Google’s ‘Android Taste Test’ Lets You Find Your Perfect Homescreen

You may have shelled out hundreds of dollars on your latest Android flagship but chances are you’re still not completely above the dozens of personalization options available.


One of the biggest advantages available to Android is its endless plethora of design choices provided to its users, ranging from the launcher to the icons, granted the user is actually willing to spend some time and energy on calibration.

To aid you with the process, Google has launched a new ‘#myAndroid Taste Test’, which is available now on Android’s own dedicated website. The test is as simple as it sounds and takes minutes at most. The final version is shown on the screen of a G6, which helps visualizing it on your phone.

To get a gauge of what would be your perfect homescreen, the test throws a mix of design element types to choose from at you, ranging from dark vs. light to minimalism vs. maximalism.

Once you’re done, it gives you your preferred look under categories such as wallpapers, icons, widgets, launcher, and keyboard.

You are directed to the Play Store through a link where you can download these apps. There is even the option of sharing your look with your friends.


Lastly, in a slightly unfortunate ending note, the app does require you to go through the recommended list of apps yourself to get your selected look for yourself, which kills the purpose a bit. At least, it is a pretty good starting point to get you fixated on the design palate you prefer on your phone.


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