Ah crap. Seeing alarmingly increase in bike sales recently. Braced and all ready to get more scratches on my car. Bring it on bikers! :D

  • How about a friggin ancient design Change. don’t you think its time to replace that 101315 yrs old RED STRUCTURE that we call bike be replaced with something, I don’t know, like 21st century shape & look?

  • One Rule Under 18 not allowed Above 21 on Licensed

    Otherwise JailBreak (Make a Prison) for 3 Days if someone comes for bail make him JailBreak for 7Days

    Sab Traffic theek ho jay gi


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