These Made in Pakistan Electric Bikes Are Cheaper Than Usual Motorcycles

We finally have a local manufacturer for Electronic Bikes in Pakistan. They have successfully produced fully operational e-bikes while opting for only locally available resources.

Jolta International, a firm based out of Bahria Town Rawalpindi, recently showcased three e-bikes in Gwadar.

Jolta is launching three commercial variants of electronic bikes in Pakistan, the E70, E100 and E125. While many details are yet to be finalized, Jolta told ProPakistani that the base model, i.e. E70 will be retailed in Pakistan for an estimated Rs. 35,000.

Sporting a shape that is found in conventional motorcycles, Jolta’s e-bikes are claimed as environmentally friendly, fuel-free, smoke-free, noiseless, and pollution free.

Jolta said that its e-bikes are highly cost effective and are tailored specifically for the Pakistani audience.

Here are some additional details about the e-bikes:

  • E70
    • Charge Time: 5 Hours
    • Travel in one charge: 50KM
    • Electricity cost for one charge: Rs 15 (1.7 units)
    • Top Speed: 50km/hour
    • Price: Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 40,000 (not finalized yet)
  • E100
    • Charge Time: 6 Hours
    • Travel in one charge: 70KM
    • Electricity cost for one charge: Rs 20 (2.5 units)
    • Top Speed: 60km/hour
    • Price: Not finalized yet
  • E125
    • Charge Time: 7-8 Hours
    • Travel in one charge: 120KM
    • Electricity cost for one charge: Rs 32 (4 units)
    • Top Speed: 80km/hour
    • Price: Not finalized yet

These e-bikes come with motorized engines, i.e. without any piston or fuel emissions.

Here are the complete specifications:


Jolta International, while speaking with ProPakistani, said that it is all set to commercially roll-out its e-bikes in Pakistan. Without telling a deadline, the company said that Pakistani consumers can expect Jolta e-bikes to be in stores within the next couple of months. It also noted that all the features and specifications are expected to be refined and enhanced with time.

Company has already secured a deal for delivery of 2,500 e-bikes for Gwadar Free Zone Company to make it a pollution free and emission free region.

Jolta International Signing a Contract with Gwader Free Zone Company

Company said that it has plans to invest $10 million in Pakistan in two phases by setting up an assembly unit followed by a manufacturing unit.

Jolta said that it also intends to produce e-cars and and shuttle buses down the line.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Good Step :
    Ghar Main Bijli to Ati Nahi Charge Kaha Se Karegy :
    5 Hours Bijli Rahay to Sahi Pehly !
    Agar Raste Main Khtam Howi Charging to Re-Charge Kaha Se Karegy !

    • Looks Methane as excellent fuel. Great idea. Good where no electricity, or battery drained, than eat Moli ka Paratha and blow farts.This shows self sufficiency in fuel as per IEC, Paris. Great idea. Let’s apply for patents in the WIPO Office for motor bike on Moli ka Paratha.

    • No need to thanks try to boycott this product : Life Pehly he Bust Hoti Ja Rahi hai
      Or Bike Ko Hum Apni Energy k Elawa Ghar Ki Bhi Energy De

    • Pick any brand both international and locally it takes about 4-7 hours to charge considering the price range. Even Tesla cars takes about 4+ hours to charge which are more advanced than the technology used in these motorcycles

    • You buy the range you need for a day, and charge at ease overnight.

      If your needed range exceeds these bikes on a regular daily basis, then you buy a petrol motorcycle instead.

  • E120 Charge time 7-8 Hour
    Aamir Bhai Kahi Ap MAZAK to Nahi Kar Rahy :
    Ya Ye Management Contract Karte Waqt Bhool Gaye K Electric Short Fall Is Se Kuch ZAIDA He Hai Pakistan Main !

    • Puri Compnay LandiRenzo Band Karwa Di : CNG K Chakkar Main :
      CNG Engine Banned Hai Ab CNG Kit Laga K Log Ghoom Rahy hai Us Par Goverment ko Nazar Nahi Ati

    • Moli K Paratha will produce Methane. Highly reccomended by IEA Paris. This will blow your hats off. With methane production, than Electric. Farts.

  • Electricity bhi bahut consume ho gi…
    1.7 units but charging time 5 hours,,,,Lol
    sub drama hai…

  • Boss: Why are you late today?

    Employee: My bike wasn’t charged.

    Boss: Why not?

    Employee: Transformer phat gya tha hamare mohallay ka.

  • Great step. However, the charging time is unacceptable in this day and age when so many fast charging solutions are available. I hope this will be improved with future iterations.

    • Exide Battery, Atlas Battery, Bridge Power Battery, Oska Battary :
      Ne Sahayad Proposal Nahi Diya k Quick Charging 3.0 Laga Dala to Life Jhingala la

    • beta tmny bhot comment kar liay.bc har post py tmhra comment.ab dekho tmhry sath kia hota hai

  • Useless
    according to charging time and the time and cost that the bike is saving is ultimately equalized to changing the battery once every year which costs round about 150000-20000 and forget servicing your bike because it’s electric

  • Appreciate engineering specs., the charging rate, charging efficiency, and battery technology. Today GM rechageable car runs 400KM on one charge, which is on battery technology. Is the technology indigenuous or some Jugar. What is the charging rate of the battery. The Engineering Development Board under the Ministry should declare TOR for the production of Electric Car EV, and Electric Motor Bike.

  • Good initiative, but these motorcycles would only be effective in cities where there is electricity. Secondly, I think it is time to revamp the shape of these motorcycles because it’s been 60 + years and same shape. Nevertheless, it’s a good initiative and it can definitely open a new market and increase competition in the future.

  • Apart from charging timey, travel time is also too low, a usual commute to and from work in Karachi averages more than 70cc has no business here

    • 50 Km not include the traffic jam time. its assume that the flow of traffic perfectly smooth

  • it should be hybrid fuel option. otherwise flop idea.
    there are so many logical assumptions such as charger not working, battery life etc…….

    yahan per road hym kab aisey….. bettery to sirf traffic jam mein hi phuk jai gi… phir bike peedal ley kar signal per charging ki bheeek mangtey rehna………

    • Can you afford a hybrid engine? Is there a good potential market for such a higher-priced version? If not (or uncertain), then you are welcome to risk your own money by developing a hybrid version!

  • ager isi price tag main aye to China bikes kee choti ho jani haa local technician isko aram sa repair kar laanga kyn ka 95% parts to already market main majood haa baki electrician ku train karna ki zarorat haa thori

  • Why is fuel tank still there on e-bikes? LOL!!
    Tip: Put the battery pack in place of fuel tank, genius!

  • Really impressive. Though I really think they need to work on the design factor a lot and also make the batteries easily removable so that we can just detach them rather than park the bike near an outlet which would be quite hectic.

  • We say this in Urdu: Duur ke Dhol Suhane…..
    I just read the comment section after reading this article and so many questions were raised by our friends.
    Guys first of all we have to fulfill the need of Domestic/Industrial Power shortage in our country.
    Once we are able to produce electricity in BULK then we can think of this bike.I also use bike to reach my office and I bound to pay a lot to this Petrol Mafia.Besides this, Pollution is an another evil that I use to tackle during my ride with noise as another byproduct of this petrol menace!! World is moving towards petroleum free environment and we are still discussing how to get rid of this petrol mafia.

  • can u make trisycle for me coz i want like this moterbike for my mother travling she cant set on this type of bike you can make l these moter bike like trisycle with seat chair behind on it

  • Its great step toward sustainable transportation system in pakistan
    .Its future of transportation .
    best of luck

  • Please tell battery ampere rating
    and i am also discuss about electric bike busin

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